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  • Misled Johnny Revisits Phoenix - This may be a shocker to some people, because a lot of you know that I talk about this person more than anyone else I know.  Regardless, this event is placed in the right area.  Johnny had left Phoenix last September, and he planned to come back to further pack his belongings on a later date.  When he revisited in November of last year, nothing was to spawn from it.  The only things that were to happen, happened to end.  Thus closing a chapter on the year featuring our beloved John Cloud.
  • Christmas Eve Party - Though none of my Mountain Pointe friends experienced the Christmas Eve Party I held, this event still finds its place here.  The party came in the transitional stage, when I started to find new friends, one being Cassandra Lynn.  My other friend, Darren, was in California at the time.  This allowed Cassandra and I to become better friends, and we did so by chatting on the Internet during the party.  After a while, I tried to stay away from the computer because I was ditching my own guests.  The night spawned a strengthened relationship, but none more.
  • Arizona Science Center Field Trip - This excursion, late in the school year, was one of the most spontaneous things we ever did.  In a matter of days, we set up a date and actually went.  We were planning it for a while, but it only took a few days to actually get it together.  Other than having fun messing around with science things, a few things happened.  Minor things, mind you.  The participants of the trip gained a strengthened relationship with Mr. Lassen.  Also, we found a new friend, Julia.  Though she turned out to become a really good friend, it really wasn't this trip that set the friendship up.  That is why this trip finds itself low on the list. 
  • Goldfinger Concert - Even though there is little to say about this event, it ranks higher than the previous incidents because of one factor: after the concert, my future guitarist would sleep over.  Because of that night, we became better friends.  The only reason this is not found higher is because the music making only lasted a few weeks, and it did not prosper.  It was cut short, and it brings this event toward the bottom of the list.  If you are curious, this event took place in December, and I attended it with my friends Adam, Vinay, and Joel (the future guitarist).
  • The Final Concert During Summer - This is another event in which none of my Mountain Pointe friends are involved in, but in short, this was the finale of the summer.  The whole break, my friends and I prepared to give this small performance on stage in front of a thousand people or something, and when it finally came, it was amazing.  So what impact did this have?  Well, because it was the last of the summer, it was always looked back upon as the great time.  And I did learn a lot from it, that hard work will finally pay off in the end.  I guess this situation is more personal than the other events.  Oh yeah, after the performance when the curtains started to close, Vinay and myself looked at each other and we had a funny idea.  We Bar Mitzvah danced on stage, and I don't think many people found it amusing.
  • Superweekend #1 - This event, which took place inbetween Vinay's birthday and mine, was a three-day, two-party event that provided an insanely large amount of fun.  When this event swung by, the summer was already half over, and really only temporary changes could take place.  The only outcome I can think of from this is that many of my new friends met my old ones, and at Vinay's party, I met some of his friends.  If these friendships would have lasted for more than a month, this would be higher, but they did not.  So this event will always live in the history books as the greatest weekend of Summer 2000.
  • Two and a Half Week Excursions - At the beginning of summer, my parents took my brother and I on two trips that spanned two and a half weeks.  The key is that I went on the trips during the early life of the website, which tended to benefit because I showed devotion to the site by still keeping it updated.  Also, when getting back from the first trip, I were to move rooms, because my father followed us back.  I was now to take control of the master bedroom for a period of time.  Other than that, not much happened to record on this page. 
  • Darren's Cousins Visit - Seeming quite insignificant at the time, Darren's cousins were to visit Phoenix during Easter weekend.  I became good friends with one of them, because I hung out with him repeatedly.  That really does not have anything to do with it though.  See, this weekend Darren and I started playing music with Chelsea, a guitarist.  And, if his cousins did not visit, we would have never been invited out to dinner.  Though I cannot disclose all the information about the triggers that this event caused (it would ruin some events that I have yet to put up), I will say one thing: the dinner brought Darren, Chelsea, and I as closer friends.  That did not last as long as expected, hence the low spot.
  • Making Friends With People From Big Spring, Texas - A family moved to Phoenix during last summer, and their daughter was transferring schools for her Senior year.  I was the first person she ever talked to in Phoenix, and her first friend.  If I never met her, the whole end-of-summer gig would not have turned out the way it did (she was our singer) and we would not have spent all of our time preparing for the act.  It was because we found a singer that we played music everyday during summer, and that was the deciding point of this event.  It shaped Summer 2000 as I know it.
  • The "Death" of Adam, Our Lord - The title of this event is an inside joke.  The whole concept of this was later made into a stupid movie that Vinay and myself made.  Anyway, not to get off the subject, let's explain this event.  During the summer, we were to play a huge concert, and Adam was to be our guitarist.  All these random things happened, and he just went away for a long time.  We had to find a replacement in a short amount of time, and when we did, we changed our whole style of playing music from hard rock to punk rock.  If Adam never "died," I would have never started playing punk music on the drums again (there is actually another event that helps out with this theory, and it is found higher on the list).  And punk music goes a long way.