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  • Closed Campus Lunch - It doesn't usually bother me that we are forced to eat at school until I realize that practically every other school is granted open campus lunch.  Maybe in the next few years our school will find out that they are a step behind everyone else and they will open up their campus.
  • The Rectangles on the Scantrons - Yeah, I know that this is pretty stupid, but why does our school use scantrons that have rectangles to fill in?!  I don't know about the majority of people, but it sure takes me a longer time to bubble in a rectangle than it does to bubble in a circle or an oval.  It's despotic, I tell you.
  • The Music Played at Dances - Gosh, honestly, how do people dance to stupid songs that tell you to "step to the left" repeatedly?!  I like going to dances to bounce to nice music and not the crap usually gets blasted in the cafeteria during a dance.  So stop playing songs that tell the whole world that Britney Spears is a slave for someone and start playing real music, or something.
  • Renaissance Club - For some reason this club almost seems to have absolutely no purpose at our school.  If I could ever figure out why we need a club to give us exemptions, stickers, or gold cards, then maybe it would not be so bad.  But seriously, stop with the continuous announcing that the club is prestigious (I mean, especially if they don't accept people involved in scandals... hah).
  • Pep Assemblies - Okay, I know that the school is trying to pump school spirit in our blood.  And I suppose that a pep assembly is a great way to do that.  The problem is, the assemblies are just incredibly stupid.  In fact, they are all the same; they all have some theme and have a bunch of show-offs flaunting their talent.  After three years, I don't think I have really gained much school spirit from them, and I probably have despised the school more because of them.  Do something worthwhile, and not annoying (though I do commend the workers on setting up the assembly.. they do a good job).
  • Desks Without a Crowbar to Lean Against - When I am sitting in class, it gets really annoying when I can't lean to the side.  I can understand if they break every now and then, so why doesn't the school get it fixed?  I didn't know that we were that poor.
  • The Continuous Talk About Abstinence in Health - Yeah, it's a really good concept, it's just stupid that the school impresses this on us as if it's rule like two and two make four.  Honestly, if someone doesn't believe in it, I really don't think that they are going to believe in it after the school tells it to them a hundred times.  In fact, I think that they will hate the idea if they have heard it so often.  Just stop the "here's how you can make love without doin' it" crap for a while.
  • The Placement of the Bathrooms - I don't usually go to the bathroom at school, but I have just noticed that the placement of them is downright idiotic.  Come on, why would you ever put the girls' bathroom and the guys' bathroom on the opposite ends of the top floor?  And then, other than that, there is one bathroom on each corner of the bottom floor, which i actually think is great.  But seriously, the placement of the upper floor bathrooms are moronic, and the school should have been a little smarter as to provide a bathroom that is close to you wherever, whenever you need to go.
  • The Smell of the Locker Room - I don't think that this needs much explanation.  It smells so freakin' disgusting in the locker rooms that I think it would be nice if someone went in there every now and then and sprayed some Lysol.
  • People Who Make Themselves Really Skinny - There's a difference between this and people who are actually really skinny.  I can't stand walking around school and seeing so many people that wear the skimpiest clothes to make the image that they are really skinny.  It's actually very gross-looking, and not attractive at all.  Those people just need to realize that they are probably on the way to anorexia, and should also notice that they look like a skeleton and weigh as much as a blue-footed booby.