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  • Abolished Homework Hangout - On the Tuesday after the Scandal, Chris Spencer, Chris Wenz, Cassie, Darren, and I were talking up by the Sophomore lockers after school was over.  We started to laugh at the fact that our English teachers said there was going to be no homework.  Then we started to talk about how the Scandal has created much trouble and that many people might be in some great danger.  The conversation ended when one of us (I do not remember who) said, "Hey, if we did anything, we did away with homework!"  Someone then commented on how we should have out after school, because we had no homework.  Later that day, Chris Spencer picked us four up and we headed to eat food at an unknown place.  I brought the Raccoon Head with me for no reason; it seemed really stupid to bring it along.  While driving by the Room Store, Darren and I said "Room Store" at the exact same time.  It was a little odd that we both randomly said such a stupid thing simultaneously.  We did not know that this would be the start of a string of saying similar things.  Actually we do it so much that we consider ourselves the same person.  In some cases it is a little scary, because we will be doing completely random things, and we will notice that we are doing something the exact same as each other.  Over the few months, we have learned to ignore it, because it happens so often.  Okay, after the dumb Room Store incident. we stopped off at a parking lot where we flipped a coin three times to decide where we were going to eat.  We have four possible places, so we decided to flip for the first two, then for the second two, and then have a championship for the winners.  The victor of the championship would get our business, and that happened to be IHOP.  The lunch at IHOP was normal until we decided to bring in the Raccoon Head and Darren's backpack.  We assembled the two parts to make it look like the Raccoon Head was topped on a body.  The dummy sat inbetween Darren and Chris, and none of the waiters commented on it.  We put the sweatshirt on it, and used the sleeves as arms.  Darren put his lanyard around it to make it a Mountain Pointeer.  Yes, we were stupid.  It was very fun though, and we continued to do it for the next few weeks.  We did it in Peter Piper Pizza after IHOP, and in other restaurants later that week.  Also, the Raccoon Man phenomena created some really screwed up reactions by our other friends, some thought we were insane, while others tended to love the animal.  After IHOP, I do not remember what we did, which means it was probably nothing to worry about.  Really, the things that sprouted from this day are not as noticeable as most things, but I believe that it deserves this spot because of the time frame it occurred.  This was the first day after Cassie and Chris Wenz started dating, so it caused Darren, Chris Spencer, and I to confabulate more.  We started to become such idiots, something that was very apparent later in the year.  Also, Darren and I showed our first signs of being the same person with the Room Store incident.  Actually, let me look at it this way.  What would have been different if this event never happened?  Raccoon Man would have never hit the mainstream, because it was a spur of the moment thing to do to embarrass Cassie.  Darren, Chris S., and I started our random stupidity here, and it was from this, our idiocy started.  So, without this day, we lose the idiocy, the Raccoon, the similarities, and the spontaneity.  Oh yeah, I forgot about the spontaneity.  Remember how we used three coin tosses to decided where we would eat?  That is pure spontaneity, and the first instance of it with Chris S. and Darren around.  Yeah, I guess that is about it.  I have to end the event with this: the day was truly a great day.
  • Cameron Dates Cassie - The actual event that this title is inferring really did not affect much at the time.  If you have read event 28, then you know what it caused Darren to act like.  That really is not the affect that it had, because frankly, it did send off a chain of occurrences that ended up affecting me.  So, now that I look at it, I think that this is the first chain event, meaning that it did not do anything when it happened, but it started affecting little things that changed Sophomore year.  I think that the fact Cameron dated Cassie angered Darren, and started to create a feud that changed their friendship.  Yes, this does affect me.  Darren minus one friend equals a Darren finding another.  I came into the picture later, and we started to become better friends.  I do think this, and strongly think this, that if Cameron was around, I definitely would not have been as good friends with Darren as I am now.  Though I did hang out with Cameron and Darren at the same time, I would never have seen myself hanging out with just Darren, doing stupid things and such, if he was still really good friends with Cameron.  And as I said before, this is a chain event, it affected things later in life.  Most of those things are still later on the list, so watch the events page and see how many times this event is referred, because I assure you that there are still a few left on the next eighteen that can easily refer back to this event.  That is why something as small as this can be this influential.
  • FBLA's Forum - Sometime during late November, Turtle started advertising his new FBLA site to all the members.  Being the web nerd that I am, I was one of the first to lay may eyes on what he had been working on for weeks.  The only part of the site that really caught my eye was his forum.  Actually, it was nothing great, I just could say stupid things on it and he would read it.  I posted under the name "the ghost of christmas past" and he commented on that at the next FBLA meeting.  I also posted a link and a picture of Greg Young on the forum later.  In just a matter of days, I found out that the forum was probably the most fun I have had on the Internet for a while, so I thought about how I could make it even more fun.  Everyone knows what I did, and that was create my own forum.  And I am pretty sure everyone knows what my forum has created this year, and it was not anything favorable, really.  I think that if I never visited the FBLA forum, I probably would not have created a messageboard at the time I did.  I am even thinking that I probably would not have created the forum until I another one of my friends created their own.  None of my friends have yet, so anything that was created with the forum during Sophomore year would probably be lost without Turtle's Boardhost messageboard.  Now that I am thinking about it, this is another chain event, because it triggered me to create my forum, which changed a lot in our society (or school or whatever you want to call it).  Hmm, looks like chain events are finally finding their place on the countdown...
  • Cassie Breaks Up With Cameron - It is kind of amusing that just two events ago, it was like the unity of these two people.  Now it is the break-up.  This is also another chain event, because the actual influence of this does not occur in a few days, but over a long period of time.  After going out for a bit, Cassie dumped Cameron for a reason unknown to me (I do not think it is known to anyone else, but I could be wrong).  It comes to my attention that after the two redheads broke up, Darren and Cameron became a little more hostile to each other, because Cameron thought that Darren was always taking Cassie's side (which he was, most of the time).  Obviously, this did not make Cameron happy, and he pretty much happened to leave the crew after a while.  As I have said before, this is the reason that I think made Darren and I become best friends.  I mean, looking at Darren's position, it seems like it would make sense.  He just lost a friend like Cameron, and he just lost a friend that moved away, Ronnie.  I guess this is a sort of repeat event if talking about its influences, because it is the exact same, except that this was a little stronger.  I think this because after the break-up they were more hostile than during the dating session.  So there, that's the reason this is on top of event 19, and not below it.  I am also trying to think if there was anything else that the event did, even something that was nothing great.  Oh wait, Cameron did not like Cassie after they broke up.  Their conflict caused a later event on the countdown, so look for that (chain events).  And again, speaking of chain events, I think there is more to come, if I recall...
  • The Night of Broken Glass (April 26) - This day started out like any normal school day, except I did not go to school.  Four of my friends and I took our Independent Study Day (even if 80% of us did not qualify) to do fun things around the Ahwatukee area.  I do not remember what we did that day other than eating food at Red Robin, which is excellent food.  When we (Chris and I) dropped the girls off (Candice, Robin, and Brittany), we went searching for places that sell Rubik's Cubes.  Around five o'clock, we decided to both go home at enjoy the night.  I quickly got on the Internet to start chatting with people.  The three people online at that time were Darren, AJ, and Chelsea.  This was only the beginning.  I started to talk to Chelsea, and she started to tell me some stuff about Darren and I, and some other secrets.  I flipped attention to Darren, and he started talking about Chelsea and Erica.  He, too, told me some random secrets.  I once again resumed chat with Chelsea and she continued her story more.  Mai-Li logged on, and in a matter of minutes, said something to me about if I feel all right.  For some reason she thought that I was sad or something.  Then a minute later, Darren said something about if I feel sad.  And seconds after him, AJ did the same thing.  At this time, I was confused as to why the heck people were asking me if I was sad.  Apparently, I gave them the impression that I was because I was talking pessimistically about all the stuff I learned that night.  That was not the end of it, though.  AJ started talking to me about what he thought of this whole love pretzel (the name I gave to this nonsense I learned that night).  We continued to talk well into the night, and I slept sometime around one o'clock in the morning.  I saved all conversation I had that night, because they were all important in some fashion or another.  That was the first time I ever saved every single conversation I had up in a day.  Just before I went to sleep, I dropped my glass cup and broke it.  Hence the name "The Night of Broken Glass."  Actually, I am lying, I did not break any glass, the name comes from the German assault of Jewish synagogues before World War II.  But that is really beside the point.  This night helped create events such as event 41 and similar soap operas that happened during this summer.  In fact, I foreshadowed myself that night, because I knew stuff like this would arise in the group.  I told everyone that night that "shit is going to go down sometime soon," which it did in a matter of weeks.  Actually, I do not recall myself ever cussing, but you get the point.
  • The Excommunication of Cameron - It is difficult to pinpoint any day that this event actually happened, as it was a gradual occurence over the course of a few weeks.  It definitely began with one thing that is already on the Events, just a couple of events up, Cameron and Cassie's breakup.  Apparently, unbeknownst to Darren, Cassie had brought up the idea of breaking up to Cameron the day before, but he had talked her out of it.  The day that they broke up, Darren was with them at Cassie's house, and they were chatting quietly.  Darren soon found out that they were discussing breaking up, because Cameron silently walked out of the house, leaving Darren to ask Cassie what had happened.  Darren and Cassie then followed Cameron, to Del Taco, but he remained about a hundred yards ahead of the two of them the entire time.  This was the first instance that Darren was stuck in the middle, forced to choose between the two redheads.  He walked with Cassie, and discussed the happenings more.  After this day, Darren told himself and others that he could not and would not try to make his relationship with Cassie anything more than platonic, because it would kill Cameron.  Somewhere along the lines, this was lost, and the effect was just what Darren knew would happen.  Anyways, another similar event happened later.  Cameron and Darren had made plans to play music together.  Cassie called up Darren, and told him that she was sick and she wanted to study with him.  Darren tried to explain that he had already made plans with Cameron, but to no avail.  He ended up lying to Cameron and going to Cassie's house.  Earlier that day, though, Cameron and Darren had jointly paid for a gift for Cassie because she was sick, and it all came crashing down when Cameron arrived with the frog in a cubic aquarium.  This led to a string of events in which Darren lied to Cameron in order to spend time with Cassie.  One of the most prominent instances occurred on January 4, when Cameron, Cassie, and Darren went to Gameworks with a bunch of other people for Ladies' Night.  After the group had finished at Gameworks, Cassie invited Darren over to her sister's house, but she didn't want Cameron to come.  Cassie and her sister left, while everyone else went to Denny's.  Toward the end of the meal, Cassie called Tina's cell phone, to ask what was taking so long.  Since Darren is a terrible liar, Cameron figured out what was going on easily: he was being ditched again.  The final blow in Cameron's excommunication from the Cameron-Cassie-Darren trio came a few days later.  Cameron had to go home with Darren, even though he was mad at him.  At this time, Darren had given up on lying and merely told Cameron that he would have to leave his house early because he had plans with Cassie.  The visit with Cameron was going relatively well up until it was about time for Darren to spend time with Cassie.  Darren asked his sister to give Cameron a ride home, but when she found out that Cameron would be locked out of his house, she refused to take him.  For the next forty-five minutes, Darren sat at the computer, and Cameron paced behind him, silently.  Darren was doing his best to ignore Cameron, but when Darren's mom got home, she asked Cameron what was wrong, and he said "I think that I'm trying to be gotten rid of."  Darren's mom asked him if it was true, and Darren said one, single word.  "Yes."  If there was any one moment that could be considered the excommunication of Cameron, it was the moment that Darren uttered the word "Yes."  This event as a whole changed much of the past year.  It completely ended the four-year friendship between Darren and Cameron, which, as I have said before, began the friendship between Darren and myself, as well as many other of Darren's new friends.  The excommunication of Cameron also formed the brief unity of Darren and Cassie, into what was known as Darren-Cassie, because one was never seen without the other.  Darren probably would have never started a band with me, so Those Incredible Suckers would not have existed.  Although the loss of Cameron as a friend was one of the worst things to happen to Darren, it was also one of the best things to happen to him in the past year.
  • Coronation - Taking place on the tenth of February, Coronation was to be the first high school dance I would attend.  I used to be very fond of eighth grade dances, but these were different.  I had to dress up, and I was not too well at doing this.  The two previous times I had to, AJ continuous made fun of me.  He was going with me this time, so I knew that I had to look presentable or he was going to give me crap the whole night.  I spent some time on my wardrobe or whatever you want to call it until AJ and Chris showed up at my house.  The first thing AJ said to me was that I actually looked dressed up, and that he was shocked.  We headed to Darren's house to pick him up and then head off to the dance.  Darren did not really dress up at all, so Chris, AJ, and I thought of ourselves as at least normal.  When we arrived at the dance, we did not spot anyone we knew, so we leaned against a wall and talked about things while Darren took pictures of some people's funny dresses.  Soon Mike would show up with four other girls that we did not know.  We talked to him for a little bit until the lights dimmed and people started dancing.  Because AJ had some "moves," he left us and started dancing with Mike's group.  Chris, Darren, and I hung on the side talking, until we noticed other people we could talk to.  We headed over to a table close to us, and Pam, Stacia, and Robin were there.  Darren somehow disappeared, and it was just Chris and I talking to the girls.  They stepped onto the dance floor, and in a matter of minutes, we headed out, because we were not dancers.  Darren was still not to be found, so we traversed the area until we found AJ and Mike.  They apparently were getting some groovy dancing going with a few girls.  I think it was around this time that I lost Chris, but I met up with Darren.  We still decided not to dance, because neither of us really knew how.  Later, Chris was back in sight, and Kevin Do came up to us and started talking about the Nerd Club.  He also commented on how we did not dance.  At this instant, Erica George dragged us on the dance floor and tried to get us to dance.  Then we walked off, and Robin tried to get us to dance, but this time Darren was not around.  That was the whole dance for you basically.  By the end, all three of the Nerd Club pilots were split up.  I tried to search for Chris and Darren, but I ran into Rhonda, Jenna, and Adam Turner.  Rhonda commented on how I was dressed up.  Apparently, I do not look like the type that dresses up for things.  I said bye, and found myself meeting up with AJ, Robin, and her crew.  AJ was showing some of his moves of so I started to bounce to the beat.  Chris and Darren soon met up and Robin finally got Darren to dance, because he was not dancing the whole time.  Two slow dances closed out the night, and during one of them, I met up with one of Robin's friends that I had not talked to for a long time, Nicole.  We caught up on times, or whatever you want to say, and I started to look for Chris, because he was my ride.  Darren met up with AJ, Chris, and I, but he said he was going to help clean up, so he would stay late and get a ride with Bree.  So the three of us left, and found Robin and her friends.  We took a group picture, and exited the arena.  My first high school dance was over, and it was an nice experience, I suppose.  In Chris Spencer's words, "Coronation was fat... and I don't use that word often."  The night was definitely one that will surely never be known to its fullest.  It resulted in one thing that seems valid to list here, and that was the Conspiracy of One.  And what does that mean?  Stay tuned...
  • Conspiracy of One - Out of all the Offspring CDs I own, this may have to be my favorite, and maybe the most influential.  Actually, it is not my favorite Offspring CD, but that does not matter.  Hmm, now that I think about it, it is not influential either.  Then why am I even talking about this CD?  We are because I stole the name of the event from that album title.  The Conspiracy of One refers to an event that exploded on Valentine's Day of 2001.  When I went to school that day, I handed out Valentine's chocolates to three special girls: Robin, Cassie, and Erica.  Darren, on the other hand, gave out personalized Valentine's to people.  A few things had already caught the eye here.  Robin and Erica both gave him Valentine's back, and he was surprised, because he did not expect anyone to.  I talked to Chris before school and he seemed really quiet, as though something was wrong, and after school, he did not show up.  I was puzzled as to what happened to him.  I got on the Internet after school hoping he was logged on.  Like usual, he was on the Internet, so I sent him a message, that inferred what he was planning for that day.  He said he did what he did, but he did not respond to me much after that.  Robin logged on and commented on the e-card I sent her, but then disappeared for a while, for some reason.  I started to ask AJ about what Chris did, but he said that he was not getting straight answers from him.  I decided to just go do my homework, because I was not getting anywhere.  Around nine o'clock, Robin, Darren, and AJ were all on for the first time since the afternoon.  Chris told me he needed to go to sleep, so he was off the Internet.  At around 10:15 PM, I ask AJ again about the Chris deal, and he says that he has a little information about it and he will call me.  So in a few minutes he does, and he tells me some slight details.  Robin asks me why I am taking so long to respond to her IMs, so I just said that I am on the phone with AJ.  Being the curious girl she is, she wants to know why we are talking this late.  I hung up on AJ, and I tried to sort things out with Robin.  And at 10:39 PM, I cornered myself into one of the most (I am going to use an expletive here, because that is the only adjective I can think that would describe this situation; please understand) fucked up conversations ever.  This was the official start of the Conspiracy of One, I just did not know what it was going to turn into.  I started by asking her about the Chris deal, but then it completely flipped around and I started telling the story.  A tale of three friends that are trying to suit the same girl.  A tale that leaves one girl wondering what is happening, and the three friends on opposite ends of the tug-of-war.  A tale that lasts for longer than anyone could imagine -- months.  And a tale that I cringed at the thought of.  Because of this I could not stand group hangouts for a time, but I was glad that it ended sometime in the near future (though it was far into the future to me).  I am not sure Chris liked it either, but it did bring us closer.  There is not much more to the event other than that Robin did not have a fun time listening to the story, and she logged off abruptly.  It was then when I was scared of the outcome.  I guess the influence has already been explained, I mean there has been so many events that have mentioned this, and on top of that I have named a bit, so I will leave it at that.  For the thirteenth of the month of August and the unlucky thirteenth event (or the lucky, in my site's case), I give you the most sacrilegious event (seriously, the devil brought it), the Conspiracy of One.
  • Cassie and Chris Unite - On one very infamous date, January 29, Cassie and Chris Wenz became a couple.  This does not seem like anything great, because it is the unity of two people.  In fact, it was more than just that.  When this first occurred, Darren was the angry one of the bunch.  He could not stand Cassie with Chris because he knew that they had something going.  There were times when he would burst out in anger (while Chris Spencer and I would laugh) because the sight of him not getting attention from Cassie bothered him.  For example, the time on his roof when the couple joined subjectal talk with Chris Spencer, Darren and I.  Cassie and Chris started to seem silent after we heard them talk for so long.  I peered over to notice them make out on the roof.  Of course, Darren was angry at this and he started to scream silently, not to ruin their moment.  Similar events like these started to occur quite frequently and it was coming time for the end.  These were the events that truly led up to Darren's subject-drop.  Because he was finding himself in a large hole with Cassie, he started to look at different girls and different futures.  That means that this indirectly started the Conspiracy of One, which was just mentioned earlier.  Both those events definitely brought Darren and I together, because he was in the need of a person to talk to at a lot of those times.  It also affected Cassie's placement in the group of friends that we had, because she always left us for Chris.  And without her in the group, we find ourselves in our life before she entered the story.  She did not really talk to the group after March, and she was pretty much just an acquaintance by then.  I am thinking of more changes by this couple, but they were all attitude changes seen in Darren, because he usually is not a violent child.  I guess that is all to report of this event, because I feel like I am blabbing about nothing at all anymore and that the visitors are forced to listen.  Oh, just one more thing: if 129 is ever heard, it is now known that it is the date that Cassie and Chris united.  It is a number that finds itself around us everyday too much, and maybe it will find itself in everyone's.  Darren and I are sure as hell annoyed by that number and we hope that it bothers someone else.
  • The Odd Friendship With Chris - There was this character that I did know too well, but was friends with my good friend AJ.  I kept hearing about the stupid things that he and AJ would do and I was always wanting to hang out with them.  Then, over the course of January, we started to talk on the Internet a lot more, and started telling each other stories of our lives.  On a very infamous January 29, I got into a story that triggered him to send me to a site that had a poem on it.  I said to him that it was a nice poem, and he told me to guess who it was about.  I made my few guesses, but they were wrong.  I asked him to tell me who, and it turned out to be the same person that I was just telling him stories about.  This triggered me to type a million (okay, maybe not that many) exclamation marks to him.  I told him to call me as fast as he could so we could talk about what might possibly happen.  The talk was about things that later triggered the Conspiracy of One.  It was exactly what I imagined, we would always be looking out for each other.  It sounds bad right now, but it actually made something good happen in the end.  Because we never let the other go anywhere by himself, we became stuck with each other and grew that way.  We developed a lot of inside jokes and customs that friends have.  We also created silent feud between us that did not seem as apparent as it should.  Another thing that really started to happen late in the school year was the random hangouts that just me and him would have.  After all those months of the silent feud, it finally came to an end and the outcome was us as really close friends.  I think it is all owed the "odd" friendship.  What exactly was so odd about the friendship?  It dealt with the fact that we were almost competing.  We started to mellow out as the days went on, the Conspiracy of One being the worst day of all of this nonsense.  I think we understood each other better and noticed each others' petty attempts.  That allowed us to laugh together and have fun.  I realized that this event is jumbled and I wrote it bad.  I hope that I did not confuse too many people, but I think I did.  Now I am rambling and wasting time.  Anyway, to continue with the event, the other influences of this event is that through this, Chris and I stayed good friends through the hard times.  I do not really know about much else to say, but I know I have not convinced everyone that this deserves to be eleven.  Oh yeah, this also angered me a lot, and created a lot of sad days.  Actually, because of this, some days I would come back from group hang outs in an indifferent mood.  I think that maybe it was better that I experienced such a time, because I learned a lot from our friendship.  But really, if this never occurred, I would have had a much more positive look on Sophomore year.  I sometimes use this as the worst element of Sophomore year for me because an "odd" friendship like this hurts.  I am glad that I made it through it though, and I hope something like that never happens again.  Okay, I am seriously going to stop blabbing because I know that I have repeated a lot of things and said really stupid things.  So there, you have the last event before Finalmente.