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  • Speed Bumps in the Parking Lot - I know that they are in the parking lot for a good reason, but some of them are just too damn high for some cars to go over.  Maybe if they were a little flatter, it wouldn't harm so many cars.  The one that especially annoyed me was the last one before you exit the lot, and I guess people complained, because they ended up making it flatter.  Now they should learn and do that to the other ones.  On a side note, there are way too many cars in the parking lot during the rush times, so no cars are going  fast anyways.
  • Foreign Language Finals - These are very bothersome because they consist of four parts: Listening, Writing, Speaking, and Written tests.  Maybe that's why I don't like them.  There are just way too many of them during that period of the year.  I'd like it if I didn't have to study for a final four times, especially when it's a class I don't like.
  • Teachers That Heavily Favor Some of Their Students - Yeah, I know that there are some classes where the teacher favors me because I am a studious student.  It really bothers me when a teacher favors a student because they play a sport that the teacher coaches or something like that.  Usually those students can practically do anything they want and get out of anything easily.  Also, I don't like it when a teacher favors some students, because then they are actually not giving an equal learning experience to the students.
  • People That Hang Around You But Dislike You - Sometimes this occurs because two enemies are friends with the same person.  In that case, this is fine.  It's bothersome when someone has announced he or she doesn't like you and your friends, but still, for some reason, hangs around you.  If someone really doesn't like me, I'd hope they would go away, because the more I would see them, the more I would dislike them.
  • Students That Find Comfort in Racism - You know, sometimes it may seem that my friends and I are racist because we crack so many ethnic jokes.  But, we are just joking.  There are some people that have to do it to live their life or they don't fulfill themselves.  These people are also known as idiots.  Anyone who truly thinks that they are better than me just because of their skin color is a complete moron.  I'm done.
  • Highly Opinionated People - Sometimes I just want to get through a day without being criticized about something stupid.  That usually doesn't happen at school because there is always someone in the class that thinks he or she must give me a piece of his or her mind.  The truth is, I really don't care, and that I'd rather have him or her shut up so I can enjoy my day instead of ponder how completely annoying that person is.  If I really wanted to hear that person's criticism, I'd tell him or her.  But if I don't, I'd hope he or she freely expresses his or her opinion to himself or herself, because I sure as hell would be happy.
  • Teachers That Make Busy Work Mandatory or as Homework - This is the homework that I dislike.  I think of homework as practice, and if I don't need to practice, I don't think I should have to.  I should earn my grade, and if I think I could be fine without doing homework, that should be allowed, because what the hell do the teachers care?  It is my grade, and if I want to screw it up, then I'll be the fool to do that.  But if I feel confident enough that I can pass the class by doing only the work I have to, I think I should be able to do it that way.
  • People Who Defend Others Without Knowing What is Going on - I know how it feels to defend a great friend of yours, and I can completely understand that.  It's when you defend a great friend of yours and do it without knowing what happened to your friend.  People like that aree so completely stupid.  One example that comes to mind is a fool that used to go to Mountain Pointe.  I just remember that he decided to tell a father of someone I knew that his daughter is a bunch of bad things.  I know who he was defending, and I know that she is a great person.  But in any case, that doesn't mean he needs to go to someone's father and tell him that his daughter is a bad person.  He's just a complete moron, and I have lost any respect I would have or could have had for him.
  • Students That Rely on the Easier Way Out - There's not much to say of these people other than that they use their power to get their way out of things.  Sometimes it's because of ties to teachers or just because they can easily take advantage of someone.  All I can say about them is that I am going to laugh when they're stuck with no help.  It's going to be funny seeing them find their place in nowhere.
  • The Petition for School Elections - Oh boy, I don't like this at all.  Many of you know that I don't sign those petitions because I find them just plain foolish.  If the school really needed you to petition to show you have a lot of supporters for your cause, they probably would have made sure that the names on the petition list aren't just any ol' names, but the names of the supporters.  It's incredibly stupid that any person can sign those forms, because 90% of the school body signs those without caring.  I'm convinced that pretty much everyone that needs to fill out a petition gets it filled out if they talk enough and get their stuff to go around the classes.  There is just no point, petitioning neither hurts nor improves the chances of the person running, it's just plain stupid.