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  • Unfavorable School Schedules - For my Sophomore year, my schedule was not the best I could have possibly received, because I had absolutely no classes with my good friends.  Wait, actually I had English with AJ first period and then math and computer programming with John.  On the same end of the spectrum, John did not have any classes with his good friends either, other than me.  Likewise, Darren had the same problem; none of his classes were the same as his good friends' except for World History and Biology, which he had with Ronnie.  The irony arises when the year comes to a close.  The only good friendships really retained are that of mine and AJ's and Darren and Ronnie's (the only ones that had classes together).  I think that the schedules tended to influence this outcome, and allowed more people to become friends with me.  The way I look at it, if I had classes with all my good friends, I probably would not have talked to all the new people that I know now.  I met a lot of people because I was bored in class and I needed entertainment.  I would definitely never get bored in a class that contained a bunch of people I knew.  So, I came to the conclusion that my crappy schedule did something to influence the fact that I made a lot of friends over the past year.  On another scenario, the same has happened to Darren.  There were some people he knew very well, but he did not have any classes with him/her.  Soon, he was barely even talking to him/her and later he did not even communicate with him/her.  If, perhaps, he did have a class with this mysterious person, he says that a lot might have changed, just because he would have him/her in his class to talk to everyday.  This event was a stem to many others that should be mentioned on the events page, so the best idea is to wait until an event references the unfavorable school schedules. 
  • Goparty #1 - On the first Saturday of Spring Break 2001, I invited a few friends over to watch movies or hang around.  About two hours before the actually get together, I did not know that I was going to host a place where people can chat.  Everyone that planned on coming (Candice, Robin, Darren, AJ, and Chris) confirmed that they could go.  We told Candice's and Robin's parents that we were going to go watch movies, so I sent Darren, Chris, and AJ to look for a movie and rent one before they came.  Candice and Robin arrived first and Robin's mother talked to mine.  After a brief introduction, her mother left and we were there waiting for the other three to arrive.  To waste time, I took them on a tour of my house, because this was the first time they were here.  I do not know if they liked the tour I gave them, because they were pretty silent throughout the journey.  Once we were done, we took a seat in my room and tried to start a conversation.  AJ, Chris, and Darren arrived shortly afterwards.  Darren brought his bass for the first time, and the three of them brought Spaceballs, the movie.  The party carried on slowly.  We played music, talked about guys, tossed around a football, and watched the Chronicles.  Robin was in love with Raccoon Man, so she did not like it that Raccoon Man was a serial killer.  The night progressed really fast, because it only was around two hours long.  Though it was a really short night, and not much happened, it was a significant night in the history of the Goparties.  Because this was the first time that people came over to my house to just do whatever they wanted to, it marked the start of a saga that would continue well into the summer.  Ever since this date, people have been enjoying just coming to my house to play games, chat, eat food, or even sleep.  On top of that, I have been hosting parties that needed to be held.  My house had become a centralized area during the school year because of the various Goparties.  During the summer, the Goparties started to be further apart, so the influence of the parties has dropped.  But even then, my house still seems like the place that my friends and I hang out the most.  The event would seem quite low if it is all that it is cracked up to be, but the first Goparty is not the most influential because it did not trigger anything other than events in its caliber.
  • Ronnie's Revisitation - Late in November of 2000, Ronnie returned to Phoenix to visit his friends from back home, which at the time were Cameron, Cassie, and Darren, for the most part.  He had been gone for over two months, which was not very long, but it seemed that way for both Cameron and Darren.  It probably had seemed longer for Darren, for many reasons.  Both he and Cameron were as good of friends with Ronnie as the other, but a few other circumstances made Ronnie's revisit more important to Darren than it was to Cameron.  Darren had been going through some tough times in his love life at the time.  Cassie and Cameron had been dating for a while, Darren had a hunch, but he just learned officially right before Ronnie's visit.  Just the fact that his best friend and his subject were then dating was enough to drive him near madness, but simply hanging out with the two of them was torture enough to maul his self-esteem and it caused him to become secluded from everyone and everything.  With Ronnie visiting, it helped Darren get back into the swing of socializing.  He could actually bring himself to spend time with Cameron and Cassie, because he would have Ronnie to chill with while Cameron and Cassie ran off together.  This was only a temporary fix, though.  Because Ronnie was to not come back for a while, the Cameron-Cassie-Darren trio did not have the click they used to.  So when Ronnie made his leave for California again, it left Darren to the stage he was at before Ronnie came: the person on the side.  Enough has been said about what that did cause, because that will be found later on the events page.  Also, it was important to know that Ronnie ended his first (and last) visit to his old friends back in Phoenix.  It marked the very end of an era with Ronnie, as he would not be seen for many, many months afterward.  Many important things were affected by Ronnie's departure as a whole; it was just as Darren said to Ronnie as he was leaving: "Things aren't gonna be the same without you, man."
  • Pseudo-subjectism - The title of this event means exactly what it is inferring, a "false" subject.  But in this case, it is not taken to the extent of subjectism, meaning that it is just a short phase in life.  Very late into 2000 (December), there was ASU Business Skills day (see event 42), in which I caught my eye on a girl that was traveling with us.  She was just a recurring theme, because I would see her around a lot, but for some reason, there was no "click" and I soon lost interest.  Before the phase passed though, I was taught some stupid things that you can only learn in such a part of life.  Though this may sound somewhat dumb, it is something that I have implemented in my life since those days.  During those few weeks, I was reoriented with the choices I had decided to make in the past few months and why they were probably not the best.  I had dropped some things because they were just not as apparent as before, but during this period, I realized that what I was doing was merely just to have something to look forward to, rather than to actually pursue something.  That is a reason why it is called "false" subjectism.  It does not really exist.  It is like a highly childish form of lust (if I really wanted to put it that harshly; I am not pervert though, so do not take the word 'lust' as some kind of sick noun).  This is also another thing I learned.  Anything that even comes close to lust is, well, unfavorable.  It is not really a good thing to think of someone, and should not  be taken further than a mere thought.  I am glad I nudged out of this stage fast; it was my transition in the rest of Sophomore year.  I clicked back on track later, to never see pseudo-subjectism again.  I had successfully completed a phase of my life that made me think about how well I was on my path to Enlightenment, or if I was even on the right path at all.
  • That One Movie Night at Candice's - On February 9th of the year 2001, Candice decided to invite a bunch of friends over to watch movie and enjoy a night with friends.  Many people attended this get together, and some were not even seen again.  From what I remember, the people that showed up that day were Chris Spencer, Darren, Mike, Marcus, AJ, Tori, Robin, Brittany, Mai-Li, Cassie, Chris Wenz, and the host.  I could be adding or deleting a few, so it might not be the best thing to rely on what I just said.  Anyway, we arrived there in the evening and started to watch Mallrats.  AJ and I were quite ecstatic that we were going to be watching a movie that we both loved.  No one else really enjoyed the movie though, and people looked at us like idiots for laughing at such stupid humor.  Food was ready after the first movie, so everyone took intermission and refreshed themselves with some high quality food and drink.  Everyone switched places during the second movie, so no one really sat in the same place twice.  I caught some things quite amusing during the second movie, especially.  Number one, Chris' random sickness.  Number two, continuous flirting.  And number three, Raggedy Ann.  Chris was very silent during the night, and he said when he was dropping everyone off that he was just tired and sick.  When it was just Darren and I in the car and we were crossing Ray Road, he said something that contradicted everything that was to happen in the next few months.  Darren and I were puzzled, and we did not understand that his deep innermost thoughts were shallow.  Soon, he was to flip that around, and "crossing Ray Road" was some really out of place thing.  He did not mean anything he said during that trip, which struck us odd.  Also during the movie, there was a lot of flirting flowing in the blood of people.  I remember seeing a handful of those ladies trying to inch those eligible bachelors.  Some of these flirtings caused much more than expected, be it in the next few weeks or the next few months.  Both incidents were not the best things to think about either.  That will be explained a little further later, but now we come to the Raggedy Ann doll.  During the movie, I noticed, along with Mike, that there was a Raggedy Ann in the room visible to us.  It was a very scary looking doll, and we chose not to look at it often, because it was starting to freak us out.  I showed it to Darren, and he told me never to show him something that scary again.  A few minutes passed and we took a look at it again.  This time something quite unexpected happened.  The doll had moved.  Mike, Darren, and I had noticed it.  No one believed us but it did happen.  That instant, I hid behind the couch, because I was scared it was going to attack me (come on, it already moved).  Everyone obviously thought we were idiots.  And to this day, no one believes that the doll moved.  It did, and we are not lying.  After the movie, all of us went outside to play tag.  Candice lives in a cul-de-sac, so it was easy to hide in a secluded area.  We played for a long time until it came down to where Darren was chasing me.  It was like an ultimate showdown, or something of the like.  We did catch me, and at that time, everyone was tired, so we all retired to our houses.  The night was over.  But anyway, the influence of this day can be measured from one extreme to another.  It can be looked at as a transitional phase between the getting together of the group to the actually unity of the group.  This was one of the first group hangouts in which we were all very familiar with one another, yet we were not (meaning that we each knew a handful of people very well, while there were a bunch we did not know).  Besides that, the main deal was the obvious flirting.  From this night, it changed into much more than just friendly flirting, but something that triggered the event known as none other than The Conspiracy of One.  The event will be further explained when it appears on the page.  But for now, hold your horses, and get ready for event number twenty-five.
  • Mislededness - Contrary to popular belief, Mislededness does not have to do with the title Misled that is put before Johnny Cloud.  In fact, the Mislededness I suffered was a far different stage than what it is described to be now.  At the time, Mislededness meant exact what it looks like, some sort of act of taking the wrong path.  Once everything went to hell in September of last year, I was feeling lost in a huge world.  Like at time, I would just wondering what I was trying to accomplish in life, as if there was nothing.  I realized that I had no interior goal at all, and that is what made me feel so hollow inside of me.  This is how the term "Mislededness" arose.  I felt like I was lost in some sea of truth and there was no place to go, as if I had been mislead in the wrong direction.  I added the -edness to make the word sound more like the Buddha made it up, or something.  Anyway, the time period of Mislededness started in mid-September 2000 and officially ended in early January 2001.  This is probably the slowest period of my life.  Days during these months went by like years, probably because I was not having a great amount of fun.  I resorted to amusing myself in the classroom; I started to speak up and tell jokes during class.  Most of these were random outbreaks of stupidity that most people would find annoying.  To my surprise, most people found it to be quite a hoot.  This was the first trigger of Mislededness.  Through my boredom outside of school, I started to make the seven hours I spent at school very fun, which included the act of becoming a class clown.  Once I felt comfortable in class, I started to have more fun.  I met Cassie through Darren during this time, and I think it might have been due to Mislededness, because if I was not in this period, I would not have really been the isolated person I was.  This is just a possibility, so it is not a definite trigger.  Okay, back to the basics of Mislededness.  The first real point of it is to get yourself out of it, hence, find your path and resume your life.  I did that finally the next year.  When I think of Mislededness, it brings me to this point.  If I never reached that point, I would have a completely changed life.  Come on, reaching your "path" and following it changes a lot of things.  I am sorry I cannot tell everything here, because I have to save things for the autobiography, but I can tell you some things that it did cause.  For example, the explosion of friends and continual chasing of butterfly (as AJ so loved to put it).  I guess there is not much more I can say of this time, but it is definitely one period of my life that was not the best.  Sometimes I wish I could forget it, but there were so many things that happened then that could not be forgotten.
  • Seating Choices in History - At the beginning of a school year, one thing that may not seem too important at first glance is the seating arrangements.  But this event shows how a simple seating arrangement can affect an entire year, while forming a friendship.  In most classes, seating is chosen by the students at the beginning of the school year, and changes are made throughout the year as necessary.  In Mr. Barnes's third period class, the class that both Darren and I had together, the seating arrangement stayed relatively the same throughout the entire year.  Anyway, Darren's second period class was just one hall away from Mr. Barnes's classroom, so he was able to snag his favorite seating position, far right side of the classroom, second seat back.  He saved the seat behind him for Ronnie, because this was one of the very few classes that he had any of his good friends in.  In time, everyone had filed into classroom and chosen their prime classroom positions, including myself, who took the exact mirror seat of Darren, on the far left side, second seat back.  Toward the end of the passing period, a girl named Cassie made her way into the room.  Darren did not know her very well; he merely said hello to her in the hallways the year before.  They smiled and waved at each other, and she sat down in the seat in front of Darren.  Through this seating arrangement, Darren and Cassie began talking to each other before, during, and after class, thus marking the very beginning of a friendship that changed the entire year afterward.  From the casual talk in History, the friendship made its way toward the Internet and then the phone.  Soon these two would be best friends, and it was their friendship that marked the true change of Sophomore year.  Actually, around half way into the year, I started to talk to these two a lot, and I decided to change my seating position.  I moved to sit next to Cassie, and diagonal from Darren.  Through this spot I became more attached to these people, and from that friendship, much occurred.  Ah, the details are even further up on the countdown, so hold your horses, visitors, only a few more days to go.
  • Brief Period of Realignment - This is possibly the toughest event to write, probably because it is all feeling, and that is very hard to express on a webpage.  The period took place after school resumed from Winter Break, and lasted up until the Scandal.  This was very similar to the Mislededness period of life, except this time, I was not lost, rather just trying to click back on track.  Being hindered from whatever you had been doing for months can cause you to take a while to realign yourself with the past.  Actually, there is a reason why I put this higher than the Mislededness event that is number 25.  It was almost as if I did a random drawing out of a hat to choose which one was more influential, but then I came to the conclusion that it was this period.  When I finally had more friends, more people to talk to, and definitely a social life, I was able to adjust much easier than when I was in Mislededness.  Actually, it was during this time that I really learned the key to Sophomore year.  What is that you ask?  Well, it was here that I decided to stick to my roots, stuff that I have had since middle school, or maybe even before.  I think that may have been the first mistake I made in the early part of the year: I was moving too fast and forgetting about things that were much apparent for the earlier years of my life.  Now the question is, how did I get to that conclusion?  Other than a jumbles mess of random emotions, it came to me as a simple light: the reason that I was falling through holes is that I was depriving myself from such social activities.  Once I started to hang out places, I was falling back in time to my life without high school friends.  This happened because all the new friends I had after Winter Break had a connection with at least one of my old friends.  That means that I was always going places with a comrade.  Okay, now that I think about it, I doubt any of this event made sense, but like I said, I do not think it was meant for people to understand.  It is a really personal situation, which makes it really hard to express (not that I do not want to tell people, but because I have no clue how I would even go about summarizing).  Anyway, this is all I will say about the realignment, so I am not wasting your time.  Maybe more of this will show up in the Autobiography, but I do not know how much more, because there is not much to say.  Yeah, I think I have said that enough times.
  • Transplantation of my Sleeping Quarters - Very early into last summer, my father informed me that we were going to have visitors for an extended period of time.  They were to be my aunt and uncle, and their expected stay was to be the rest of the summer.  My father then inferred that he wanted me to move my room into the master bedroom (the room with the computer).  At first, I was highly reluctant to move my room.  Sure, I would have a room twice the size than I had now, but I made my old room to what it looked like.  It was like a shrine, and it took so much time to do what I did.  I talked to Vinay about it, and he suggested that I not move.  Then my father told me if I did not move, there was no way I could use the computer late at night, like I usually do.  This would be because the guests would inhabit the master bedroom (the room with the computer) and they might want privacy at night.  Because of this reason, I was ultimately forced to move rooms.  But good always comes from things that you do not like, I have realized.  After I took pictures of my old shrine, and moved everything over, I had a bunch of people over.  It was as if having seven people in the room did not matter.  More people could inhabit my room, and that meant more friends to have over at one time.  This did not come into play until much later.  The first triggers of the new room were music making, because it was much easier to have instruments in my own room than in some random place that was not accessible all the time.  Without the size of the room, I could not have made the Chronicles, though I could have done it without actually ever claiming the room.  Wall space dramatically increased, so I can fit more wall ornaments.  After all this nonsense, I come to the last and largest part of the event.  And that is parties.  I think by this time, everyone knows I am some kind of party fanatic, and I am always hosting a party sometime in the future.  Without the room, I would have to have people chilling in a 14 by 14 area, and that does not make sense.  For example, during the school year, I had random people show up at my house and just sleep all day.  That would not have been possible if I was still in my old room.  And besides, the numerous parties I have held in the past few months would not have even been considered if I did not have a large area for people to hang out.  The parties tend to go to another level, I mean I did invite everyone I knew, and from that, I started to make new friends.  Maybe I should just put it this way: could you even imagine me living in my old room?  Or, could you even imagine people coming over to my house everyday to play music, eat, read, bowl, or sleep?  I guess it does make you wonder.
  • Darren's "Subject-Drop" - As you, the readers, have probably already gathered this far into the events of the past year, Cassie was a very influential person in our lives, Darren's moreso than my own.  Cassie came into Darren's life and changed it immensely.  But this event isn't about the change during the strong friendship between the two of them.  This is about the change that occurred marking the very end of not only Darren's subjection of Cassie, but also of the very end of Subjectism in Darren altogether.  The day of Darren's final subject drop was none other than the most ironic day possible, Valentine's Day itself.  He had seen it coming, but it was Valentine's Day when he officially 'let go,' and it was Valentine's Day when he realized that girls other than Cassie actually existed.  He made Valentine's cards for all of his best female friends (who weren't really good friends at the time), but he received two cards back that caught his attention more than any others.  One was from Robin, and one was from Erica.  It was then that he realized that his whole mindset for the past few years was about to change.  He realized that Subjectism was not the right path for him any longer.  So what did this lead to?  Of the many things, Cassie's and Darren's relationship declined greatly over the next few months.  Just weeks before, he had pledged her his everything, he had treated her like a goddess, but it would soon all be completely backwards.  Another effect of this was a stronger crush on Robin, leading to the Conspiracy of One.  Finally, one of the most prominent effects of this event, especially now, is the pretzel, and the aftermath of it since it had become slightly untwisted.  Of course, I cannot fail to mention the growing relationship between Darren and Erica, something that would blossom into a true relationship later on.  If you were wondering, I did not write this, and I am not some sort of omniscient narrator.  Darren merely wrote this in third person because he is a goon.