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  • Traffic in the Parking Lot - I've noticed that school gets out at 2:40 PM.  I've also noticed that when I get home, it is around 3:05 PM.  Either I drive like a granny or a ba-chan, or there is a lot of traffic in the parking lot.  I'm not so sure how they can fix it because the parking lot is enclosed.  If some way they could add a few more lanes, it would help out the traffic significantly.
  • "School Spirit" - This is more plain annoying than anything else.  People in the school impress school spirit on me as if it is some sort of cult.  I wonder if they realized that 80% of the school doesn't give a crap about school spirit.  It's fine if you have school spirit, ut it bothers me when I have to be reminded that I should have some, when I clearly don't and will not.
  • Fitness for Life Course - The main reason that it is up here is because it was a complete joke.  I'd rather play sports than listen to a PE teacher try to teach a book class.  The bottom line is, the class had a bunch of tests which were all jokes, and the practical use of the material was also very low, so it should not even be taught.  In fact, it should not even be looked upon as being prestigious, and I think that my PE teacher was a fool for ever saying that.
  • Dead Week - The whole idea of dead week just bothers me.  I mean, does the school really think that everyone is going to be studying every minute of the school day?  And do they think that the students are going to be studying every minute they are home?  I really hope not.  I don't see a real reason why they should let announcement go or let people bring in-class slips.  Seriously, how much time does that waste?  Only like 20 seconds if it's a note and a few minutes (which were already reserved) for announcements.  Is it really thought that those few minutes are going to scar a student's test score?  My gosh, I hope not.
  • The Stereotypical Blonde - This has nothing to do with being blonde, but rather with the ditz stereotype.  Ditzy people can sometimes be the most annoying people to ever converse with.  First off, they are just plain stupid.  Second, the only thing that crosses their mind is having intercourse with another human being.  And third, they possess no common sense at all.  I can't deal with people like that.
  • The New Front Parking Lot Markings - With these new markings, it makes it legal for visitors to turn into the front parking lot from the easternmost entrance.  In my opinion, this is plain stupid.  Because there are a lot of crackhead drivers in this area, I know that some point in time, someone is going to turn into the parking lot there when they are not supposed to and create a problem.  I know how this can be solved... don't freakin' allow people to turn in there, it's an exit!
  • Rich, Stuck-up People - There isn't much to say about people like this, but the fact that there are a lot of them at our school.  It bothers me to see people drive half a million dollar cars when they did absolutely nothing for it.  It really bothers me when those people think that they are better than me because they have a cooler car or better living space.  They should be glad their parents could back them up with their money, because they don't have shit for themselves.
  • Teachers Who Mark You Tardy for not Being in Your Seat When the Bell Rings - The whole point of punishing tardiness is because you're coming in late for a lecture or you are disrupting class by walking in late.  Not being in your seat has nothing to do with either of those, and it's just a dumb abuse of power when a teacher marks a student tardy for that.
  • Referrals for IDs - Well, I don't ever get referrals for not wearing my ID, because I always wear it.  But I still think the whole idea of giving a referral for not wearing your ID is pretty stupid.  I mean, it has to be there to keep people in line, but also it does look pretty stupid when people read a student's file and see that he or she has a few referrals and they are all from not wearing his or her ID.  I know that they school says that getting a referral for IDs doesn't harm anything for the student, but I bet if you get enough of them, you can be kicked out of some prestigious clubs and you can become ineligible to be a part of some prestigious efforts.
  • Hypocrisy - Of all things in the world, this is the thing I hate the most.  The major problem is that everyone is a hypocrite, and that I have to deal with my own hypocrisy as well as others, everyday.  I can't put this any higher because I do have to deal with it everyday and I have started to just get used to it.  I wish that some people could be less hypocritical, but I suppose it is in their nature to contradict their own words.