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  • People That are Oddly Sexually Flirtatious - Let's just say that I am in class and trying to learn about the intermolecular forces of dipole-dipole and ion-dipole structures.  And while I am doing this, there are people next to me talking dirty and hitting on each other.  Yes, we know that you are a whore, you don't need to remind us.
  • People That Stand in the Middle of Crowded Hallways - Okay, the hallways are absolutely annoying to navigate through and it is even more annoying when there are people that just stand smack dab in the middle of traffic.  Boy, I wish I could just pummel some people for being such impediments of society.
  • The One and Only Song That the MP Drumline Ever Plays - For some reason, whenever the Mountain Pointe band is given their time to play their music, the drumline always plays the same tune over and over again.  Why can't they play something else every once in a while?  Like change it up just for kicks?  Damn, if they did change it up, I probably would kick someone in ecstasy.
  • People Who Think Violence is Cool - There are a lot of people that find it amusing to hear about someone being maliciously beaten or hazed.  There are also a lot of people who think that when someone beats up another, they are better than they were before.  Sometimes there are people that must be beaten up just to probe that they are in the same "group" as others.  The truth is, those people are just sick freaks.  I don't know how to explain it better.  Anyone who thinks that someone needs to be hazed in order to join the football team is a sick freak of nature.  I wouldn't give half a crap if they were ran over by a car.  At least they could get initiated into another group.
  • Short-Tempered People - I know I am one of these people, but I try my best to not be like that when I am in school.  The real thing that pisses me off is when teachers are short-tempered.  I can't stress enough how much it bothers me when a teacher can't stand a class they are teaching, especially when the class isn't that bad.  Teachers should be able to put up with a lot, because they are dealing with children.
  • Homework - This is not about the everyday homework that doesn't take much time or the fun homework that actually teaches you something.  This is about the stupid homework that teachers give you to "practice" stuff you learned in class.  Seriously, what if you don't need to practice?  It's so freakin' stupid doing work that has no value to me.  But on another note, homework in general is pretty dumb, and in many cases, it takes up too much time.  I mean, you go to school for six hours, and then you come back home and do homework for many more hours and that could be your day.
  • The Three P's - I have a real problem with this, because it is so corny.  Whoopie, purpose, pride and performance.  It's stupid because we're reminded about those three things all the time, even though they are all things that should be present in a person anyway.  It's also stupid because the school just had to thing of something with a catchy theme so it looked like they put effort into creating a catchphrase.
  • In-Class Busy Work - When I am in class, I honestly don't want to do work.  And when I don't want to do work, I especially don't want to do busy work.  I have yet to find a point of work that doesn't have real value.  It just all seems to me like a scheme to keep students working.  You know, it's fine if they want to keep the students working, but seriously, give something worthwhile.
  • The Video Department's Inability to Get the Announcements to Work Correctly - At times, this can be more funny than annoying.  The thing about it is that they spend so much time in that room making announcements and they can't even get them to work correctly.  I honestly don't know what they do with all their extra time (they have one video every two weeks usually).  After all these years watching these things, I would hope they could create a nice one.  It's freakin' annoying sitting there and watching something that loses its sound and few minutes.
  • Students Who Believe Violence Solves Problems - This is a little different than thinking violence is cool.  It bothers me when I hear people pick fights because there was a dispute about something stupid at a lunch table.  Do those fools not realize that even when you kick that person's ass, all it proves is that you can kick his or her ass?  I'm freakin' scared of confrontation, and I know that I wouldn't be able to handle it if someone wanted to pick a fight with me, but I would love to just say to someone "you're a freakin' moron... hit me, because then I'll finally know that you can beat me up.  I'm sure that's going to solve the dispute we're having, because we sure are disputing about the fact that you can beat me up."