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  • December 21, 2000 - The last day for first semester finals of Sophomore year occurred on this day, so I returned home and got on the Internet, with intentions that I was going to be on for a long time.  I mean, I did not have to wake up early or anything the next day.   So, when I got home I continuously chatted with people on the Internet until I started to talk to Darren.  Apparently, himself, Cassie, and Cameron were going to go to some place to hang out and they were inviting me.  Cassie then called me up and we straightened things out.  I was just about to go eat dinner and play pool with Darren and Cameron, two people who previously hated me at some point in their life.  I never thought that I would be hanging out with Darren, let alone Cameron, but now I was.  Before I left, John Cloud got online, and I told him I was about to hang out with Darren and his subject.  He said something about how odd that seemed, because he never knew Darren liked me at all.   He also told me that one of the first things Darren told him was that he should stay away from me, because I am annoying.  I look at those things now and I laugh, because it does not fit in place anymore.  Regardless, Cassie, Cameron, Darren, and I went to eat food at Applebee's.  When we all got up, Cameron left his cell phone, and I found it and gave it to him.  From there it looked like a friendship might have possible started from nothing at all.  After Applebee's we played pool and then went to Sports Authority to just waste time.  Once we completed that route, we found ourselves just talking about things near Applebee's.  This was when I realized I had made new friends.  This is also why  this event is found at this spot on the countdown.  But there is also a reason why it is not higher and that is because this event was not the sole founder of the friendship I had between Casse, Cameron, and Darren.  In fact Cameron does not like me and I do not talk to Cassie too much, so really it is only Darren's friendship that is different.  And because this event was not a stand alone situation (meaning there were other things that supported its outcome), it does not find itself any higher on the list.
  • Second French Revolution on the Forum - Once the school discovered the forum on January 26, it spurred a lot of talk about what was going on.  For one day, the forum stayed idle, without anyone voicing their opinion on anything.  But on the 28th, the Sunday after the Scandal, many people were talking on their behalf about the forum.  A very war-fiending individual, Jacques, would post war quotes after each of his posts.  For some reason, people started posting quotes to make a chain of words that best resemble them.  On the 31st, Jacques realized he had started some weird nonsense on the forum, and he posted a "Day 3" post, in which he said he was proud that people were posting quotes and keeping the spirit alive.  From there, we kept posting "Day X" messages along with a quote to keep the quotes going.  During the life of the forum when answers were being posted on it, I started the first French Revolution, which was to make people use -nit- instead of -nt-, because it should be "no important text" and not "no text."  It got the name "French Revolution" because it was a revolution, and putting French in front of it makes it sound stupid and funny.  I then made a comment on how every revolution was the French Revolution.  Not many people remember that, or care for that matter.  Later, when I saw all these quotes, I decided to call this another revolution, and just add French in front of it, to model what I said.  Darren came up with the same name on his own, thinking of "French" becuase Jacques started it (if you have not figured out by now, Jacques is French).  When the Revolution was finally named the "French Revolution," Jacques said that it must continue for eighteen years, because that is how long it took for Dr. Manette to get out of prison (if it has not caught you yet, the French Revolution is modeled after A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens).  We have been continuing the quotes ever since the start date, January 29, and have been over 99 percent efficient.  During the early days of the Revolution, Day 45 to be exact, we messed up entirely, and forgot to post a quote on that day.  Regardless, we have not missed a day since, and the quote revolution is still as strong as before.  Now after all this babbling, what has this sprung?  Well, for one thing it is that the forum is lively.  Without the quotes, there would be no activity on the forum.  And without activity on the forum, like how would all our friends communicate so well?  The forum is just such a great place for our group of friends to talk, even if it is quotes, guys, current events, controversial topics, or just Darren's idiocy.
  • Eight-Four-One-Day Lace - There is so much to say of this event, but there is no room here to do that.  The name refers to the night of Morp, which was March 24, 2001.  The beginning of the day was extremely slow, and absolutely nothing happened.  Actually, now that I think about it, my brother came in the morning and we shopped for clothes for the night's dance.  He also decided to give me tips on what I should do at a high school dance, because I had told him before that I did not dance much at the last one I attended.  Though he did not teach me any of his dance moves, he gave me advice on how to have a good time.  When he had left that afternoon, we had bought a collared shirt, and I had received advice.  It was pretty successful, in my opinion.  As I was getting ready for the dance, I noticed that I had a bottle of glue, which was my special occasion gel.  I considered Morp to be a special occasion, so I put some of Elmer's clear washable school glue in my hair, and I waited for my ride to come.  When we arrived there, Darren, Chris, and I met up with our other friends to confabulate and dance.  Yes, we actually danced.  The list of songs played followed the rap genre, with a rock song every now and then.  At one point, "Faith" by Limp Bizkit played, and I felt it right to mosh with AJ on that song.  Other than that, I was mildly dancing.  I saw my at-that-time-acquaintance Rhonda, and she kept bugging me about secret topics.  Well, not really secrets, but not really things you put on a webpage either.  The rest of the night will have to be saved for the autobiography, because I cannot disclose information that will create such a story for me in the long run.  To conclude it the best way, that night could have possibly been one of the best nights of my life.  And it was only made better when we went to Mike's house afterward, and I talked to AJ alone in Mike's room about current situations.  Honestly, it had been a long time since I talked to AJ about things like that, and so it made it even more special when we actually had a lot to talk about.   This event did not have any kind of direct influence on any other event.  But if it was not for this day, I would not have been overly happy the next few days.  That may sound like it is insignificant, but a lot changes when I am happy, because I feel the need to do everything.  On another note, after this date, AJ and I talked about each others lives a lot more, up to the point that we were pretty much keeping nothing from one another.  If AJ and I never talked about our lives, we would be screwed up, especially because we are the kind of people that need to tell people things to feel better.  In the long run, it changes our friendship, and definitely strengthens it.  Now, after talking about happiness and AJ, there is something else to say, but sadly, that will be found in the autobiography, and it is possibly the reason why this event is found so high on the list.
  • The Day of Fatting Till the Cows Came Home - The more I think of this day, the more I want to fall into a pit of sadness.  From what I remember, this day could have quite possibly been the best, and the worst, day of my life.  The day was set up when John Cloud told me he was leaving Phoenix in the next few days.  I had asked him when his last full day in town was, and he told me it was the coming Wednesday.  Realizing that he did not have much time, I talked to him on the Internet a lot about what we had to do about his departure.  I said to him in an online conversation, "Hey man, on Wednesday, we need to fat till the cows come home," to which he replied, "I don't even know what that means."  When he said that to me, it seemed like he did not want to do anything much on his last day, but when that Wednesday came, that impression changed.  I told my grandmother that I probably would not be back home from school until very late at night.  When I headed for fourth period, my first class with John, he once again reminded me of the Gomez giveaway.  Gomez, his goat foot and spirit, was not to leave Phoenix with him.  He told me that he would give it to the most qualified person after school at his truck.  This created a different eerie ordeal, because instead of meeting by the lockers after school, John told us to meet by his truck.  So when school ended, Darren, Greg, Kyle, Ronnie, and myself all waited by his truck to see who he would give the goat foot to.  As he traversed to parking spot 309, he took a sharp turn and ran toward spot 247, which was Alexis' (the girl) parking spot.  He was going to give the goat foot to her, and we knew it.  Greg and I ran toward 247 screaming "No!" and short phrases of the like, but we knew it was going to go to the girl he liked.  And once he finished handing it off, Greg and I could only do one thing, and that was to stare at it.  We would never see it again.  His spirit was taken from us forever.  I remember the last time I saw it, and even the last time I stroked it, so that item will live on forever, no matter if it is in our hands or not...GOMEZ4LIFE!   But anyway, once we were on the road, we stopped off at Conoco to buy water and other various snacks before we parted to play some 3 on 3 football.  I ended up paying for the supplies, because John did not have any money.  He still owes me twenty dollars because of that.  When we reached the park, we formed teams to play a game of football.  John, Ronnie, and I took one side and Darren, Kyle, and Greg took the other.  It was kind of odd that it was small guys versus big guys.  Still, we were favored to win.  The score kept going back and forth until the very last drive when I batted down two passes and John stopped a fourth down play, ended the other team's chances for tying up.  Victory then occurred for our team, but still, everyone had fun because the teams were evenly matched.  When we were all cooling off, Ronnie said something in which I gave him a Mislededness quote, and he was surprised to hear something like that.  Kyle said he needed to go home, so we dropped him off.  John got out of his truck and gave his a handshake, which we called the "hearty handshake" and said "It's weird, I'll probably never see that kid again."  Kyle was John's first friend in Arizona, and it was sad to see him off first.  After dropping him off we headed to Arizona Mills.  At the mall, we came up with the plan of going to Los Dos Molinos, a Mexican restaurant that was a minuscule tradition.  Before we departed for Losdos, we stole sports cards at the stand in the mall.  Then, once we arrived at the restaurant, we sat down and ordered our food.  I got the chicken chimichanga with their extremely spicy green sauce, while everyone else indulged themselves into something else.  From what I remember though, everyone did pick a dish with green sauce.  By the time we finished our food, it was already dark outside and it was time for people to reach their residence and we headed for Greg's house first, because he was the person who lived closest to Losdos.  Greg was John's best friend from what I thought, and it seemed odd that he had to be the first one to go.  When we arrived at Greg's apartment, John got out of his truck and gave Greg the hearty handshake and said a few words to him.  All that was left was Darren, Ronnie, and I.  When John was backing out, he asked Darren if he wanted to drive Alexis (the truck) around the parking lot.  Stupidly, he refused.  John asked us who was going to be dropped off next, and Darren said Ronnie.  And so we went to his apartment, and John gave him the hearty handshake as well.  Darren was off next, and he received the hearty handshake also.  The time was about 8:45, and John had some time to waste.  He asked me if I wanted to drive, and I said yes.  Then he took me to a church parking lot, where I drove for the first time.  There, he taught me the basics of driving, I suppose, for about an hour.  Once we were done, he took me back to my house, the last destination on the list.  When I was getting out of Alexis (the truck), I stroked it one last time and took one last look at the beauty.  We walked into my house and he took his video game and some other stuff he left at my house.  He gave me a huge Independent sticker that I was supposed to put on my drums.  And so he headed for my door, one last time as a Phoenix resident.  There, he gave me the hearty handshake, and with his sacrilegious shirt and his hat backwards, he walked away from the door.  I still remember the sight of him leaving, that will always be imprinted in my head.  And after all this talk, what did this event trigger?  When I look at it for what it is worth, it did not trigger anything in the long run, but there were some things of this day that were just perfect.  It was the first day I drove, and I did learn a lot from it.  Also, this day allowed John to leave on a good note, so I felt better about his departure.  Other than the obvious, if this day did not happen like it did, then I might have had a chance at seeing Gomez after that day.  But because I did not, the spirit of the goat foot always lives on.  But over all of this, I find it that this day was the day that brought Greg, Kyle, and I together for a limited time.  We all experienced how great that day was, and we tried to reenact all the time.  We never came close though.  The more I think about it, I do not think anything could come close to this day.  It is on its own level of greatness, and for that, I will always remember September 20, 2000, the day we fat till the cows came home.
  • Picking History Project Partners - At the top of the second semester, our History class was already about to embark on a huge project that would span the whole rest of the semester.  It was to be a group project, and we had to pick our partners.  I talked to Darren on the Internet about us being partners, because recently I had been hanging out with him.  He said that Cassie would join us and it would be us three, because Darren was really good friends with Cassie.  At the time, we did not know how short the friendship of Darren, Cassie, and I would last.  And that is the reason why this event is here on the list, because of its irony.  Throughout the year, the relationship between Darren and Cassie has went through every stage a friendship goes through in sixty years.  When we picked partners, they were the best of friends, but by the time the semester was over, they were barely even acquaintances.  They sat next to each other in History, and because of that they would still talk and sometimes even bring up their friendship.  They would argue, they would talk like friends, and they would just be silent sometimes.  Being the third person out, I would never know what they were thinking of each other.  All I know is that because all of us were History partners, we were forced to stay close until school ended.  That is what we did because Cassie stuck around until finally we completed the last of the group projects.  The reason I think this is a big deal is because if Cassie was deleted earlier in the year, she probably would have permanently fell off out minds.  But she still has not yet, though she is a  very small deal in our minds.  Other than that, if she never was our partner, I probably would not have become as good friends with her as I did, and possibly, I might not have got to know her.  Darren would have probably drifted away from her before I decided to change seats and sit with them.  Really, this is a delicate event, because so many things could have changed, yet so many things probably would not have changed.
  • Acquiring the Camera - For Christmas, I asked my father to get me a digital camera or something where I could take pictures and transport it to my computer easily.  What I did not know is that the camera he had in mind was the perfect module for taking external pictures and bringing it to my PC.  So on Christmas day, I opened my presents and I saw a digital camera in front of me.  I did not know what this piece of electronics could hold for the future, but I quickly started to use it.  I took a bunch of pictures of my room and my brother, and then I tried to download it to my computer.  The first few worked, but then it stopped functioning.  I was hoping it would work again, because I really wanted to use this new toy.  In a matter of days, and after a lot of calls to the technical support line, we finally fixed the problems and the camera was ready to go.  At first I took the camera everywhere with me and I took pictures of different people and things that would incriminate people of underage drinking, underage driving, and/or male-male bonding.  Soon, those kind of acts did not meet the camera as much, and the object needed to find another use.  This use would put it to work for a long time.  When we had a hangout at Polar Ice at the top of the year 2001, I brought the camera with me and we started to take pictures of random people.  Darren, AJ, Chris, and I found this overly amusing, and so we continued to do this every time we got out of the house.  Pictures would accumulate, and they would all be of completely stupid things.  Taking pictures of crap raised our level of amusement to an all time low, and we would even be dressing up a stuffed head to look like a person, because that kind of humor amused us.  At first glance, the camera does not seem like it should have any affect on our lives.  But during the time we had the camera, it was our lives.  I don't remember when there was a time when the camera was not there to catch a memory.  We used it so much that people would even despise it and want to destroy it.  I mean, we do have blackmail pictures of people.  But anyway, the reason this event is this high on the list is because the pictures taken by the camera can be treasured forever.  There are some things that cannot be forgotten because of the camera, and there are some things that the camera has captured that I will never see again in my life.  I think sometimes, if I never had the camera, there would be so many memories that I would not have visual remembrance of.  I can look at different picture packs and remember some days entirely, just because there were those times when we used the camera to capture a whole event.  Besides, after I got my camera, I persuaded two other people to buy the same exact camera.  Now that there is so many of them floating around, it is clear that I did influence a group of people when I acquired the camera.  But still, the main reason is the memories, the camera truthfully holds too much.
  • Summer Band Practices - Throughout last summer, there was really only one recurring theme.  That motif was music.  All I remember is that every day of summer was somehow occupied with playing music.  And from all the music playing, I did learn a lot.  At first, it was Vinay, Adam, and myself, and we played covers of Rage Against the Machine and Blink-182 mostly.  Because Vinay was not an experienced bassist at the time, whatever music he played, he would learn from.  That is how he found his own bass playing style.  When it came to me, I started to learn how to play without people better, and really, I think all three of us learned that.  We were playing for a deadline (a performance at the end of summer, read event 96) for the first time ever, and so we were forced to cooperate.  This was the way we learned communication skills.  After a few weeks, we learned Adam could not play with us anymore (read event 91), so we were forced to find another guitarist in a matter of days.  We picked up Joel, who has been Vinay's friend for a long time.  After Vinay and myself found the replacement, we then changed our whole setlist around (read event 86) and even our styles were to change.  What I learned from Joel and Vinay is much different from what I learned from Adam and Vinay.  I noticed I cooperate really well with Vinay, and the guitarist on the side is either annoying at times or cooperative.  Because of the fact that we had a fourth band member when Joel was around, things went a little more haywire when we were practicing.  Over time, we did finally regain the attitude a group needs to have when they are trying to get things done.  Honestly, all I am saying is that this event did help my people skills, something that has taken me really far this past year.  I do not know where I would be without the cooperation I learned over those months of playing music.  On top of that, there are some minor things that the band practices during summer influenced.  When we first started playing with Joel, Vinay left all his stuff at my house.  "All of his stuff" refers to his bass, his video camera, and some extra space to tape on.  Adam had already left all of his stuff (guitar pedals, amp, and strings) at my house before he knew that he could not play with us anymore, so I basically had his property at my house until he wanted to pick it up (which he could not do until late August, because he was out of town).  These items were used to make the Chronicles of Raccoon Man, the flick of last summer.  I am quite glad that the Chronicles was actually made, because it is such a great thing to look back on.  There you have it, people skills and movie-making, that is what this event is all about.  Of all the events of summer, this definitely ranks as one of the most influential.
  • The First Time at Darren's House - One early January day (the sixth to be exact), Cameron, Cassie, Darren, and I went bowling at Kyrene Lanes to spend a Saturday afternoon.  As we completed bowling smoothly, we headed to Hallmark to look at cards.  We stepped outside the shop and some guy exclaimed "I am the tile cutting master!"  That line does not pertain to this event.  After we sat down and waited for our ride, we thought of heading to Darren's house to mess around with his toys.  It was the first time I would ever happen to enter his domain.  The first thing I did when I entered his house was pick up his bass and start playing.  At the time, I was infatuated with Smells Like Teen Spirit, so I played that a bunch.  In a matter of minutes, I was downloading Smells Like Teen Spirit covers, one by Tori Amos.  Soon, we embarked on a journey to the nearby park, where we hung out ot waste a lot of time.  The four of us talked about the things going on in our life.  Darren brought his dog with us, so he he was entertaining it the whole time.  During the course of the day, we had my camera, and we were taking pictures of pretty much everything.  By the end of the day, we had over 100 pictures, a feat we had never reached before.  In fact, we did not reach that again for another few months.  By the end of the night, I was familiar with Darren's house and how it worked (not like houses are household appliances), which was a quick feat, because I had only been there once.  This day was the last Saturday before school resumed, and so everyone made the best of it.  I became better friends with Darren, Cassie, and Cameron, but most of all, I took a trip to a place I would be really familiar with in the future, and that was Darren's house.  This hangout also came on the odd day out, a day in which Cameron hung out with Cassie and Darren.  If that never happened, I do not know how easily the trip back to Darren's house would have been, especially when Cameron was the one who suggested we go there in the first place.  I probably would have visited days later, but that obviously is not the same as January 6.  Now excluding the obvious influence, this day was another day in which we found the camera overly amusing.  We took pictures of anything that was funny, and we ended up with way too many.  From this day, we learned that we were amused by such dumb pictures, so we continued to take much more of those in the future.  That is only a minor influence though.  The main trigger is that I became familiar with Darren's residence and by doing that, I pretty much secured a friendship.  Up until this day, I could have said that Darren and I were still on the brink of really becoming friends.  It was after this day when everything started happening.  It was not due to this day solely, and that is why it is not found higher.
  • ASU Business Skills Day - Late into first semester, the club that I was in, FBLA, had a scheduled trip to ASU for a competition.  The day was called ASU Business Skills Day, and every person from every Phoenix FBLA chapter pretty much joined in on this event.  Mountain Pointe sent the most people to this event, and it showed when we had fifteen hooligans roaming the area in search for our FBLA officer.  The day started off in our officer's classroom, where everyone met before we had to leave for our trip.  There we signed our names to make sure all the people that signed up was present.  Next to our names, we had to put our ID numbers, so you could see everyone's graduation year.  There was this girl in FBLA that seemed almost mysterious to me; she was not in any previous Mountain Pointe or Centennial yearbooks, but she seemed like a Junior or a Senior, because she hung out with all of them.  When she signed her name and ID after mine, I noticed that the first two digits were "04" inferring that she was a Freshman.  I think the fact that she was a Freshman changed my attitude toward her just a bit.  That happened later on, though, so I will be getting to that.  When we reached ASU, Jacques and I quickly got oriented with what we needed to do that day.  The morning of the event was all tests, and I signed up for two.  Jacques signed up for three, but he decided to only take two, so he could chill with me for a while.  After we were done with our tests, we ate food in the downstairs food court, and then we headed to play some rabid bowling.  The game was quite fun, because I came from behind and edged Jacuqes and his brother.  From there, we just started to waste our time until the closing ceremonies.  There was a vacant room in one of the hallways, and because there were so many Mountain Pointeers, we took over the whole room.  FIfteen of us were just chilling in the room wasting time, while other people did their hard work.  I sometime thought that every other school in the district thought that Mountain Pointe was full of goof-offs and things like that.  Frankly, we were, because we did nothing but act like fools in public.  Every once in a while, I found myself flirting with that Freshman girl, just because I found it amusing.  I did not know that I was slowly getting attracted to her.  Anyway, during the awards ceremony, our school went insane whenever one of our comrades won a prize.  At times, we were standing and yelling, and at others, we took off our ties and were twirling them.  From what I heard, the ASU committee did not get a good impression of us, and we made our officer look bad.  I guess it really was fun in the end, though.  As the day closed, we all took our ride back to the school and made our way home from there.  Once I reached my house, I realized that I liked that one Freshman girl.  It was weird, because I did not understand how it happened.  It was so sudden, because I had not even thought about her previously.  Then I remembered something: she was a Freshman.  I guess that is what caught on to be.  She was not my "better," but some funky girl I did not know.  I spent the next few days to get to know her, but nothing great happened from it.  That is what came of this event.  I called it pseudo-subjectism because it really was not a real case of subjectism, but rather a person in which I could easily vent all my caged feelings.  This was an odd period of my life, because it only lasted a month or so.  If I never experienced this time, I do not know what would have come of me in the next few months, just because I really found something about myself during this time.  It was not anything like most people would say about themselves, but it was just that I found out how to make my life more enjoyable.  And I guess that was to have a goal, not to be misled, not to find yourself in a place where whatever you do does not matter.  Pseudo-subjectism oddly triggered some events, but mostly it was an emotional change that took place.  Though a minor event during Sophomore year, without the Business Skills Day, I would be a few months behind in my heart.  That may be as deep as I get.
  • Prom - This, a dance that is supposed to be only available to Juniors and Seniors, was raided by a few Sophomores this year.  One day, while I was eating my lunch, I conversed with the six girls that sat at the table.  They were continuously talking about how they were going to go to Prom, because they can get a free ticket.  Then almost suddenly, they turned to me, the only testosterone of the group, and asked me if I wanted to go to Prom.  My first answer was a no, but they kept pestering me about it the rest of the week.  They talked to Chris, who was one of my good friends, and convinced him to go.  Once I knew he was going to find himself at Prom, I decided to pack my bags too.  Chris and I prepared for Prom together.  We headed to a tuxedo shop in Mesa to get our Prom wear and we did other random things while we were there.  Actually, in the dressing room, I found myself in a conversation with a person who was going to attend Highland's Prom.  After five minutes, I was never to see him or speak to him ever again.  But anyway, once the day approached, we planned a food party at Chelsea's house, in which people brought various types of edible art to munch on.  Once our dinner was over, we made our way to the dance.  It was held in the same Holiday Inn that Indian functions were held, so it was odd that I already had messed up memories of being in that place.  Annie, Julia, and Shayne made their way into Prom because they had passes that allowed them to.  Chris used a fake ID he made with the help of his friend George Augustine.  Chelsea and I had to wait for Jake and Paige to get us in.  They took around half an hour, but when they came and we went to the entrance, everyone was waiting for us.  I found it odd that the person who was taking my ticket was none other than the Vice Principal, one who knew me too well from the website idiocy.  When we were all together at the dance, we walked around and started to talk to people.  It was interesting that I knew so many people at the dance, mostly people from my math class.  Later, I found my way toward the back where I met up with my math teacher, and my favorite, Mr. Lassen.  Chris and I talked to him for around fifteen minutes about nerd things.  His wife got scared because she did not know that nerds actually existed and that her husband was the head nerd.  Soon, the other parts of our group were getting mad, so we left.  The rest of the night was is worth enough to save for the autobiography, so I can summarize it to a simple "it was one heck of a night."  When the dance ended, our group decided on going to IHOP to eat some breakfast or dinner, whichever was appropriate.  I ordered some chicken tenders, but when they brought them to me, the waiter dropped the tenders on the ground.  Out of the ten people at the table, I was the only one that did not notice that the waiter dropped the tenders, so I was patiently waiting for my food while everyone was eating.  Finally, someone informed me of what the waiter did, and then I was a little bit mad.  But I got my food later on, and ate it.  Once the dinner was over, Chris dropped me at my house, where I changed into my normal clothes while he dropped off the girls.  He soon came back, and took me to his house, where I was to sleep over.  Wait, why did I sleep over at his house?  It was because my parents were out of town, and they did not want me to have a whole house to myself during the wee hours of the night.  When we arrived at Chris' house, he changed into normal clothes and we talked for a few minutes and then slept.  I finished the night off by dreaming of "heck of a night" I had.  Though I cannot directly tell why this event is so influential, it did create part of the soap opera that happened later during the school year.  If it was not for this night, my life would probably have been clouded with much less than it was.  I might have to save the rest for the autobiography, but there is one thing to dwell on.  This was the last huge public social event I attended with friends, and other than Chris, they were all relatively new friendships.  What does that create?  Strengthened relationships.  And of the four people that were there that I did not know too well, two of them became my really good friends.  Sometimes I think I owe it to this day, but sometimes I do not.  Hence, the reason why it is found in such a transitional part of the events page.