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  • Teachers That are too Conservative - First off, I don't like conservatism too much, so when I have a teacher that is conservative, it gets on my nerves a lot.  The major trait of conservatism is when the teacher does not let a student leave the classroom to go to a locker or leave to go to the bathroom when the class is rowdy in the last ten minutes.  It's just that sometimes teachers need to realize that rules don't need to be followed 100%.  Logic should be used in conjunction with the rules to devise the best plans.
  • Students That Must be on the Winning Side - Just in general, it's annoying to have a person that doesn't know anything about a situation jump into an argument and back up the winning side.  It's even more annoying when he or she decides to change sides once he or she finds out the tides have turned.  Stay out of the freakin' argument or debate if you have nofreakin' clue what you are talking about.
  • Students That Strive to be Incredibly Original - This almost fits directly under a punker's attitude, but there are some people like this that aren't really of a "punk" attitude.  The real thing that annoys me about this is that these people immediately stop liking something that they loved just because others are starting to like it.  I mean, didn't they like whatever it was for what it is or just the fact that it was unpopular?  It's just stupid; they can be that way if they want.
  • The Librarians - The first main thing that makes me want to slap these people is their serious attitude toward stupid matters.  Honestly, is printing out useless information a sin, or something?  Also, I tend to dislike the way they treat us like we don't know anything about computers.  Okay, considering our class of students was brought up in the Information Age, I think that we know more about computer than you.  And if someone needs help, they'll ask you.  If not, don't help us, because you know as much as a fresh off the boat immigrant.
  • Crowded Hallways - Do I really need to explain this? 
  • The "Pride" - I figured out that practically no one agrees with me on this, but I extremely dislike the nickname of our school.  Seriously, it sounds like a pathetic attempt to feel proud of our work in school.  I don't care if it stands for a pack of lions, because every one that doesn't come to our school probably doesn't know that meaning.  I just don't like saying that I am part of the "Pride."  Whoopie, i have pride in my work.
  • People Who Judge You - You know, this could go a lot higher on the list, but because it is done so often and by practically every one, it doesn't bother me as much as it used to.  I have a problem when people think I'm someone I'm not and just dislike me without even talking to me.  And honestly, there are so many people out there that haven't even said a word to me, but don't like me at all.
  • Non-Honors Pompous Students - I'm not trying to sound pompous, but honors students have the right to brag about their intelligence.  Hmm, that's because completely non-honors students are idiots.  Yes, idiots.  There are a few exceptions, but the majority of them are complete fools with no intelligence at all.  It amazes me that they can even say hello to a teacher.  They have absolutely no reason to brag about anything until they can first learn to freakin' read and write.
  • Students That Believe They are Better Than Others - This is more along the lines of "I have a Corvette and you drive a Geo Tracker, so I'm better than you."  Or, "I have a ton of friends, I'm popular, and I get screwed every other day, so I'm better than you."  People like that are just freakin' annoying.  It'll be funny when they race on Knox, skid on a curb and crash.  I won't care at all.
  • Students That Pick on Others for Acceptance - Why is this done so much?  Do people really have to give other people a hard time just so others will think that they are cool for picking on someone.  My freakin' gosh those people are lame.  If they really need to pick on something, they should pick on a snail, something their own size... brain.