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  • Darren and Sunil Play Music Together - This is very similar to Those  Incredible Suckers except for one thing: no Chelsea.  This changes up  things quite a lot.  First of all, when it was just Darren and I, we  would always play things on his bass, and every once in a while I'd drum along, because the drums were too lonely.  Most of the time, it was just a time for Darren to learn more songs on his bass.  Being the Rage Against  the Machine fan that I am, I started to play their music a lot, and Darren  liked the bass tunes to many of their songs.  This was quite a milestone  in his bass career, because he started to pursue the Rage bass tunes.   Listening to their music a lot started to influence his own writing, and on top of that, his own ear for interesting bass lines.  There was one  thing that seemed to catch me a lot, and that was that he was listening to  Rage now, after telling me how he did not really like them months ago.   Now, they were completely taking over his bass playing, and really, he has  created his own Rage-esque style of playing.  Other than the influence  on his bass playing, our collaborations would be another way to strengthen  a young friendship.  That is the real lasting impact of anything we have done, and would show in this event also.  Where do I see myself and Darren without playing music together?  Other than the Rage-esque style of playing, I do not see any forms of bass playing that I would enjoy.   Hey, we never really did listen to the same music from the start.
  • 100 Most Influential People of the Last Millennium Video - Played in our World History-Geography class, this video brought many ideas into my head.  I really enjoyed this video, and pretty much everyone else in the class did too.  There were a lot of inaccuracies and topics to debate, because some people were placed too high or too low, but overall, it was a very entertaining film.  I guess I cannot ruin the video for the people who have not seen it, so I will not say who was number one.  Ha, only the people who had Barnes would know.  But anyway,  if you have not caught on, this video was the sole reason that I even attempted this anniversary update (the events page), and so it is up on the list.  I was planning on placing it much lower, because all it did was trigger what I am doing right now.  Soon I was to realize what the events page really means.  Believe it or not, the most influential events of the past year will be treasured for many years to come.  We do not know what this page could trigger, but the way I see it, the page has lots of potential.  I know that I am taking a risk but putting this event up so high even though what it triggers could be many years down the road.  All I can say is the events page could possibly bring good memories, bad memories, or even remind everyone of the bad and good that happened this year.  Something like that would deserve to be this high on the list.  Here is my first risk on the events page, but I am confident that belongs here.
  • The Finale of All (May 16) - This day happens to land on the end of the first year of the website, hence the name, "Final of All.'  On May 16, I received a package which contained the camera I had been waiting for.  It had been months since the fun of the camera, and it was to start all over again.  Including the camera, we received our yearbooks, which closes the year with memories.  The school set up us a yearbook signing session, in which our group of friends all attended.  Here, we concluded each others' years by signing every book we could in the amount of time we had.  Along with the signing, I was having fun taking pictures with the camera I just recently received, and it was almost like old times.  The digital camera is indeed one of the best inventions I own.  The Finale to All is a significant event for what will happen down the road.  If I were to not have my camera, I do not really know how I would have as fun as I do.  On top of that, my yearbook is something to treasure of this interesting year.  I know I will look back on what has happened, all the people I have met, and all the things they had to say to me this year.  If there is one thing I hold on top of everything else this year, it is my yearbook.  I could not believe how much people had to say about me, and everything being positive (except for Greg Young).  I do not what to say to everyone who made my year signing my yearbook to their full potential, but honestly, it really has touched me.  And many people can see that in their yearbooks, after what I have signed.  This is a moment of sincerity on my page of laughter, but it needs to come out.  I will thank everyone here for doing what they did.  They are what I consider friends.
  • Rubik's Cubing - Very late into the school year, a new trend had hit every nerd (and even some others).  No, it was not Abercrombie and Fitch or yo-yos, but yes, Rubik's Cubes.  About a few months into the Nerd Club, Darren started to ask me how to complete a cube, and I tried to help him.  Of course I included my stupid comments that were to purposely annoy him, but eventually, he finally was able to finish the cube by himself.  Actually he completed his first cube on April 20 (420).  From there, Christopher Dean asked me how to finish his cube, and I taught him, five days after Darren.  Soon Darren and Chris were teaching people that were asking them, while I continued to give lessons.  This created a phenomenon.  If someone were to walk into an honors class, there would be numerous amounts of Rubik's Cubes there.  At one time I remember seven in one classroom at one time.  Everyone continued to buy cubes, and races started forming.  Speed cubing caught a hold of all of us, and we received sub-1:00 cubing times.  It had turned into a craze, it honestly did.  But what exactly did this influence?  It was everyday life, basically.  More importantly, we influenced people to waste their money on cubes.  There is not much to say about Rubik's Cubes, other than they brought a bunch of people together to share their Rubik knowledge (metaphorically inferring bringing a group closer).  I mean, if over twenty people had cubes at school, how could it not be influential?
  • Darren Invests in a Bass - There have been many events on the page regarding Darren and his bass skills.  Obviously, this would not be reality without Darren's choice to buy a bass.  Late in November, Darren informed me that he had purchased a bass and he would start playing.  He also brought up the fact that he had a bass, I had drums, and Cameron had a guitar.  He was inferring that we would possibly create a band or something like that.  I then reminded him that Cameron did not like me too much at the time, so that idea dropped.  Also, at the time, I never even thought that I would actually play with Darren.  I was thinking to myself, "Ha, Darren, I don't really know him too well; we're just going to make a video for History.  Playing music in the future?  Hah."  It proved in the next few months that my thought was completely opposite, because I play with Darren quite a lot.  In fact, his bass lives at my house, and I even get ot play on it whenever I want.  The influence of his investment is shown on earlier events on this section of the site.  A few examples are playing music together and with Chelsea, which brought up the idea that Darren and I became better after playing music.  It is also weird to me that I cannot even think of Darren without a bass.  I see him so often playing it, talking about it, or tuning it, and it has clicked in my head that Darren is a bassist.  I only really became friends with him after he bought a bass, so that could be a reason for this, but even then, it is still an interesting thought. Darren without a bass hurts my head, seriously.  That is why it found its way to this spot on the countdown.
  • Oscar's and Bowling Night - During an early date in February, a group get together at Oscar's took place.  After Oscar's, everyone went bowling to conclude the night.  The people who attended this significant night were Candice, Robin, Brittany, Cassie, Chris Wenz, Chris Spencer, Darren, and myself.  This was only the second time we had a group outing of this size, and that is why it is remembered by most of us.  The night officially started when everyone bought the food they wanted to eat, in which consumption took place afterwards.  Raccoon Man was with us and it was the first time he would see many of the people there.  We fiddled around with the stuffed head for a while, finished our food, and left.  The group headed toward Kyrene Lanes, where we bowled for an hour or two.  After bowling, it was still early and everyone had time to burn, so Darren suggested that we just "fat around" some place.  I am not sure the girls of the group liked what we did, but I sure loved walking around aimlessly doing nothing pertaining to my future.  When Cassie and Chris W. left, we headed back toward the bowling alley, where we played Duck Duck Goose.  It actually was a pretty fun game to play, and I surely enjoyed it.  After than, we hung around Chris S.'s Tahoe and just played music for a long time.  I jumped onto his car's roof and did dumb things up there to waste time.  Once we were all ready to get out of the area, we said good-bye to our friends and returned home.  The night was over, but many more group hangouts were to come after this.  Because of this day, the people that ate food at Oscar's and went bowling all became closer friends.  In just a few days, I went from having a few friends to having many.  Though there were a few people in our current group that were not at the bowling night, that day still ranks up high.  It does not receive an extremely high spot, just because it did not contribute to the group idea the most.  It was the first real group hangout (there was one before it, but it was not of this caliber), but not the most influential.  Keep looking for more group hangouts on the countdown.  There is definitely more to come.
  • Tha Creator Enlightens - In mid-December of 2000, I had announced to Darren that I was finally going ot shut down my site.  Obviously, he took this very harshly, because my site was a way to keep himself sane.  I told him that if he could possibly get ten people to tell me to keep my site up, I would overturn my decision.  The truth is, after the first few, he became lazy, and he never finished his job.  He did not get ten people to tell me to keep my site up, so I was forced to close down my site.  I did tell him though that if I were to have some kind of dream that told me to keep my site up, or some kind of phenomenon that convinced me I was doing the wrong thing, I would reconsider.  That night, I envisioned many things, and I came to the conclusion that my site was to stay up.  I added a press release to announce what I saw that night and obviously all the people devoted to the website were happy.  Actually, at the time, I I think the only person that cared about the closing of the site was Darren, but that does not matter anymore.  Though this event seems like it is a big deal, it ends up not holding much.  I mean, after all this time, no one even knows about this, and really, it has not changed much.  There is one thing for sure: if I was never enlightened, there would not be all these new jokes.  And my page without jokes is weak.  So that is why it is quite high up here, because you do not really know where my site would be without the jokes.  After all, the page really does revolve around the joke page, so if there were none, the site would lose pretty much all content it had.  Except the autobiography, of course.
  • The Visitors That Visited For Months - So there was this day that my father told me my aunt and uncle were going to join our family for the summer, and I thought, "That'd be pretty nice for a while, I guess."  The truth is, they stayed for much longer than the summer.  This forced me to move into the master bedroom, because if I did not, I would not be able to use the computer late at night.  Also, I had so many people running around the house it seemed like the place was lively.  They were in town the whole of first semester and then left at the end of February.  They created a lifestyle in the time they were here, and that is how you can calculate the impact they have had.  First off, like I said before, they made me move rooms.  Secondly, because of them it was why I started the Insight on Issues page (which lasted a very short time).  Third, it was the fact that I had people around the house to actually get things done.  The first point can be taken to a further extent, but that is saved for later.  And because that is going to be viewed later on the countdown, there is not much to say about this, other than they did ultimately trigger the shifting of living quarters (bound to be higher than this event).  Now that I think about it, I remember that I wanted to move rooms back to my old one, because I was so attached to that place, and my dad told me it would be fine, because they were only going to stay for a few weeks.  Apparently, they stayed for over six months, and that locked myself in the current living area that I have.  And that is not a bad thing, mind you.
  • Early 2001 Music - Only three days into the Millennium, Joel and Vinay came over to play music all night.  At first, it was just a bunch of covers we planned on recording (which we did), but then it changed into actually working on a song that was ours.  Because the night was such a successful night in terms of songs recorded, it really made us think of taking things to a higher step, such as record a whole CD full of covers.  Also during this night, we walked down to Circle K to get food, and people scared us on our way there.  First off, because of this night, I know not to walk down 48th past 9:00, because people will scare you and lower your self-esteem.  Okay, maybe that is something stupid to list when it is this high up on the list, but the actual work we did strengthened my musical abilities.  Being able to listen to different songs and just picking up instruments and playing them became a normal day's work after that night.  I learned from playing Smells Like Teen Spirit, and so did the others.  We completed a five minute song in about thirty minutes time, without previously playing it.  Along with that ability, I also changed my style of playing a little bit.  Before that night, I used to only play beats and random snare rolls during songs, but I started to add random things into beats like broken rolls and other things my drum teacher said would sound good.  When I was playing with Vinay and Joel, I realized how easy it was to implement those fills, and how cool they sounded.  Another thing that makes this day stand out is that we never played again with such success.  After that day, we said we would do so much more music in the future, and accomplish much more, but we never did that.  The next time we played, we were not able to record anything and the practice was pretty much a failure.  That makes the music making in early 2001 all the more special.  Actually, we also took pictures of stuffed animals playing instruments, and that, too, makes it special.
  • Everyone Leaves in Random Directions - Actually now that I think about it, everyone left my house in the same direction.  From February of 2000, my grandmother had lived at my father's house and took care of it with all she had.  In July of the same year, my aunt and uncle joined us and lived at my father's house for a few months.  The three parts of my extended family took care of themselves quite well, and also helped me around the house.  In late February of 2001, my aunt and uncle announced that they would be leaving for Dallas and Buffalo, and probably would not come back to Phoenix.  My grandmother then said she was going to join them, wherever they went, and they come back after a few months.  Because all three of them were leaving, it left my father's house completely empty.  As many of my friends know, this is the reason they hang out at my house so often.  When all of them left, it left my house as a party center for friends.  If I were to have family over when I was inviting people to just chill at my house, a lot of my friends would have been discouraged some.  The house is known for its lack of a chaperone, and so anything can go on in the house as long as I let it happen.  There is one reason why this event does not find itself so high on the list and that is because parties still would have occurred if they were around.  I still had parental supervision during the parties I held, so the fact that my aunt, uncle, and grandmother left would not make a difference.  On another note, the event did change a lot of things in respect to people living here.  Though parties were never held in my house unsupervised, hangouts were always going on after school without any parents around.  Sometimes people would just show up at my door and we would do something together.  This was the life I liked, but the "arrive at Sunil's house whenever" idea has mellowed out over the past few months, and recently, there has not been much activity here.  Who knows, maybe it is just an after school thing.