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  • People that Stop Liking Something Once it is Popular - This is so descriptive of so many people at Mountain Pointe.  There are the popular kids, and then there are people that despise the popular attitude.  Some of these kids are so corrupt that they believe that if something of theirs becomes popular, it should be excommunicated from their thought.  It's funny, the thing that was liked never changed; it just became popular.  I always thought you liked things because of what they are, not because of what their standing in society is.
  • Teachers that Lose Your Assignments - "I don't have what you turned in, so I can't give you credit for it."  Damnit, give us a stupid receipt when we turn something in so we can prove to you that we did so.  It is so dumb when we have to do work again because you're unorganized.
  • Teachers that Give Work Over Break - It's break.  That means a period of time off.  Hence, work should not be given.  Why the heck do some teachers expect us to do work on break?  All the stuents want to do is have a little fun before they have to go back and work their asses off again.
  • Teachers that Get Angry When Students Pack Up Early - It's really understandable when a student packs up really early during a lecture.  It isn't understandable when a student packs up early because nothing happens in the class.  It's also very annoying when a teacher says something like "It really hurts my feelings when you pack up early because it shows that you aren't listening to me."  Damn, if they are going into the profession of teaching, they should know that most people are not going to listen to them.
  • Bandwagons Joiners - I can get so mad at people like this just because it is amazing how much these people are followers.  Seriously, wake up.  I don't even know why someone would want to always follow the "in thing," but I guess that there are just some people that need to be "cool" in society because they feel that is the only way to be accepted.  Hah, being accepted into the popular crowd... an interesting crowd indeed. *choke*
  • Teachers that Make You Feel Stupid - The whole point of teaching is to educate someone.  The student is going to be stupider than you, and that should be known.  If the teacher can't handle that, then they shouldn't be a teacher.  I have been in so many classes where the teacher gets ticked off when he or she can't explain something to someone.  They shouldn't be a freakin teacher then.
  • Teachers that Can't Handle too Many Questions - This goes hand in hand with the last one, but it is also stupid when teachers can't handle too many questions being asked.  I can understand if the questions are stupid, but a lot of the time, they are valid, but the teacher just doesn't want to keep answering questions.  They shouldn't teach if they can't handle students running around them not understanding their material... it is as simple as that.
  • Complete Literary Analysis of Some Work - I don't need to explain this one because it is pretty much self-explanatory.  This only bothers me when we're talking about something bogus when we're reading a very flat story.
  • Students With Excessive Ethnic Pride - Why do African-Americans stay in one area and shout at each other like they are all big and bad?  Why do Asians run around showing off their "AZN Pride"?  Well, I don't know, but whatever the reason is, it's damn annoying.  That's great, I figured your race by looking at you.  And thanks for reminding me a few times in case I forgot.  
  • Quality and Quantity of Water Fountains - I've noticed that there are water fountains in very few places of the school.  That's not the only problem.  There are only a few fountains where the water is actually tasty.  It's Arizona, and we break a sweat by just thinking.  Don't you think that we could get a little break by having many water fountains and upping their quality just a tad?