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  • New Year's Day - "Everything can change, on a New Year's Day, as everything changed, on a New Year's Day..."  These are lyrics by Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine and it sums up the way the year started quite well.  January 1 was not the changing point of everything though.  It could have possibly been the weakest day of the first week of the millennium.  It started out with a party at my friend Sharat's house.  From there, we returned to my house to create some noise and disrupt people's peace.  We used the camera a lot during the night, taking pictures of wacky occurrences and incoherent behavior.  I also updated my website by adding the Ebonics section about two hours into the millennium.  Included in this day was much more Racoon stuff, but all that nonsense was not to be seen for a few months, so it is useless to talk about that on this page.  But through this day, Vinay and myself found ourselves creating a band practice in the near future, one that would change our musical careers more than ever before.  And because this sleepover was at such a high scale, it temporarily (or in some cases, completely) put an end to many of the traditions that had lasted for a while.  A few examples would be Perfect Dark, Racoon sleepovers, and hanging out with Adam.  After looking back on this day, it really was a great way to start the new millennium.
  • Driving With Children for the First Time - Student driving is definitely a milestone in an adolescent's career.  My first time happened when I wanted to buy Perfect Dark at Best Buy, but I did not have a way to get there.  I had recently insulted John Cloud on the joke page, so he was not too friendly to me.  He was telling me of his truck, and how he was driving it around, so it struck me to ask him if he could take me to Best Buy.  Of course, he was not willing to do so unless there was a deal made.  He agreed to take me to Best Buy if I would erase the last two jokes on the website, because they insulted him.  I accepted the deal, so his truck showed up at my house on a Wednesday morning.  At first, I had a prolonged laughter at how he was driving a truck forty-two times his size.  Then I quickly made my descent to his truck, in which I said, "Are you sure this is safe?"  He responded with, "I'm the best driver you'll ever drive with."  From there, we headed to Best Buy to purchase Perfect Dark, and then we returned to my house to play it.  This was the first time I had ever driven around with a student driver that was not my brother or one of his friends.  Because of that, it was a learning experience, and if it did not happen the way it did, I probably would be more wary of student drivers.  He was the best student driver I ever drove with, and if I had ever experience d my first drive with someone else, I probably would have been scared for much longer.  Added to that, we left to Best Buy in an almost spontaneous urge to get out of the house, which would carry on to later hangouts that we did random things to entertain ourselves.  Also, because I enjoyed the day so much, I started to spend more time creating havoc with Misled Johnny, and that would become very apparent as the months went on.  This day was the start of something new, an era that would change my life forever.
  • Those Incredible Suckers - A parallel event to this was mentioned much earlier on the events page, and it inferred another event similar to it.  This is the event that was foreshadowed weeks ago.  Those Incredible Suckers is the band Chelsea, Darren, and I formed, and it was one out of spontaneity.  The formation was explained earlier on the events page.  Because we do not have to discuss the actual unity of Chelsea, Darren, and I, we can skip straight to the triggers.  It was explained before that we were brought together as closer friends, but one that was not to last as strongly as it should.  The reason this event ranks a much higher spot than the other is that it was only the beginning of the friendship, whereas the actual band was to keep it alive.  I did not mean that the friendship did not last too long, as it seemed like.  Rather, it was trying to infer that Darren's cousin's visiting did not have lasting impact on the friendship Darren, Chelsea, and I had.  Therefore, it did not "last as long as expected."  That is why if we never continued to pursue the music we had tried to create, we probably would not be the great friends that we are now.  A friendship can last a very long time, and it can change your life in many ways, and that is why this event places here: it has the potential to influence my everyday life.
  • English-Biology Research Paper - Close to the end of the year, a huge research project was assigned to test our English and Biology coping abilities.  We were allowed to work with one other person and I asked Darren to accompany me in this horrendous task.  From there we split up the work almost 50-50 and made our way through English.  We had different English and Biology teachers, so we had to abide by my teacher's rules.  This caused a conflict when we were trying to receive due dates, because they were different in the classes, but soon we got the hang of it and Darren just never listen to dates in his class (he just listened to me).  Once all the technical stuff was complete, we resorted to following each other home to work on our project.  This created quite a lot of distractions, because we were easily amused.  We soon learned it is practically impossible for us to work together efficiently, and we wasted most of our time laughing at completely irrelevant things.  But once the homework was done, we looked back at our work and enjoyed the fact that we can make fun out of painful busy tasks.  From this project, much was learned.  I indefinitely learned how to have fun while working.  Other than that, this really strengthened Darren and my friendship, because we spent so much time working on this project.  We found out what amuses us both, and that was found directly in our writing.  To think, if we never had this project, I probably would not have thought once about having fun while doing rigorous homework.  It really was a fun time messing with this project, the way any kind of friend hangout should be.
  • Working at Centennial - After being put to work by the school because of the Scandal, Darren and I decided to complete most of our hours by tutoring at Centennial.  The lasting impact of this situation was about the same as the last event, but in my opinion, this holds a bit more than the other one.  First off, we started to hate the work here because it was too repetitive, and we would try and get something planned for after the service to have fun.  Also, we would walk to Centennial, and every once in a while, we had other people join us.  Some of these people were mere acquaintances at the time, but later before really good friends.  During the service, sometimes we had visitors (actually really only one, our friend Robin), and we entertained them for a while.  When looking back at these things, it seems like a broken puzzle of friends that was put together in the coming months.  For example, Erica, who walked with us every now and then, Robin, who visited us, and Chelsea, who gave us rides, were all on opposite ends of the friend spectrum.  Through the similarities, we were good friends, or became good friends, with all of them and linked them together, to create one big happy family, or something.  That is the lasting impact of this situation, but there is also more to why I considered Centennial revisits a bit more important than the English-Biology research.  See, there were many memories had by both Darren and I in our old school, and remembering them touched us.  We spent a lot of time just wandering the school remembering how life was in Centennialian society.  And when the service was over, we took a deep breath and left our old school after having another hardship in the place.  I love Centennial, and I will always remember the great times I had there. 
  • Desk Parting - Okay, I know this sounds ridiculous, but it deserves to be here.  I feel so dumb even mentioning something this stupid on the events page.  And the great thing is that I have it quite high on the list.  Well, anyway, to get on with what "desk parting" means.  Late in the school year, I noticed a seat back from a desk in one of my classroom's garbage cans.  I found it amusing and my teacher just told me that there is a lot more where it came from.  So we ended up having fun with more than just a seat back, but rather a crowbar and two frogsticks (code names we use for the parts).  Darren and I were so amused by this really idiotic humor that we carried on trying to find things that are really odd to have.  When I mean odd, I mean things that people usually do not see normally (for example, a plastic flamingo, a huge orange cone, a pink kiddie car, a random tire, or a broken microwave door).  Also, stupid humor was used with these kind of things.  Toilets were used to provide fun, especially when it was detached from its plumbing and it was free to park in the middle of the street.  Now really, why did I have to put this up here, if it did not really trigger anything other than being more stupid?  Well, it is because if we never happened to start this dumb phenomenon, we would not have had as much fun as we did.  And really, we do it so often, it cannot be looked over.  I do not really know where I would be if I did not get any entertainment from possessing stupid random objects.  So yeah, it needs to be on this list, indefinitely. 
  • Winter Break Talks With Ronnie - During the turn of the millennium, Ronnie, an acquaintance of mine, and I were plotting interesting mischief.  Ronnie was a new friend to me, especially because I barely ever talked to him before the break we had for winter.  He left Phoenix in September, and I really had not got to know him before them.  Regardless, we still had our fun over the Internet.  There was a select group of people that he did not like, and I decided to assist him in annoying them.  It worked out well, because the people that we were trying to anger became very angry, very quickly.  We started to do this on a continual basis, which helped strengthen the ties between us (we both were very good friends with Darren).  Also, the main reason this event is this far up is because it happened during a confusing period of time.  In this time, I had just started to hang out with Darren and Cassie.  On a different note, I had also started to hang out with Christopher Dean on a more continual basis.  So when I was speaking with Ronnie, I was pretty much colliding different ends of a spectrum once again.  But when looking at all of the conversation we had as a whole, it shows how much we had in common.  We had the same humor, and expressed that over and over again while we irritated people.  And that really shows that we became good friends over these talks.  If I never talked to Ronnie during this time and had the fun we did, I do not think I would be awaiting his Phoenix visitation.  And hey, he told me to download a Sum 41 song over the break.  It was some instrumental track that I was quite fond of.  Later I realized how popular they had got, and I thought, "Heh, Ronnie told me to download them a while back." 
  • March Twelfth Hangout - This day does not have its own special name because I still do not know how this whole get together occurred.  But on March 12, a bunch of friends found themselves at my house ready to do something random to have fun.  The party included AJ, Cassie, Chris, Erica and Darren.  This was the first time we were going to hang out with Erica when school was not in session, so really it acted as a time where she could get to know everyone else's split personalities.  I do not remember too well exactly what we did, but we went to Desert Foothills park to play around in their playground.  When we all went home, we talked about it over the Internet (like we usually do) and we discussed how the night was a lot of fun, especially because it grouped together a bunch of people that normally do not see each other after school.  This is why this occasion is significant.  After having this hangout, we became really good friends with Erica, and I do think it was because of this and a few more occasions.  Also, five of the six people that were grouping together that day became a backbone for another group that was to be our everyday like during the summer.  There really is not much more to say about this day, it happened at such a perfect time to change things.  We were ready to make new friends whoever they were to be, and those people would become an important part of our life.  On a stupid note, if it was not for this day, we would not have heard Erica call her father "daddy," in which case we would not have continually made fun of that.  We tend to use the phrase "mommy" or "daddy" quotidian, and it has got on my nerves, thanks to this event.  But oh well, it sure is fun to call your parents by a childish (chibadish) name.
  • Halloween Stupidity - On Hallow's Eve of 2000, AJ invited me to get a scare from a haunted house with Christopher Dean and Mike.  I accepted because I did not have any other plans for the night.  Chris picked me up during the night, so there were little kids running around the street like pack rats, and I was relived to get myself out of the area.  The haunted house was the same one AJ and I went to with his brother and his friends a few years ago.  I remembered a bunch of the effects in the house, but I still screamed like a maniac anyway.  In fact, I yelled at every possible moment I could, and not too many of the other people in the group liked that.  I mean, I was scared and I needed to get that kind of stuff out, but the other people did not seem to understand.  After the haunted house, we paid Chris his gas money (something I would never do again), and we left to go somewhere interesting.  We found ourselves in a random Mesa neighborhood with nothing to do.  As we thought to ourselves, we came up with the idea of going to random houses to trick or treat.  We headed out of the neighborhood, and went to the nearest shopping enter.  In the center, we went to the grocery store and picking up a bunch of plastic bags.  These would be pillow case substitutes.  When we got back to the neighborhood, we parked and started to trick or treat.  A lot of the people were wondering why we were doing this at our age and we just joked it off.  After the Mesa neighborhood, we stabbed westward to Tempe and rang a few doorbells there.  It was getting quite late when we reached Tempe, so a few of the people seemed a bit grumpy when they gave us candy.  Then after our Tempe nonsense, Chris dropped off AJ and Mike, and then headed toward my house.  I repeatedly asked him when he got his license, because I had no idea what else to say to him.  I find it ironic that in just a few months from then, Chris and I would be cruising the streets together with a lot of stupidity to talk about.  Regardless, he dropped me off and the night came to a close.  This was the first time I ever hung out with Chris after school, and it was a significant event for that reason.  During this night we found out that the four of us had many similarities when it came to having fun, and that is what led to hanging out later.  For some reason, there was a long hiatus before I did hang out with Chris again, and I do not know why.  The event did trigger Chris to IM me over the Internet, which was something important for me to get to know him better.  Like, do I make friends from any other place than the Internet?  I would answer that negative, just for kicks.
  • .com Achievement - I think this event requires the least explaining to do.  After the Tennessee Titans lost their only playoff game in the 2000 season, I called up my father and he gave the thumbs up for the dot-com.  I was quite enthused at the time, and I immediately signed up.  Though I had the address already, I did not move my site that instant.  I waited for a special date to open it on, and I allowed for some foreshadowing to occur on the current site.  The first and only thing I remember that I did to foreshadow the relocation was the deletion of the Relocation Fund page, but I do not think anyone caught on.  But on January 12, the day picked for many reasons (one being my mother's and Zack de la Rocha's birthday), I deleted everything on Freeservers and left the main page saying "hipposandrhinos-dot-com."  Most people got the hint and were off to the new site.  There were some people, that for some reason, did not get the hint, and I had to change the Freeservers page to blatantly say that the page was moved.  In a matter of days, the site was bustling.  That could be confirmed when I would walk around school hearing my web address.  Yes, that was the minuscule amount of days before the Scandal (the life of the forum was only eleven days, believe it or not).  But anyway, the .com achievement for the site is a milestone in its history.  I really do not think that I would be making an events page if I was still on Freeservers.  This would be because I would soon get low on space, and also because I have a 512K limit on files (foreshadowing later events here...).  It seems like receiving a dot-com really pushed the popularity of the site to the next limits (though the Scandal helped here).  Still, look at the number of visitors that know the site by the dot-com name, and then look at the number of people that frequently use the dot-com name to talk about the website.  It is a very large number, and the site is definitely a large part of their Interent surfing.  At least I hope it is.