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  • The Tennessee Titans Premature Season - A very passive event indeed, this happening ended up setting up a lot of things to come.  The Titans were the favorite to go all the way in the NFL, but they lost their first playoff game, ending their season three weeks too early.  Therefore, because they were not attempting murder on the football field anymore, I was less interested in football, which caused some major emotional openings for me.  First, during the Super Bowl party I held, I was able to converse with friends and bring a group together; second, I was less interested in sports, and eventually TV (because the only TV I watched was football); and third, I was more interested to just "chill" with friends rather than wasting my time dealing with football.  Essentially, the premature season created a battered look at football, and opened up the possibilities of getting out of the house and doing stupid random things.
  • Last Day of Freshman Year - Though this event is on the borderline of the first year of the website, I will still include it here.  On this day, I had finals for math, P.E, and Business.  During math class, Darren, John Cloud, Mohammed Salih, and I were talking about certain people.  Darren guessed who I was talking about, which certainly satisfied some later conversations, and guestbook signatures of this website.  On top of that, while I was in math, Johnny signed my yearbook, and said "always remember to visit the website," inferring his own.  That was when it came to me that maybe I could create a website that was interesting.  Also, on a minor note, Darren and I could not tie a tie, so John taught us.  I still know how to tie one because of that, and yes, I am grateful.  The rest of the school day was mediocre, though all my finals were pretty ridiculous.
  • Can Mountain - The final standing structure of what we know as Sophomore year is also on the countdown.  The monument, started during the first lunch of the year by John Cloud, Kyle, and I, was to be a continuation of what they were doing last year, but could not finish because the year ended.  A can would be put in John's locker everyday during lunch, although by the first week, the rate had rose to two cans per day.  Once Johnny left Mountain Pointe, Kyle and I took it upon ourselves to complete the Mountain.  This was one of the reasons that Kyle and I still hung out during lunch for those days after John was not there.  Once we did not have to complete the Mountain anymore, we almost immediately parted ways, never to really strengthen the friendship we had.  On another hand, while we were building the structure, we had to make our way through the Junior locker areas, which allowed us to converse with upperclassmen, or to get caught in the fire of arguments.  If it was not for the Mountain, I would never have got to know John's subjects and I would not have got into mysterious arguments with them at random times.  When the Mountain was complete, less trips were taken to the area, and the Junior influence fell.  It was complete on November 3, 2000, and finally locked open for its final stand on the last day of school, May 23, 2001.
  • TGI Friday's Getaway After Registration - On a hot summer (no pun intended) day, John Cloud and I went to the school to rearrange our schedules, because the school did not give us the right classes and such.  Once we straightened things out with the school, I was supposed to go to Vinay's house to play music.  I told this to John, but we just randomly found ourselves at Bank One Ballpark eating food at TGI Friday's.  After eating there, we headed back to Vinay's where he dropped me off and I continued my dad.  Though such a minor event, this is the first major event that ignited spontaneity.  Though there are many more events that contribute to this idea, this was the first one that I was to enjoy, and the first one that I was totally surprised.  I did not even know what was going on until the instant he parked his car.  It was such a perfect event of spontaneity, and definitely the single most important one of last summer, if not last year.
  • Super Bowl Party - On the weekend of the Hippos and Rhinos Scandal, I hosted a Super Bowl Party for friends to come and chill while they experienced the greatest football game of the year.  The surprise came with the cast of people that showed up for the party.  Chris, someone I had only been friends with for a matter of weeks; Darren, a once-enemy who recently became my friend; Cassie, Darren's best friend at the time; Mike, a friend from years past, but someone I had not talked to for a while; and Adam, a childhood friend from many years past.  This was a shock, because the attendance of the get together would seem totally random weeks before the party.  I was not friends, or good friends, with the people at party, except one of them.  And because of that, it brought together a group of people.  This event happened in the minuscule transfer period between the first part and second part of the second semester.  That is why a lot of what occurred that day is forgotten, but if this party never existed, I probably would not have become good friends with Mike and Chris as quick as I did.  Also, this was the last time Darren and Cassie were considered one person, a very significant stage during Sophomore year.
  • Community Service Start - The first hours of community service was spent at my mother's work for this one man that was creating his own dice game.  During these work hours Darren and I found out that working together turns out to be a mess.  We had to do a bunch of mini-jobs for this guy to help him market his new game that he was soon going to put out on the market.  This was the first time I really had done any community service, and I found out that I liked to do work with my friends.  It turned out to be a very favorable time, even though we were practically forced to do it.  With all this nonsense backed behind the service, the time did contribute to many situations later.  Darren and I worked on many projects after this, and the time we had at my mom's work helped us remember how to have fun.  On another hand, if we did not enjoy the time we had there, we would have probably died by the time we finished our service at Centennial.  The ten hours that we did there saved us a lot of extra torture we could experienced at Centennial.  We probably would have lost our life if we had to work at Centennial the extra hours. It also had the potential to seep into our outside life, because it took up so much of our time.
  • Dance Dance Revolution - This simple arcade game turned out to be a very large time consumer during the past year.  It started with Darren's obsession with the game, and later fused out to pretty much everyone else we knew.  There was a point when he would waste all his money on that game, and there was also a time when we would go to Gameworks regularly to play it.  Once Darren bought it for his Playstation, the fad died out.  When I look at the game, it did not really trigger anything; it could have been deleted from the year and pretty much nothing would have changed.  The only thing that is looked at when discussing the most influential events is that it became a lifestyle.  We played it so much that if it were deleted, that whole section of our life would have been also.  I could not imagine a year without DDR because it was experienced way too much.  This can create a controversy, I suppose, on this list, but it deserves to be here.  It ran our life for a short period of time.
  • The Week I Was Dead - Merely hours after I created my webpage, I fell into a deep sickness that paralyzed me for a week.  I caught this disease from Vinay, who came to my house days before and was totally out of having any fun, because he was suffering.  I did not realize that the sickness was really serious until I reached a temperature of 103 (which almost sent me to goose land) and I could not do anything but eat or sleep.  Slowly though, I recovered, and it was a relief to be able to do the things I wanted to do.  During the week, I only really lived to do one thing: update the joke page.  Even though no one visited the site, I still wanted to update the page because it had just started.  There were many more pages left to be complete, but I had to postpone that.  I was too sick to accomplish everything.  And still, because of that week, I have not completed my page.  I have been lazy ever since that week, and there still lies sections of the website that are yet to be seen finished.  If I was never sick, my utter devotion to the new page would have kicked in and the site would be done.  But, hey, it is not, and because the other sections are not complete, the joke page has taken over the website.  So, really, if I was never sick, there probably would not be much spotlight on the joke page, because there would be so many other sections to the webpage.  Oh well, I wonder if I will ever finish those pages in the future.
  • First Half Day of Sophomore Year - This occurrence, which happened on the infamous September 13, marked the first time Darren ever came to my house.  But on top of that, it really was a unity that occurred between Darren, John, Greg, Kyle, and I.  At first, it was just planned that we would go to Baja Fresh and fill our stomachs, but the four skaters and I decided to play some football and then return to my house to just chill.  At my house, we watched the Chronicles of Raccoon Man and then just messed around with the various fun things in my house.  This was one of the first times Darren shared the same laughs as I, which happened when we all weighed ourselves.  Darren clocked in at 170 with his shoes on, but then 171 with them off.  Soon after that, everyone departed from my residence to continue life.  This event was one of the odd events during the year, because the five of us only hung out once more in our lifetime.  Even though we did not do many hangouts after this, it is a quite significant event.  This was the first time Darren visited my house, and really the first time we spent after school time doing random things together.  And on top of that, I showed him the Chronicles, which ultimately inspired the Buddha video we would make later in the year and all the hidden jokes attached to it.  Hmm, but wait, this happened on September 13?
  • Rage Against the Machine Frontman Zack de la Rocha Leaves the Band - October 18, the day that will live in infamy, for me at least.  It was a Wednesday, and I got back from school around 3:00.  The first thing I did, naturally, was get on the Internet to chat with friends.  A distant online friend, Nik Cifuentes, known for his dishonest bootlegging business, IMed me.  I barely ever talked to this chap, so I had this feeling it was going to be bad news.  His first IM was "did you hear about zack?"  The rest were not important other than the link he sent me that would take me to the press release.  I knew it had to be bad, but I did not know to what extent,  It was flowing through my blood that Zack might have died, in which case, Rage Against the Machine would be over.  When I saw the words come up on the screen, the title of the press release showed the same words as the title of this event.  I stared at them for a while until I knew what had happened.  Rage Against the Machine had broken up.  I quickly called my friend Adam and told him the news, in which he decided to not believe me.  I do not blame him, I would not have believed myself either.  We turned on MTV and they were announcing it there.  I never really thought that this kind of news would come anytime soon.  But in a few minutes, I hung up on Adam and swallowed the news.  I could not believe what had happened that day.  This event ranks moderately high just because Rage Against the Machine has been the greatest influence on me musically, politically, and emotionally than any other things in the past five years of my life.  Though it almost sounds pathetic, they have changed me to who I am now.  Seeing myself without them in my life reverts me to a very, very dull person.  I know people that cannot even think of me without mentioning Rage Against the Machine.  This is why this event is as high as it is.  The event has so much potential to change things gradually in the future, as the band has done in the past.  They cannot make anything new, and hence, I cannot change more than I already have from them.  It also signified the end of an era.  May the Rage Era rest in peace.