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  • Teachers that Round Grades - I have not had to have my grade rounded in the past, and maybe that's why I don't like this.  An A is 90 percent or greater; not 89.87, 89.53, or 89.999.  Nowhere does it say that an A is 89.5 percent or greater, and that's because it isn't.  An 89.5 is a B because it is less than 90.  I'm done.
  • The Prison Look at School - It's really not much of a bother that the school installed prison bars around many of the wide open areas of the school.  The thing that is annoying about them is that it closes up areas.  I personally don't like being closed in in any way, shape, or form.  And besides, we're in a freakin' school; if there is anyone stupid enough to disrupt the learning process by hindering lives of others, they should be taken off the face of this planet.  They don't deserve to live here.
  • Teachers that Post Grades in Long Intervals - There are just some times that I really want to see my grade and see if I need to work harder or if I could slack off.  I can understand sometimes when the teachers are busy, and they can't post grades for an extra week or so, but it really gets annoying when some teachers don't post grades for around six weeks or so.  That really doesn't give enough time to get back on track, guys.
  • The Security Cameras - It isn't the fact that there are cameras around our school, it's the fact that most of those cameras don't even work. I've heard some things like "they all don't work so people who are trying to do mischeif won't know where to mess."  Hmm, why don't you just have all of them workso then they know that they are always being watched?  Our school totally functions at 13% of what it should be able to work at, and that's just communist.
  • Teachers that Cannot Pronounce Your Name After a Year - Gosh maybe only I have this problem with teachers, but there are some that just don't seem to be able to pronounce your name after nine months of having you as a student.  Something that could be related to this is when you tell a teacher to call you something and they don't and still call you by your full name.  Seriously, they have nine months to learn 180 names or so.  It really isn't that hard.
  • The Cyber Patrol Proxy - Of course the school has this on the computers for a reason: they are trying to keep students away from morally incorrect sites.  That is not what seems to tick me off though.  I don't like it when sites with a lot of images or plainly random sites are proxied.  If I was still in Computer Programming, I would be able to tell which proxies pissed me off, but I don't remember anymore.  And hey, I was annoyed when my site was proxied.
  • The Assigning System for Parking Spots - Ever find ifunny how some Sophomores and young Juniors have spots closer to the school than many Seniors?  I don't know about you, but I sure did.  Why the heck does the school "save" parking spots for people that don't have their license yet?  And on top of that, why does the school do it on a first come-first serve basis when they start accepting applications in alphabetical order.  Gosh, smart idea, fools.
  • Non-admittance Upstairs During Lunch - Oh, smart.  Because we don't have enough security guards in the school, we can't be upstairs during lunch.  It's funny... usually people use the break for lunch to go to their locker and take their jolly time to get their stuff.  And some others like to go upstairs to get away from the commotion of the crazy people eating food down below.  I'm not sure if it ever occurred to them that the upstairs area has two things that students usually visit during lunch: their lockers and the library.  Hire some more freakin' security guards... I know our school is filthy rich.
  • Registration Day - It has got better over the years, but it is still very annoying to deal with the problems of registration day.  Only if you come early, you can get out at a reasonable time.  If you happen to come a little late though, you'll be there for eternity.  I grow tired too easily when it's summer, and I would think that they would be able to find another less hectic way to deal out registration stuff.  I mean, it shouldn't be too hard to mail out schedules or give book to teachers to hand them out.
  • People Who Take Sarcasm Seriously - Okay, honestly, it gets very annoying when you're trying to make a joke and some guys thinks you're serious and you're an asshole for saying something like that.  It funny, because I'm just joking, and I never meant anything seriously, and he or she is being a freak for thinking I am serious.