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  • Spencer-Belshe Racing - The actual circuit itself was not influential, so neither Chris nor AJ should get his hopes up.  This event was significant because it was really the first time I actually hung out with just Chris and AJ.  I used my camera for the first time outside my house, and it made me realize the many uses the camera could have.  Later on, the camera became a very handy item, and maybe even a most prized possession.  the only reason this is not higher is because it was a transitional and supporting event.  The occurrences that sprung out from this event were better defined in other instances.
  • Picture Night With Gregbo - It took me a while to decide that this event would top number ninety.  The reason I placed this ahead was because it was the only time I ever "chilled" with Gregbo outside of school and without this, I probably would not have really started to talk to him.  He was a mere acquaintance, and because of this event, I became friends with him.  Later, we had Rubik competitions and I improved my time drastically.  If I never had competition, I would not have speed cubed like I did.  Speed cubing took me a long way when taking my free time into consideration.
  • The Michael Haussman Soap Opera - This event, spanning from the end of summer to October or something, was the absolute downfall of my self-esteem for a long time.  Apparently, someone had been using my email address to send vulgar emails to Vinay's friend (name mentioned above) and I was constantly blamed for it.  No matter what I did, no matter how hard I even tried, I was blamed and given nasty remarks quotidian.  Because I knew that I did not do anything, and there was no way to convince them, it brought me down so much that I even lost interest to the Internet completely for a few months, and it added to despair I was experiencing through Mislededness.  This really was first semester for me, but it did not contribute to anything the next semester, as it just seemed to fall off the face of the earth.  I still sit here wondering what really happened, and who really did all that nonsense, because as far as I know, it ended abruptly and with no answer.
  • Los Dos Molinos Getaway - In a newspaper I collected, I noticed an article on Los Dos Molinos describing their departure for Manhattan.  Los Dos Molinos was a restaurant John Cloud and Greg Pohlmeier always talked about, and I always wanted to go there.  Once I read that the restaurant is going to close its location in Phoenix and move it to New York, I showed the article to Johnny before school and we made the decision to leave for the place after school ended.  So Johnny, Greg, Kyle, and I made it to the South Phoenix location and ate their very spicy food.  I am very glad I tasted their food, because the place is the only Mexican food I tend to like.  But that was not what it triggered.  By doing what we did that day, we solidified the belief of spontaneity.  This practice seems to find itself everywhere in life today.
  • The TGI Friday's Escapade - Once Vinay and I had rehearsals for a musical performance, my mother and brother took us out to eat lunch.  There we discussed future plans in our music-making.  My brother suggested we learn a song we could sing and play, and the first song that came to mind was Dammit, because Vinay would repeatedly play that and sing along.  I told them that I probably could just improvise because punk is not hard.  From there, we got the idea of getting a female singer and making it really cool sounding.  And we did just that.  Dammit is one of the most popular songs to play in my  song bank, and on top of that, Dammit was the first song I improvised, which I was to do later with many other songs.
  • New Places to Sit During Lunch - Throughout Sophomore year, I found myself in many different lunch areas eating with many different people.  This was one of the ways I made new friends, and one of the ways I lost those friends.  I started out eating lunch with John Cloud and Kyle, then John left so it was just Kyle and I.  Later, a bunch more skaters sat with us and I migrated to sit with some random Seniors in my Calculus class.  From there, I met up with Sophomore male acquaintances, who found their way to sit with Sophomore female acquaintances.  At the very end of the school year, I ended up sitting with two Chelseas and Julia.  As seen, there were many different areas I sat in, and many different people I talked to.  If I never really jumped around, I would not have known all these people the way I know them now.  They would probably all be mere people I knew at school.
  • Breaking Into Johnny's House - On a half day in October, Greg, Kyle, and I found ourselves breaking into John Cloud's house and stealing stupid, random things that he did not care about.  This was the first and last time I was to hang out with Kyle and Greg by myself, and it was quite fun doing the antics we conjured up.  It was also times like these that continued the knitted friendship we had, and prolonged the time I sat with Kyle at lunch.  If we never had these after school hangouts, we might not have completed Can Mountain, which was one of the most famous accomplishments of the year.  This event took place close to the end of an era; the participants used that day to further issue what they thought of the past months, and it was a great falling action to a storybook theme.
  • Dillinger Four - This Minneapolis based band was discovered by myself last summer, but really was explored in September.  Their innovative styles of pop-punk and old school punk voice clashed with some politics makes them a one-of-a-kind form of music.  What exactly can a band trigger?  Well, for one, it was because of these guys I kept sanity through the Mislededness period.  From their music, I started to listen to a lot of punk, which I still fiend for now.  Greg and Kyle were both punk fans, and this CD tamed them while they had their excursions to my house.  Really, this band had such a passive influence on my life, and that's why it cannot be written down so easily.  Styles changed from them, as well as casual listening to music.  The best part of this band is that they carry a whole past in them.  Listening to certain songs can bring back memories.
  • LAN Party #1 (Only One, I Suppose) - I have always been a computer freak, but never so much a computer gaming nerd.  Even then, I was invited to a Local Area Network party where I would play computer games all night.  Everyone at the party were either friends of mine or acquaintances.  One specific soldier was Christopher Dean, who would later become a great friend.  Because my computer could not handle the LAN, it was used for the Internet, and I was chatting with friends over AIM for a lot of the night.  Chris kept using my list to put some person's name on my list to talk to.  Soon, I found myself talking to her, and finding out I have connections to her myself.  She was some person who is dating a long lost friend of mine.  Through this, I was reunited with my friend.  Other than that, the night was one crazy sleepover.
  • The Birth of Roofing - A simple, yet very entertaining concept was born earlier this year when we started to go on top of Darren's roof.  The first sessions of roofing consisted entirely of talking about things that were bothering us in life, or making it better.  The original roofers were Chris, Darren and I, but since then, the original three have not been up there by themselves.  Roofing became popular and the crew of roofers expanded, but later decreased.  Now, roofing has almost died, even though I would love to do it again.  From roofing came a closer unity between the Nerd Club Co-Pilots.  In fact, we were much more open with our feelings than we would have expected.  And essentially, roofing took some stress off of me, and lightened the load I faced during Sophomore year.