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  • The Placement of the Junior and Senior Lockers - Why is it that the Junior and Senior lockers are by nothing that you would want to visit at the school?  I can understand why the Senior lockers aren't (the Seniors are barely even around), but there is no reason to not have the Junior lockers near classes.  I carried most of my stuff around this year because there was only a few times that I had the time to go to my locker and reach a class.  Maybe the school needs to rethink their locker philosophy. because it is absolutely dumb.
  • Stupidly Long Lunch Lines - Sometimes I just don't want to buy lunch at school because it takes way too long.  I think our school needs to find a way to reduce lines, because if I ever buy food, I don't really get much time to eat it.  And besides, who wants to wait that long for somewhat-mediocre food?
  • The Fact that Yearbooks Arrive So Late in the Year - Okay, we get our yearbooks during dead week if we want to pay extra money.  And if we don't want to pay, we get them the week of finals and can only get them signed during finals, which is pretty stupid because you usually take tests during finals.  Seroiusly, why the heck can't we get them much earlier in the year like other schools so we have time to get them signed?  Some people don't have the ability to cough up the few bucks it takes to get it early, and they have to suffer by getting it so late.  Stop scamming us, freaks.
  • School on Good Friday - I'm not religious and I don't like the idea of a connection between church and state, but I still think that there should not be school on Good Friday.  If pretty much every school gets a three-day weekend, we should to.  It's supposed to be a good Friday, and I think that could be accomplished by a little break from the nonsense of the school.
  • Video Announcements' Themes - I get so much amusement watching those videos and seeing everyone chuckle at the futile attempts for laughter the video team has.  Okay, seriously, who the heck wants to watch some Real World Mountain Pointe-style, especially when it isn't funny?  And that doesn't even mention the main themes of the announcements, such as Barbies.  Do they inhale paint back there?  I just don't understand.
  • School Lunch Prices - I normally don't eat at school lunch, but every time I have, I've noticed that the prices seem to go up and up.  It's more annoying having to search through your pocket for a dime just so you can pay off a sixty cent debt for a soda than to find two fat quarters and pay those.  You can always get around that, but in general, I have noticed that prices of food and raised slightly.  Maybe if the food was exceptional, I could understand price increase, but for stuff like that, I just don't get it.
  • The Ten-MInute Period Before and After the Bell - During this period, you cannot leave the classroom to go to your locker or use the bathroom.  The main argument for this is that you should be able to take care of your duties during the passing period.  The truth is, sometimes people forget or just don't have time to do that, and seriously, what even happens in the first ten minutes or the last ten minutes of the class?  If I was a teacher, I want my students to leave my class in the first or last ten minutes of class, because less happens then than in the middle of the period.
  • Students that Come to School on Drugs - I normally don't have a problem with people that choose to use drugs, but it just bothers me when those fools show up to school on them.  I don't want to sound like a moron myself, but I would prefer that my school stays a learning environment, and not change to a pigsty full of wackos that don't remember a minute ago.
  • Students that Answer Every Oral Question Wrong - It is already annoying when someone continuously raises their hand to answer every question that the teacher gives, and it is even more annoying when a person continuously answers every question wrong.  I don't know if they are trying to prove that they are trying to understand the material or if they are trying to prove that they are an idiot.  Regardless, I tend get easily irritated by these people.
  • The Dirtiness of the School - There isn't really much to say about this other than that it is just absolutely disgusting to see scattered nachos on the ground and random articles of garbage in random places of the school.  Sometimes when I'm walking around, I feel like puking on the site.  We have janitors for a reason, and we also have security guards that could do something worthwhile during the day.