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My story told, in complete detail.  At least I hope it is told in detail. 


In Progress:

  • Chapter XIII: Two-and-a-Half Week Excursions
  • Chapter LXXXI: A Pinky Swear in D'roit

Other Planned Chapters:

  • Chapter XIV: Getting Acquainted With Friends That Can Drive
  • Chapter XV: Superweekend #1
  • Chapter XVI: The Chronicles of Raccoon Man
  • Chapter XVII: Music Preparation to Live Performance

  • Chapter XVIII: Early Days of Sophomore Year
  • Chapter XIX: The Los Dos Molinos Getaway
  • Chapter XX: The Day a Subject Lost
  • Chapter XXI: The Day of Fatting 'til the Cows Came Home (Intro and All)
  • Chapter XXII: The Slow Chapter (Mislededness)
  • Chapter XXIII: October 18, 2000 - Zack Leaves Rage Against the Machine
  • Chapter XXIV: School of Rocks, Day and Night
  • Chapter XXV: Johnny Revisits
  • Chapter XXVI: Website Phenomenon Part II
  • Chapter XXVII: A Subject Now Gained
  • Chapter XXVIII: Rage - New CD - Renegades
  • Chapter XXIX: Countdown to 2001 - The First Seven Days
  • Chapter XXX: RE-subjection
  • Chapter XXXI: The Hippos and Rhinos Scandal
  • Chapter XXXII: Website Phenomenon Part III
  • Chapter XXXIII: Flip-Side of a Life Now Told (New Years to Coronation)
  • Chapter XXXIV: The Conspiracy of One
  • Chapter XXXV: The Bell-Shaped Spring Break
  • Chapter XXXVI: Eight Hundred Forty-One Day Lace
  • Chapter XXXVII: Flip-Side of a Life Now Told, Once Again (Morp to Prom)
  • Chapter XXXVIII: sucker.htm
  • Chapter XXXIX: Final Days of Sophomore Year

  • Chapter XL: One Week Into Paradise
  • Chapter XLI: Back to the Roots, and Forward to...
  • Chapter XLII: Month of Escalating
  • Chapter XLIII: Lazy
  • Chapter XLIV: Work Sucks, I Know
  • Chapter XLV: A Life You Love
  • Chapter XLVI: A New Freedom
  • Chapter XLVII: Closing a Filled Summer

  • Chapter XLVIII: Initial Days of Junior Year
  • Chapter XLIX: Something About Self-Confidence
  • Chapter L: The Thing, What is it?
  • Chapter LI: It's Monday and Raining
  • Chapter LII: Hard Rock Homecoming
  • Chapter LIII: First Date
  • Chapter LIV: Buildings With Waterslides
  • Chapter LV: The Dating Scene
  • Chapter LVI: The Civil War
  • Chapter LVII: Entering a Winter Break Shaky
  • Chapter LVIII: A Trip to the Cabin
  • Chapter LIX: Krazy Koin
  • Chapter LX: Another Year and an Incredible Change
  • Chapter LXI: The Thing... No Seriously, What is it?
  • Chapter LXII: Leading Up to Another Conflict
  • Chapter LXIII: A Life You Still Love
  • Chapter LXIV: Under the Same Conditions on Valentine's
  • Chapter LXV: Mo' People, Mo' Problems
  • Chapter LXVI: Roadside America
  • Chapter LXVII: The Phoenix Spring Break
  • Chapter LXVIII: This Isn't an April Fools
  • Chapter LXIX: Cancer is Deadly
  • Chapter LXX: What Dreams May Come
  • Chapter LXXI: Closing Days of Junior Year

  • Chapter LXXII: Revisiting the Big Apple
  • Chapter LXXIII: Guys Guys Guys
  • Chapter LXXIV: Road Trippin'
  • Chapter LXXV: Sleep Tohono Ohdam
  • Chapter LXXVI: Superweekend #2
  • Chapter LXXVII: Butterfly
  • Chapter LXXVIII: Escaping Arizona
  • Chapter LXXIX: An Appropriate End

  • Chapter LXXX: Premier Days of Senior Year
  • Chapter LXXXII: Implementing the New Me
  • Chapter LXXXIII: Re-"subjection"
  • Chapter LXXXIV: For Once, Just a Friend
  • Chapter LXXXV: One Cabin, a Bunch of Guys and No Parents
  • Chapter LXXXVI: A Link to the Past, Twice
  • Chapter LXXXVII: A Winter Dance Without a War
  • Chapter LXXXVIII: Catch My Feelings if You Can
  • Chapter LXXXIX: Two Thousand Three
  • Chapter XC: Business and Communication Skills
  • Chapter XCI: Delivering the Precursor to the Speech
  • Chapter XCII: A Different Valentine's
  • Chapter XCIII: A Road Diverges and Converges Fairly Quickly
  • Chapter XCIV: The Real Definition of Senioritis
  • Chapter XCV: One of Those Kids
  • Chapter XCVI: Men of Mystery
  • Chapter XCVII: There it Goes, Goodbye (Prom 2003)
  • Chapter XCVIII: Flip-Side of a Life Now Told, A Thousand Times Over (The Many Changes That Occurred Senior Year)
  • Chapter XCIX: Terminal Days of Senior Year

  • Chapter C: Graduation

  • Conclusion
I would appreciate it if you sent me your comments.  As you can see, this is far from done.  I have planned many more sections and I hope this "book" will really bring the true (or fat) person out of me.  So, if you have comments, direct them here.