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          Today is a quiet December day, with nothing to do.  What should I do?  Well basically what you are reading is what I am doing.  I just finished my qwer of the day, something I have failed to accomplish in the last week.  Qwering is what I live for now, so I decided that I veer off this path into writing my autobiography.  By doing this, I do not waste my time on qwering.  It is fun, but it really is not worth it.  Today’s date, December 8, 2000, happens to be a friend’s birthday, which means I should wish him a happy birthday in all the future years.  I’ll probably treasure this work in years to come, so I guess I’ll just say one thing: fat.  Be all you can be, as I would always say, and never be afraid.  Considering this work was just something spontaneous, I might not have the writing skills you would want to see.  Anyway, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.