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Chapter I

First Days of Freshman Year

          I had attended high school before, so this was not really a big deal. In the year past, I went to the high school for math, and I did not really think that this class was going to be much different.  My first class of full-term high school was Pre-Calculus, so I waited by that classroom.  I was soon to see a person I knew from middle school.  Darren was his name, and he really did not like me.  As far as I was concerned, he just thought I was extremely annoying and he wanted to stay away from me as much as possible.  But that could not happen because Darren was always the best person to torment. 
          The bell rang and I was ready to start high school.  I ventured into Mr. Lassen’s territory, and got ready for math.  I took a seat in the far back, a place where two juniors were looking to tease the freshman.  There were only two freshmen in that class and we stayed silent.  The teacher called us up for books and ironically, Darren and I, the only freshman, got called up at about the same time.  The juniors of the class took it upon themselves to tell freshman jokes when we were getting our books.  That was maybe the last time that Darren would laugh at the same time I did.  Well, at least for a few months.  The class carried on smoothly, and before I knew it, the bell had rung for second period.
          The next period of the day was PE, and it was really boring.  We sat alongside a wall until the coach called our name to give us a lock.  The kid sitting next to me was taking Business Management, a class I signed up for myself.  I thought that class was stupid, so I took a look at him and thought maybe he was stupid, or they just randomly gave him that class.  Because of my spontaneous deduction skills, I compromised with my mind that he probably was an idiot for taking such a class.  Little did I know that this kid would become my partner in adding life to classrooms.
          Business Management was third period.  When I entered, I noticed a friend from my soccer team.  He apparently signed up for that class because his father was the owner of a huge accounting firm.  I chatted with him some until I became bored enough to sleep.  I woke up just in time to make my way to fourth period, which was Chem/Physics.  I took a seat in the back of the classroom and another student sat in front of me.  A paper was being passed across the room for people to write their name and desk number, which was found in the top-right corner of the desk.  The unintelligent student in front of me took two minutes to find his desk number, and when he did, he looked at me and pointed at the number.  He soon turned out to me the mockery of our English class, but that is later in the year.
          Lunch was next on the agenda, and I met up with one of my friend’s acquaintances.  We were both looking for the same person, so we walked around the whole campus looking for him.  Jared, the human walking beside me, never finished his lunch, and we never found the other person.  I headed to my sixth period class dying from hunger.
          At first impression, Design Technology seemed like the most fun class.  Colin, an acquaintance from eighth grade, was in my class, so we sat next to each other.  The whole time we joked about how genetically mutated (overweight) our teacher was.  The class was all about a lecture on how to treat the computers.  I was jumping with joy when that class was over because I could not stand it at all.  Next period was English, the most dreadful of all classes.
          The schedule that we were given had the wrong classroom.  Everyone who needed to go to English made his or her way to someone else’s classroom until our teacher came and told us otherwise.  The person ahead of me gave a remark to the teacher and she assumed that the student proclaimed, “Ohhh! That teacher is sooo not hot!”  It turned out he did not, and it seemed like this year was going to be filled with fun because having a twenty-two-year-old teacher changed the discipline followed in the classroom.  She was almost impaired while teaching, so I waited until the bell rang and I could leave the school.
           The first few days went slow because I needed to get used to having absolutely no classes with my friends from middle school.  I had to adjust to lunch, where I met some new people, and class time, where I made new friends, such as Jacques.  I was a hated person in middle school, but that faded away as days went on.  People that looked at me in disgust slowly talked to me more, and even shared laughs.  In fact, some of the best friends I had throughout the year were my enemies at one time.  It was a gradual process not even I could follow.