De eva' so famous Greg Young.
As he be de one dat gots'ta guide ya'
drough dis convoluted mess.

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De Fo'um fo' de Hippos and Rhinos

Dese is links t'my favo'ite sites on de net. Man! Dere is divided by mah' catego'izashun.

Cuddies' Sites, dig dis:

  • john's really lame web page    -    Probably de funniest site ever. Ah be baaad... It's some journal uh his stupidity. Slap mah fro!

  • Dexter's Somewhut-Mediocre Page    -    Site featurin' info'mashun on RPG's o' skatebo'din'. Watch out, dis site be quite plump. Jes hang loose, brud.

  • Vinay's Cobblestone Village    -    A page dat features cartoons bein'wasted. Gots some look and laugh. Lop some boogie.

  • Ronnie's Farhad Land    -    A lot likes de somewhut-mediocre webpage. Also features some beat secshun and some midi dat duz not mosey on down from an RPG.

  • KeO's Perfect Dark Site    -    Dis site be actually some highly popular site, and when ah' mean highly, I'm rapin' about potential t'be in Electronic Gamin' Mondly, which it wuz. It features too much info'mashun on Perfect Dark and be done by an Indian. 'S coo', bro.

  • Racoon Mania    -    Official site uh de Racoons, some club fum Phoenix. Slap mah fro! ah' happen t'be some lifetime member, and so's is every oda' Indian on dis planet. Man! Features info'mashun about da damn club and how t'rap likes us.

Rage-related Websites, dig dis:

Oda' Beat:

  • De Fust Reveille Site    -    A real unpopular band dat be quite baaaad. Dis be de only website

  • ah' have found on dem. WORD!
  • SonicNet    -   Site dat features some lot uh updated info'mashun on many, many bands.

  • Cow Boogie    -    Extremely stupid beat. Visit it once and laugh, den it's wo'dless.

Miscellaneous Links, dig dis:

  • Yahoo!    -    Search engine ah' always use.

  • Google    -    Dis be a search engine also. 'S coo', bro. It's only baaaad cuz' of de "I'm feelin' lucky" feature. Oda' dan dat, it's plum no'mal.

  • Zildjian    -    Site uh de cymbals ah' use. Features some lot uh info'mashun on cymbals and histo'y. Slap mah fro!

  • Tama    -    Dese is de types uh drums ah' use. Very info'mative site about deir drums.