De eva' so famous Greg Young.
As he be de one dat gots'ta guide ya'
drough dis convoluted mess.

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Welcome t'de webpage uh de glo'ious hippos and rhinos. Dey is all probably real happy ya' visited dem. WORD! Dey gots'tald me t'tell ya' dat ya' should visit da damn oda' parts uh de site. Use da damn left bar t' navigate dis page. Sit back, relax, and drink tea while playin' de bass at some concert. Man!

De time left until de Apocalypse -- cherish it. Man!

Current Downdate, dig dis:

  • 1/31/01 - Afta' noticin' some bunch uh din's dat wuz messin' down, ah' decided t'change some bunch uh stupid random doodads. Dere might be some missin' links o' some pictures not showin' down and ah' might not know, so cut me some slack, Jack. It would be appreciated if ya' could tell me about such doodads. Also, ah' revamped da damn Joke Page by makin' it frames (I know some uh ya' duzn't likes frames, but it saves me some lot uh editin' at da damn end uh de mond) so's it be a little easia' to navigate between monds. When ya' use da damn Joke Page, it gots'ta pop down as anoda' browsa' page cuz' it be so special.

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Pages Left t'Complete, dig dis:

  • Beat, CDs, Rage Against da damn Machine, etc. Co' got d' beat! (Yeah man, dat should occupy one page). 
  • Mah' drum info and nuthin ah' could possibly know about da damn drums.
  • A page dat would gots links t'waaay download beat ah' have made wid various sucka's (Okay, only two different guitarists and da damn same desi bassist). Kind uh interestin' if youse into 'estreme demo crap. Jes hang loose, brud. 
Fo' now, dis be all de info'mashun ah' have. Any suggesshuns should be emailed to
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