De eva' so famous Greg Young.
As he be de one dat gots'ta guide ya'
drough dis convoluted mess.

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Dis area kin be used t'get some laugh fum o' t'vent yo' feelin's at dese soodin'/disturbin' pictures. ah' dun did not make dumbnails cuz' I's gots'ta be lazy, so's if ya' wanna look at da damn full sized picture, youse goin' t'have t' right-click it and select view image. Please do not complain on dis page, ya' lured yo' own self here. 

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Dis picture be physically disturbin'.

I duzn't know who dis be but he gots a big smile and one eye half closed.

De centerpiece uh dis picture be anonymous, but ah' kin be seen in de background, on de far left. Man!

Dis joker here be from WORD!

Windows Millenium Edishun Logo. 'S coo', bro.

Picture uh my favo'ite band, Rage Against da damn Machine, bustin' out grooves at some Mumia Abu-Jamal benefit concert. Man!

Picture uh a desktop wid many, many icons on it. Man! You's is probably goin' t'have t'right click dis one fo' enjoyment. Man!

A waaay coo' e-mail graphic and also pointless.

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If ya' gots any pictures dat ya' wants' me t'put down, email me at