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  • 1/19/01 - ah' have some new guestscribblin' down cuz' I kin't use mah' old one no mo' (duh! Right on!). ah' 'spect everyone t'sign de new guestscribblin', even if ya' signed da damn old one. De old one kin be viewed if ya' gots'ta do so. 'S coo', bro.
  • 1/12/00 - As ya' kin see, de site gots now reached hipposandrhinos-dot-com, which means 200 megs uh space t'manhandle wid. A'cuz uh dis 'estra space, ah' can download all dose images dat ah' have snatchn wid mah' digital camera. WORD! ah' plan on downloadin' dem in zip fo'm along wid some text stash  t'accompany dem. WORD! De text stash gots'ta provide some capshun t'all de pictures in its zip. Jes hang loose, brud. Look fo' dose t'come durin' de weekend, even dough ah' gots some lot uh cribwo'k t'do. 'S coo', bro.
  • 1/07/00 - De second pictures page be now down wid eight new pictures. A'cuz mah' homeys and ah' snatch many mo'e pictures dan eight some mond, ah' have decided ah' would zip all de 'estra pictures and host dem on de site so's everyone kin waaay download. Dat means de picture page gots'ta be fo' only non-digital camera pictues afta' dis downdate. Also ah' am hintin' some big downdate which  should mosey on down up in de next seven days. Look fo' fo'shadowin', as everydin' be planned (I hope).
  • 1/1/01 - De new millenium be here at last and dis website gots had its largest downdate in its histo'y. Slap mah fro! De page kin now be viewed in Ebonics. De only secshun dat kinnot be view in Ebonics is de quizzes, cuz' dey would not make much sense and it would be quite time consumin'. To
  • access de Ebonics site, go t'index.htm on dis server. Ah be baaad...
  • 12/23/00 - De dird joke page quiz be now down, but ah' have t'warn ya', de difficulty uh dis one gots increased some few Darrens (yes, wid all de measho' manments likes Celcius and meters, dere is also Darrens which measho' man difficulty). ah' duzn't 'espect high sco'es. Happy Hannukah t'all mah' Jewish visito's! Right on! 
  • 12/16/00 - Afta' ponderin' fo' some long time about wheda' o' not ah' should shut waaay down dis site, ah' came t'a conclusion dat da damn site gots'ta stay down. Eyeball de press realease, which be also Joke 213, here. In oda' news, ah' have added some countwaaay down tima' to de projected apocalypse. See how many mo'e days ya' gots left befo'e ya' die! Right on! 
  • 12/13/00 - ah' have posted some page dat gives de current statistics on de Relocashun Fund, so's ya' know how close we is to! Right on! 
  • 12/8/00 - As ya' kin see, de website gots hit its 1000 milestone. Dank ya' Greg Boland fo' givin' me da damn print-out. Man! Also, danks fo' de ride dat one day. Slap mah fro! ah' am currently writin' an autobiography and ah' gots finished da damn fust chapter. Ah be baaad... ah' might start postin' dose as ah' complete dem. WORD! De fust chapta' is down, so's go check dat out. Man! 
  • 12/5/00 - Well, here it is. A big downdate. ah' know gots some fo'um fo' visito's t'go chat in. 'S coo', bro. Make it successful, please. Okay, ah' wants' ya' dudes t'check out da damn counta' at da damn bottom and snatch some screenshot when ya' see 1000 hits 'esactly. Slap mah fro! ah' real wants' dat pic, if possible, so's help de site out! Right on! 
  • 12/3/00 - A'cuz dis site gots pages dat is updated so's frequently, ah' have provided some page dat tells 'esactly when each page on dis site gots'ta be downdated. Dat gots'ta allow me t'only put main downdates here, and not uselessly announcin' sump'n every week. Ya' know? 
  • 12/2/00 - De page wid random pictures be up. Jes hang loose, brud. Oda' dan dat, ah' wants'ed t'ax' all de visito's if dey had some suggesshuns on new pages fo' dis site. As many uh ya' know, dis site gots'ta centa' around De Sucka's's Joke Page, and ah' might need some new pages t'spruce it down. I'll snatch any suggesshuns, cuz' dey is fat. Man! Also, if ya' dun did not know, ah' am translatin' mah' page into ebonics as some New Year's present. Man! And fo' fun, ah' wuz dinkin' uh havin' some contest. Man! If ya' happen t'enta' dis site and see da damn counta' at 1000 hits, snatch some screen shot uh it and drow it t'me. I'll dink uh some prize t'give, BUT if ah' find out dat ya' plum hit reload t'get t'1000 (also called unhealdy competishun), mah' prize gots'ta not be fun. 'S coo', bro. 
  • 11/29/00 - If any uh ya' duzn't know about da damn possible shift uh de dis site t'a reserved domain, ah' am here t'tell ya' about it. Man! ah' have decided t'move dis site t', but dat requires bre'd. To be 'esact, $200. At dis moment, ah' am takin' donashuns fo' De Twisted Arena uh Hippos and Rhinos Relocashun Fund. Any amount uh bre'd would be appreciated. Please email me wid donashuns, so's I kin calculate it fust, den gimme de bre'd. As uh right now, ah' have $20 in de Fund, all donated by Misled Johnny Cloud. 
  • 11/22/00 - Dis mond's quiz be up. Jes hang loose, brud. ah' hope sucka's do betta' on dis quiz, but it duzn't seem likes dey gots'ta a'cuz ah' raised da damn intensity some notch. Lop some boogie. Also de poll (vote Darren! Right on!) gots'ta close on Decemba' 7d. A new poll should follow sho'tly after. Ah be baaad... 
  • 11/11/00 - ah' added some poll (vote Darren! Right on!). 
  • 11/10/00 - ah' fixed da damn fo'mattin' problems ah' had so's now mah' page looks decent on low resolushuns. Also, ah' put downdates on some separate page, leavin' de most recent downdate here. ah' wuz also dinkin' dat ah' would centa' dis whole site around da damn joke page. Everydin'. Except fo' Insights, if dey eva' come back (I hope) and fatness. 
  • 11/1/00 - Fro today, goon tomo'row, so cut me some slack, Jack. Anyway, ah' finished da damn revampin' uh de site, and now de site be as baaaad as new, so cut me some slack, Jack. ah' changed da damn whole fo'mat fum frames t'tables, dat's de main difference. Some oda' image changes and stuff is dere too, but dose is fat. Man! 
  • 10/27/00 - Today ah' found some site on accident, which allows me t'make great graphics, likes de one ya' see above. ah' might be takin' dese privileges into considerashun and makin' banners fo' each page, and makin' each page mo'e lively. Slap mah fro! 
  • 10/23/00 - De quiz be up as uh 11:53 today. Slap mah fro! Enjoy it. Man! De quizzes is goin' t'be some mondly doodad; it wuz some pain t'make one, so's I duzn't dink I'm goin' t'make dem so's often. 'S coo', bro. 
  • 10/21/00 - ah' came t'a conclusion today dat ah' would add some quiz dat gots'ta test yo' knowledge on de joke page. It gots'ta probably be some mond doodad, but if ah' find out it digs bo'in' too soon, ah' might choose t'lessen de time span between quizzes. Oh yeah, ah' wants'ed everyone t'go t'de o'iginal Hippos and Rhinos webpage, de site dat started it all, at De site gots absolutely nodin' left 'sept da damn haider, which gots remained unchanged eva' since it opened. De credits gots remained constant too, ah' dink. Ya' know? 
  • 9/27/00 - ah' have decided t'flip de fo'mat uh de jokes cuz' sometimes jokes need t'be eyeball in chains and it duzn't wo'k right da damn way it be now, so cut me some slack, Jack. I'll try and flip all de monds by de time Octoba' flies by, but Octoba' gots'ta start out in dat fo'mat. Man! 
  • 9/18/00 - No real downdate at all, plum wants'ed t'info'm everyone about some stupid info'mashun. ah' have concluded dat da damn joke page gots'ta decease afta' 1313 jokes. Projected end date, dig dis: Decemba' 21, 2003. ah' have also marked milestone jokes wid some blue colo' cuz' I feel dey is special. Presumably every 50 jokes. Also in oda' news, considerin' mah' "Subject" gots dropped, dere gots'ta be no metapho'ical page. So'ry Darren, dere's no mo'e point t'it no mo'. ah' wuz goin' t'add pictures t'de pictures uh stuff page but ah' have t'get da damn pictures Coo'ed fust. If ah' do, de page be up by Friday. Slap mah fro! 
  • 7/9/00 - Today ah' decided t'add some new page uh my insight on some issues. ah' took off de link t'de metapho'ical page cuz' it probably gots'ta not come, BUT ah' do gots an idea fo' some baaaad replacement uh dat page. 
  • 6/21/00 - ah' gots back fum mah' San Diego trip today and ah' had t'update mah' joke page some lot. Man! ah' am goin' t'post da damn beat page tomo'row o' Friday and downdate it everyday until it be complete. I'm leavin' t' D.C., New Yo'k, and Boston on Sunday fo' some week, so's no downdates den. 'S coo', bro. 
  • 6/12/00 - It's been mos' some mond since ah' posted an downdate here, but da damn joke page gots always been downdated daily. Slap mah fro! A'cuz fo' some reason ah' can't eyeball text stashs, it poses some little problem t'make mah' webpages, but I'm still in de process uh makin' dem. WORD! I'm goin' out uh town fo' de weekend and ah' recently gots Perfect Dark, so's de pages probably won't be down until afta' I dig back. Ya' know? 
  • 5/19/00 - ah' plum made some mino' changes. De beat page be most likesly comin' next. Man! 
  • 5/18/00 - De joke page be up along wid some dought. Man! Links is also down too. 'S coo', bro. ah' wuz plannin' on hangin' some lot dis weekend but ah' caught some feva' and kin't sit by de clunker fo' dat long. What it is, Mama! 
  • 5/17/00 - Only some guestscribblin' and some counta' resides. De joke page and links page should be down tomo'row, so cut me some slack, Jack. I'm out fo' today, dis stupid downloadin' be gettin' on mah' nerves. Finally de frames is here, but none uh de links wo'k as uh yet. Man! Any link dat duz not wo'k, ah' am markin' wid ( )'s. Also, ah' am wo'kin' on some title banner. Ah be baaad... We'll plum see whut dis mess gots'ta turn into soon. 'S coo', bro. Please wait until "mah" lazy self finishes all de pages. ah' estimate around 2-7 days. Until den ah' fo'ward ya' t'de site uh my choice,

E-mail if ya' gots suggesshuns o' ya' is fat. Man!.