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I wasn't planning on making this page, but I thought it would be a good idea to express my thoughts on people who hate me.

After being on MTV, I had received quite a lot of publicity from all over the place, but after some period of time, I started receiving hate mail from random individuals.  Because I thought this was pretty funny, I thought it would be good to show these emails to my visitors so they could get the same amusement (or if they hate me, get more angry).  I'll also allow any visitors to comment on what the hate mailer says or what I say by emailing me what you think.  Make sure that you make it specific which hate mail you're referring to, and I'll be sure to add your thoughts to this page.  Also, because I'm not totally evil, I'm not going to display people's names or email addresses.  So yeah, that's it, and here's the hate mail.

The First Hate Mail:

  • From: xxxx (
  • Date: 2004/02/17 Tue PM 04:36:19 EST
  • To:
  • Subject: what your problem

I dont know if this is your e-mail acount but i just wanted to say what is your problem why are you giving mountian pointe such a hard time. I go there and it is like any other what else could you change its a school. And another question if you hated it sooo bad why didn't you leave ill tell you why cause ur not as big of a man as you are typing words on a computer. so who do you think you are. it may have not been perfect but what is. you would not be where you are with out it. no go running to your mommy like you did when you cheated.... what a man.
MTP student 

My response: You know, I really don't know where to start with this one.  Oh wait, I do.  Use more punctuation.  Actually, I don't really feel like getting mad at the kid, because honestly, he or she is just listening to what his or her teachers are saying.  I mean, he or she doesn't know any better than to listen to his or her teachers because the Scandal happened quite a long time ago.  So first, I'll rip it apart by assuming that some teacher told him what he knows.

Well, first things first.  The student said that if I hated Mountain Pointe so much, why didn't I leave?  And because I didn't leave, I'm not "as big of a man as you are typing words on a computer."  I don't know what that means really because it's not too coherent, but the reason I didn't leave Mountain Pointe is because I loved it.  I think that seems like a very apparent statement to anyone that knows (this is the key word here, folks) me, because I've been back to Mountain Pointe on about ten occasions since I graduated.  And I was even in Boston for a semester.  I think too many people think I'm always serious when I joke about 99% of the time.  Seriously, lighten up; I'm a pretty cynical bastard.

The next part of this email says "it may have not been perfect but what is.  you would not be where you are with out it."  Yeah, I realize that.  That's why I graduated from there and used the credits from high school to skip through my first year of college.  That was an easy thing to rebut.  On to the next.

The last line of the email said "no go running to your mommy like you did when you cheated.... what a man."  It's funny, because every single person that's said something bad about the people in the Scandal has said that I've gone to go cry to my mother or something of that sort.  So I'm going to assume that some teacher said that to the students because a multitude of students have told me this.  Now, I'm also going to assume that the teacher that told that to her students wasn't one of the two main teachers involved because both those teachers know that my mother never came in to any of the forums or staff meetings.  She came in one time after the punishments were dealt out to sign some random thing from the principal.  Now with these assumptions made, the teacher who told that stuff to the students could not have been one of the two teachers involved because those teachers know I didn't go to my mother; therefore the teacher who talked to his or her students doesn't know what happened.  I have a problem with some teachers speaking about the Scandal as if they knew what happened.  To be completely honest with you, there aren't many people that do know what happened during the Scandal, and if they did, they know (the key word here is know, again) I wasn't punished for cheating.  Both English teachers told me they knew I didn't cheat and that's not why I was punished.  So obviously, whoever is spreading the idea that I'm some "king of cheaters" is basically unintelligible about the whole topic.

I shall go back to the first thing the MTP student typed to me.  "why [am i] giving mountian [sic] pointe such a hard time."  I'll tell you why.  Actually wait, I won't.  Because I'm not.  Anybody who says that now schools are going to frown upon Mountain Pointe and not let you in college is stupid.  What do you think I had to do when I applied to college?  If anything, I would have a hard time getting into colleges, and I didn't.  Colleges aren't going to care what school you went to or if it was on MTV for some stupid thing.  They understand that the media is biased and they're not going to base your application on something that foolish.  Yes, it's foolish.  The Scandal is very foolish.

I guess I have one topic to bring up now that I'm done with this.  You know, I think it's pretty apparent that some of the teachers and the school didn't like the MTV thing because it looks like it's giving Mountain Pointe a bad name, and it's morally wrong to criticize a party either without them knowing, without their representation or without substantial knowledge.  Our MTV show did all three of those, but guess what.  Some of the teachers have done it too, displayed by how they told their students false information about me.  Practice what you preach, folks.

Whenever I get hate mail, I'll post it here.  If you want to comment on anything anyone says, send it here.