Press Release: Tha Creator Enlightens

          The site was projected to close down on Friday, but a vision lured me otherwise.  It was more like a path to enlightenment, which I definitely found.  It had started once I went to sleep on Friday night (early Saturday morning).  The first watch was the most elaborate and was the one that changed my decision.  The next two watches were support rods for the main one.  The last watch was funny.
          In the first watch, a vision of my subject flashed my eyes, over and over again.  In sudden movements, the subject started to whisper, "213 is not 1313," referring to Darren's quote about how 213 jokes is not enough.  The spirit kept saying it over and over again, gradually getting louder each time.  Then at once, she reached her climax and started screaming.  For some reason she turned into the lead singer of Rage and all the other members popped out of nowhere.  That was the start of the second watch.
          The second watch was as confusing as a prickly pear cactus.  The band played many of their hits including Killing in the Name, which appeared differently in the dream.  The singer seemed to say, "Suicide in the name of..." referring to the state of mind of visitors after the site closes down.  They completed their songs and vanished.  The next watch featured every visitor to the site and the more frequent the visitor, the more they spoke.
          At first the third watch was just an image of a helmeted head.  Then people started to emerge from it, such as Darren and John, and it created a party of visitors.  The theme seemed to be a reunion, somewhere between 5-10 years down the road.  Each person had a job where they were working at and some people had a family to live with, but what caught my eye was something different.  As Darren, the creator of the newest multiplayer computer game hit, talked to John, a nomadic robber who likes to steal food from people's fridges, talked about starting up a business, they mention information about .com domains, referring to the Relocation Fund.  The two chatted for a while until they vanished, and the third watch was over.
          The fourth watch was the longest and most irrelevant.  At the beginning the subject appeared again and started to talk.  Then suddenly it turned into a dream about the future of the subject and I.  Dogjackisfat.