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  • Students or Teachers That Impress Religion Upon You - I have a problem with this because I am agnostic, and many religious people can't handle that.  I'm fine with any religion person that wants to teach me about their culture.  In fact, I love learning about different cultures.  But I hate when someone tries to force me to believe one way.  I just wish that at some point in time those people realize that I can careless about their views, because I'm not going to suddenly believe in a faith after hearing their schpiel.  Speaking about random schpiel, for Finissage, I am going to add a little bit to the countdown by briefly describing an occurrence in which I experienced the thing listed on the countdown.

    • A time that I distinctly remembered this bothered me was during Freshman year when some random kid started talking about how he thought that looking around the world was enough for him to believe the world was created by God.  "I couldn't imagine something this intricate just spontaneously generating," he said.  I told him that I just couldn't comprehend a superpower that was not perceivable to me to just exist and zap things into being.  For some reason, he could not handle my agnosticism, so he tried to lecture me on why I should be Christian and why what I am thinking is not leading me to Heaven.  I bit my thumb at him and never saw him again.

  • Lack of Courses Offered - I didn't care about this until I noticed that all my friends at other schools are taking cool classes.  For some reason, Mountain Pointe has the worst selection of classes in the entire district.  The obvious counterpoint to this is the fact that even if we had the neat classes, we wouldn't be able to take them because we only have six classes a year.  That's why I'll add that on to this one, so it's a double complaint.

    • My friends at Corona told me a few years ago that they had Calculus 3-4, and I was disappointed to find out that Mountain Pointe did not offer that.  It's neat that we do now, though.  Later in my high school life, I noticed that McClintock and Desert Vista have real teachers teaching Computer Programming, and so they have high level and specialized versions of that class.  The courses that I wanted at Mountain Pointe the most were more honors ones.  I don't like being in a regular class, and other schools have many honors electives, such as another honors free enterprise that isn't Economics.  Even though I wouldn't take Honors American Studies, it's still a neat idea.

  • Students That Didn't Wear IDs During Passing Periods - The whole point of the IDs was to make sure that people that were not supposed to be on this campus weren't.  Therefore, not wearing IDs during the passing periods was incredibly stupid.  In fact, there really is much less of a point to wear them during class, because your teacher knows that you're supposed to be in there.  See, I don't know why some people didn't understand if you're going to wear your ID, you should do it during the passing period, because that'd when intruders can easily slip in.  Maybe the school didn't do a great job in explaining what IDs were for, but I really thought that it was obvious.  Security.

    • There isn't one easy example of this.  Too many people did it.

  • The Inability of the Yearbook Team to not Have False Quotes - Well, I'd think that if they were the yearbook team, they would do their best to try and make a great ending to a school year.  And you know, they do a pretty good job, except for the fact that most of the people are just flat out lazy.  I see it in every single yearbook and all over the place: false quotes, incorrect ideas, etc.  I know that the yearbook mentor is an awesome person, but that doesn't freakin' mean you don't have to do your work!  The yearbook is something that people treasure for years and years later, so get your freakin' work done!  The yearbook team has all year to relax, but when it comes to getting something done that shouldn't be incredibly hard, it's as if they can't do it anymore because it is actual work and they didn't sign up for that.  I still have faith in some people of the yearbook team... thanks Cameron.

    • As I said before, it happens in every yearbook.  There is always some stupid quote by someone.  I have been quoted before, and I don't ever remember saying it, especially because it isn't something I would say.  I don't really care that they decided to quote me incorrectly, but I care that they quotes me because they needed something to fit or they wouldn't get their job complete by the deadline.  I guess it just really bothers me that people take advantage of the fact that they can goof off in yearbook.  That's freakin' fine with me if they get their damn job done.

  • Public Display of Affection - There are some people here that love another person so much that they cannot hide it.  That's completely normal.  It's just absolutely disgusting when I'm walking into my next class and I have to watch some girl stick her tongue into some guys mouth, because they are standing next to the doorway.  Shit guys, there's a time and a place for such acts.  And it's funny, the time is not between 7 AM and 3 PM and the place isn't the school. 

    • It happens a lot because there are a lot of people that have boyfriends or girlfriends and are also very "open" about it.  I especially don't like it when people do it and block hallways or do it in front of a classroom that I'm trying to get into.  I wish they could just save it for when they are by themselves, because I really wonder who wants to see vigorous smooching.

  • National Honor Society - There was a time that I wanted to join this prestigious club, but now I have only one thing I want to put on my future NHS acceptance form: How much I dislike it and why.  The fact that NHS decided to accept pretty much all of the liars of the Scandal and turning away the honest people is practically opposite of their values.  One might say "well how are they going to know if someone was dishonest or honest?"  Well, either they just don't accept anyone, or they take all of the people that received referrals in the Scandal because they know that they are the honest people.  And if they didn't know that they were the honest people or if they didn't know anything about the Scandal except that it was about cheating, they shouldn't even be judging the students involved.  That's what it all comes down to, and the reason why NHS is now one big joke, and I look forward to sending in my acceptance letter.

    • This occurrence happened last year when students that received referrals for the Scandal tried to get into NHS.  Every person that had a referral from the Scandal was denied, and all for different reasons.  It even seemed as if the reasons were just random because they couldn't think of a real reason to not accept us because they are arrogant assholes.  I've sure learned a lot from my referral, and that's that some people can easily label you when you have something like that on your shoulders.  I can't wait until I get to write about that.

  • Class Elections - I should be exercising my right to vote.  And because I should, I do.  But that doesn't mean that I am voting for the people running, unless I actually believe that the people running would do a good job.  It just sucks that most people running are just popular people that get on my nerves most of the time.  That's all the elections are: a popularity contest.  What is the school trying to teach us as kids?  Are they trying to get us ready for the biased polls of the real world?  There's just one thing though... there isn't a better way to pick leaders except to vote.  It's just that the whole idea of class elections is so corrupt that it is almost a joke.  And all of the conflict that comes from that crap... gosh it's so dumb.

    • Class Elections only really started to get on my nerves after Freshman year when factions would dominate.  It's as if we're developing political parties in this school of ours.  The most annoying part of elections are the speeches.  I cannot stand how much the people lie on them.  "Blah blah... I'll do my best to get this and this started and some other nonsense..." It's funny, because they don't get much accomplished at all.  It's also funny because all the speeches are basically the same.  "You should vote for me, because I'd do the best and I'm qualified for the job."  Eh, whatever.

  • The Security Guards - If there is an organization of funny-looking people that have attitudes, then this is them.  The security guards at our school act like robots; they don't even care about what a student has to say back to them.  I know that some times, the student is an idiot and doesn't have anything important to say, but a lot of times, they are just being asses because they think they are all big and bad.  I don't see what there is to feel superior about, because they are security guards at a high school.  I really wonder what education they must have picked up.

    • There are many instances in which I have had a hard time with the security guards.  One time was when I was going with my friend to get something out of his truck, when a security guard told us we're not allowed to do such a thing during lunchtime and that he was being a nice guy and letting us do it.  I also dislike that attitude: acting as if they are being nice.  The reason I dislike that is because they are really not being nice at all; they are just expressing that they have power over you.  Another stupid thing that the security guards do is when you're walking upstairs with food they tell you to go down.  What, do they actually think we're just carrying it upstairs so we can eat it right in front of them?  They should just use their freakin' common sense.  If we have it upstairs, we're obviously going to take it downstairs to eat it, because no one eats upstairs.  Sometimes I just cannot believe how pompous those security guards are.  It's very amazing how stupid-looking and idiotic they are, too.

  • The Administration - So much to say and just about no real place to start.  The Administration at our school has this really good way of making you feel wronged, even if you know you didn't do anything really bad.  They also act really friendly to you even though they are evil inside.  I really do wish that they would stop being fake, because it annoys me that they think that I feel they are nice.  The truth is, I have grown to absolutely hate the Administration and I would really wish that they would just leave me alone and stop lying to me.

    • The first time I really talked to the Administration was when the Scandal erupted and I was questioned about the whole thing.  At this time, I was fine with them, because they were asking nice questions and not being at all fake.  As time went on, they told us that the Scandal wouldn't really affect us at all in terms of prestigious clubs, which turned out to be a lie, because we were kicked out of Renaissance Club for a semester and not eligible for National Honor Society.  Later, they tried to justify the punishments that they were giving only the honest students, and it was quite futile.  Afterwards, when some hacking of the district server was going on, I was called up to be questioned and I couldn't help but telling them to leave me alone.  I just didn't understand why they couldn't just stop asking me questions and calling me to the office.  My damn Internet deal was over, and they were making the big deal out of it.  I mean, especially when there was nothing officially wrong with it.  I have really had enough with them, and I don't really want to talk to them anymore.  I know they don't want me to be, and I know that they have strived hard to make me feel wronged, but I am indefinitely proud of what my friends and I created: the Scandal.  And I hope they feel like idiots knowing that they panicked and took advantage of their power.


    The Conclusion to the Countdown