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These are links to my favorite sites on the net.  They are divided by my categorization.

Friends' Sites:

  • john's really lame web page    -    Probably the funniest site ever.  It's a journal of his stupidity.

  • Dexter's Somewhat-Mediocre Page    -    Site featuring information on RPG's or skateboarding.  Watch out, this site is quite plump.

  • Vinay's Cobblestone Village    -    A page that features cartoons being killed.  Have a look and laugh.

  • Ronnie's Farhad Land    -    A lot like the somewhat-mediocre webpage.  Also features a music section and a midi that does not come from an RPG.

  • KeO's Perfect Dark Site    -    This site is actually a highly popular site, and when I mean highly, I'm talking about potential to be in Electronic Gaming Monthly, which it was.  It features too much information on Perfect Dark and is done by an Indian.

  • Racoon Mania    -    Official site of the Racoons, a club from Phoenix.  I happen to be a lifetime member, and so is every other Indian on this planet.  Features information about the club and how to speak like us.
  • Jaclyn's It's a Great Day for Baseball    -    A very interesting bloggy that I visit all the time.  She's an awesome writer and she never seems to acknowledge it.  It's a fun to read and comment on.
  • Trevor's Ten Gallon Hat    -    He doesn't actually have a ten gallon hat, but he's a damn good writer and this is his blog.  His use of words makes me want to kick him; it's just that good.
  • Ashley's Pale Blue Eyes    -    They sure are pale.  And she sure has a fun blog to read as well.

Rage-related Websites:

Other Music:

  • The First Reveille Site    -    A really unpopular band that is quite good.  This is the only website I have found on them.

  • SonicNet    -   Site that features a lot of updated information on many, many bands.

  • Cow Dance    -    Extremely stupid music.  Visit it once and laugh, then it's worthless.

Miscellaneous Links:

  • Yahoo!    -    Search engine I always use.

  • Google    -    This is a search engine also.  It's only good because of the "I'm feeling lucky" feature.  Other than that, it's just normal.

  • Zildjian    -    Site of the cymbals I use.  Features a lot of information on cymbals and history.

  • Tama    -    These are the types of drums I use.  Very informative site about their drums.