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Welcome to the webpage of the glorious hippos and rhinos.  They are all probably very happy you visited them.  They have told me to tell you that you should visit the other parts of the site.  Use the left bar to navigate this page.  Sit back, relax, and drink tea while playing the bass at a concert.

The time left until the Apocalypse -- cherish it.

Current Update:

  • 11/18/03 - I have decided once again to spruce up the site with something fairly useless.  I'm using CSS for my text formatting and it's pretty cool.  Now the links don't have underlines unless you mouseover and they turn yellow.  I was having way too much with this.  And seriously, all I can dream of right now is seventy-five degree weather and cacti.  Yeah, that's right, I miss Arizona and all of the stupid suburban crime that used to happen over there.

100 Things That Tick Me Off About Mountain Pointe High (2002)

100 Most Influential Events of the Past Year (2001)

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