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Since its inception, there have been many people that have contributed to this site one way or another.  This is the page that gives credit where credit is due.
Name Contribution
Misled Johnny Cloud Godfather of the site; first supporter, owns 10% of the site.
Darren Nakamura Second in charge of Hippo and Rhino operations; owns 5% of the site
Greg Pohlmeier Early visitor; owns 6.5% of the site
AJ Belshe Provides informative topics on the forum; owns 1% of the site
Greg Boland Printed out the 1000th hit
Jeff Pelton Insight on Issues quote
Vinay Sagar Provides stupid random things, mostly pictures
Jacques LeMaitre Ignited the second French Revolution
Robin Eskandari Emotional Motivation
Sunil Gopal Eh, I like, made this site and stuff.

I know I am missing people, so it is your job to remind me.  If you find someone that should be on there, e-mail me with the name and contribution and I will look forward to adding it.