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This area can be used to get a laugh from or to vent your feelings at these soothing/disturbing pictures.  I did not make thumbnails because I am lazy, so if you want to look at the full sized picture, you're going to have to right-click it and select view image.  Please do not complain on this page, you lured your own self here.

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The Thing, what is it?  That container under the sign is the Thing Container.  It contains The Thing.  But what is it?

I don't know when I acquired this picture and I don't know what exactly this is trying to depict.

That is one seriously large gato.

That is definitely the racoons, I would have to say.

When they actually existed, they won a Grammy (actually two).  In this picture, Tim, the bassist, breaks one of the Grammies.  He also has a stupid face on him.

One of my Racoon friends sent this to me, and it is not intended to be funny.  Rather, it is just here to distinguish if it is fake or not (it probably is a fake, and if it is, it is a damn well-done fake

Jamie, now with two feet.  I guess this doesn't make sense for anyone that did not know Jamie until now.

According to this ID, this lady is eighteen years old.  Also, according to this ID, this lady (or should I say teen) weighs more than me.  Also, again according to this ID, she got her license on AJ's sixteenth birthday and she lives on 18th Avenue and Jefferson, in downtown Phoenix.  She's about the same height as me, and her first initial is the same as mine.  Oh yeah, her eye color is the same as mine during the day.  She is also born on New Years' Day.  Okay, that was seriously enough analyzing of that stupid ID sample.

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

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