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I make music with friends.  It's fun.  Here's some of the stuff I've recorded with other people.

Adam (1999 - 2000):

  • billwhat
  • Intro
  • What is the Name?
  • You
  • Love
  • Bombtrack (Rage Against the Machine cover)

Adam and Vinay (2000):

  • Bombtrack (Rage Against the Machine cover)
  • Dammit (Blink-182 cover)
  • Sincerely, Penis
  • 03030 (Validate)
  • Sleep
  • Gautterdammurung

Joel and Vinay (2000 - 2001):

  • Bulls on Parade (Rage Against the Machine cover)
  • Know Your Enemy (Rage Against the Machine cover)
  • Dammit feat. surreal419 (Blink-182 cover)

Vinay (1999 - 2001):

  • IFA (International Fucking Anthem)
  • Random scraps from the Random Isht Series

Adam, Sharat, Vinay, Darren (2001):

  • Gautterdammurung (with vocals)

Chelsea and Darren (2001):

  • Dammit (Blink-182 cover)
  • Some Weezer covers
  • Zynfandel
  • Eamon

Darren (2001):

  • Far Away
  • Happy Birthday

Cameron, Ronnie, and Darren (2002):

  • This Time Next Year (The Movielife cover)

Braden and Nick (2003):

  • Shimmer (Fuel cover)
  • Pardon Me (Incubus cover)

Nick (2003 - Present):

  • Pardon Me (Incubus cover)
  • Code: Veronica
  • Dickmunch
  • Wolfpack
  • Anthem of Telling Your Dad You're Gay
  • Widowmaker
  • Little Fat School Girl
  • Many, many other retarded covers

Nick and Alex (2003 - Present):

  • Wonderwall (Oasis cover)
  • Lesbo-Thespo
As you can see, there's an extensive list of people that I've played with.  I could easily be wrong with the dates or I could be missing a few songs here and there, but oh well.  If you want to tell me how kick ass the music we've made is, then just send those comments here.