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  • 1/10/08 - Finally, after all this time, I have decided to close the historic old forum and create a new and improved one that everyone can use much, much easier and better.  It somewhat saddened me to finally put my boardhost board to rest, especially since it really was what brought my website into national view, but I felt that it was lacking in technology and needed to be improved.  I will keep up the boardhost forum just for historical reasons, but I have created the new forum so we all can actually talk and discuss things in a much more organized manner.  Also, if you plan on posting a bunch on the new forum, register yourself on there so you can get all posting privileges.  I have disabled some posting privileges for guest posters since I don't know what kind of stuff they will end up posting, and I can moderate logged in users easier.  So, without further ado, here's to the new forum.
  • 1/1/08 - So after all this time of leaving my website completely idle, I have decided to undertake a project to make this a site that people want to visit again.  Of course, I have failed before to keep constant updates, but I'm at least going to try and give this a shot.  First and foremost, the picture of the day is coming back.  New to the picture of the day will be a comment form, so you can leave comments for certain pictures and whatnot.  I haven't been able to code that yet, but I'm working on it, so look forward to that sometime soon.  Also, I'm gonna put some polls up every now and then.  And lastly, if I'm able to remember how to work and code for my blog on my webpage, I'm going to start writing in there every now and then.  But don't get your hopes up for that.  I have totally forgotten everything about coding for webpages so it might be a while until I'm able to get back to the point to understand all those useless scripts.  But hey, I'm gonna try.  Maybe this site will be as glorious as it once was.  **I have actually now finished adding a comment box to the picture page, so comment away!**
  • 5/17/06 - I like how I've not really updated my site for a year.  I guess I just don't really have the time to or I don't really have the creativity I once had.  But who knows, maybe I'll create something cool in the future.  In all due respect though, this is the sixth anniversary of the website.  So let's celebrate.
  • 5/17/05 - I have nothing to update here, but some of you guys might know that this is the fifth anniversary of the website.  And as much as it sounds stupid that I take the time to remember this day as being an anniversary of some sorts, I have reasons to.  It may sound kind of pathetic or lame that I waste so much energy acting as if my site is some sort of child, but honestly, it really is.  I probably have spent more time working on this project than I have on school work.  I probably have put more effort into this than anything I've ever had to do, which may be kind of odd.  But regardless, I just like entertaining people, and from the joke of May 28, 2003 to the stupid pictures I now put up, I have been doing just that.  Thank you, Mr. or Ms. Visitor (or Mrs., though I don't know many married people who visit my site), it really does mean something to me to know that I'm entertaining at least someone out there.  For a lot of us, this site means more to us than just a place to laugh, but also as a timeline of our lives, good and bad, and I intend to maintain the reputation that it has.  So I thank you again, and I promise to not be sentimental anymore (or at least for another year).
  • 2/20/05 - I finished the format for the picture page so it's cool now.  Word.  Darren has also had his driver's license for three years now.
  • 2/11/05 - So now I have a picture of the day thing.  All of these pictures are going to be things that I take with my (or someone else's) digital camera.  I still need to finish up some formatting, so there may be problems with the page, and obviously, the page will work a little differently in the future.  I just wanted to get the page up today, because this is the two-year anniversary of the 1000th joke.  I'll see how quickly I can finish the formatting problem.
  • 2/7/05 - Well, I moved the Music and Stuff page to reflect the fact that it is dead.  I guess it never was alive, anyway, oh well.  In other news, by popular demand, I'm going to start a new page that's updated everyday.  I am hesitant to do this because it is sorta similar to something Darren did, but I guess if my friends begged for it because they want something entertaining, they'll get it.  Besides, I kinda liked it when there was something on my site that people liked to visit.  This new page will open up fairly soon, so keep on the lookout.
  • 5/6/04 - I decided to change up the main page a little bit, mainly because there is no countdown and there are no more pages to complete.  Also, there were a lot of dead page links and things like that, and I just compiled them all here for you kids that want to visit them.  I'm also thinking of posting other random pages that I have on my computer that a lot of you guys haven't seen because they were pages under construction or old versions of stuff and things.  I also updated the format of the polls page.  Yeah, whatever, I was bored tonight.
  • 4/12/04 - I've added a weekly poll deal.  I'm going to just create polls randomly and put them up there.  Every poll is going to stay up for a whole week before it becomes inactive.  You kids better vote or I'm going to be mad.  I also took off the shaking when clicking links on the sidebar except for when you click for the forum or if you click Greg Young's head.
  • 2/29/04 - This isn't an update but rather a milestone for the website.  It may have been all over the school, all over the media, and all over country, but it has never seen a day like this before.  Let's just give the website a nice pat on the back for seeing a February 29th.  It's been a long road here, has it not?
  • 2/18/04 - There's a new section on the site and it consists of the hate mail that I've received.  I think it's funny, and some are going to think it's funny too.  But others are going to go insane about it.  I suppose this site will continue to be very controversial now... whatever.
  • 2/12/04 - I recently got an email about how a bunch of teachers who got mad at how the whole Scandal was put on MTV and they told the students to get mad at the persons involved with getting that on the air.  I don't think that's true, but whatever the case, this person also told me that she read the things that I don't like about Mountain Pointe High and thought that was the coolest thing ever.  I guess some people don't understand that the whole countdown on that stuff is just a bunch of stupid cynicism, and in fact, I love Mountain Pointe, and love going back there.  I don't mean half the things I say because I'm so damn sarcastic and cynical.  But whatever, I guess I'm scared to go back to Mountain Pointe now, one of the only places that I loved going back to even though I left.  And yes, I realize that this is not an update.  I just wanted people to read this, and maybe I will update with a disclaimer on the countdown so people don't take me seriously when I say things that I say.  Um, and oh yeah, if anyone was wondering we didn't get paid for putting the show on MTV.  We didn't "sell the story" to MTV.
  • 2/11/04 - A year ago today, I put up the one-thousdanth joke on the joke page.  And so in remembrance, I am allowing everyone to view the joke page in not-gold form if they want to (which is what everyone will do, most likely).  Anyway, I'm a celebrity now because of the whole MTV thing, and I'm thinking this may be one of the coolest things to happen to this website.  So, if you're one of those people that are viewing this site because it was on MTV, here's a personal "what's up" to all of you.  Feel free to browse anything you want.  And oh yeah, I updated the copyrights on my website.
  • 12/21/03 - So I guess I was wrong in my prediction of the Apocalypse, but the joke page is still ending today.  Also, like a few of you know, the joke page is turning golden as well, and thanks to Darren, it's turning golden literally.  It's sad that I'm not going to be doing the jokes anymore, but the page that is suceeding the joke page will appear on the site in a few hours, and hopefully, that will fully my updating needs.  And so starts a new era, or something.
  • 11/30/03 - I updated the Sound Files and Information page so now it's not just information.  Yeah, that's right, I've uploaded nine songs onto my site.  Hopefully they work and all; if there are any problems, then tell me, Darren.  Yes, I have stopped referring to my visitors as "all you visitors" and just decided to refer to my visitors as "Darren" because he is the only person that I know that still goes to my site.  If I'm wrong, please tell me, because it would be really neat if Darren wasn't the only person that continually comes to my site.
  • 11/19/03 - This is by far the coolest and most pointless update on the website.  Actually half of it was completely necessary and the other half was pointless.  The sidebar now uses Server Side Includes, which helps me in the updating process.  Also, all the links on the sidebar make the website shake.  I thought it was a neat feature.  That is all.  I have wasted way too much time doing stupid things for my website.
  • 11/18/03 - I have decided once again to spruce up the site with something fairly useless.  I'm using CSS for my text formatting and it's pretty cool.  Now the links don't have underlines unless you mouseover and they turn yellow.  I was having way too much with this.  And seriously, all I can dream of right now is seventy-five degree weather and cacti.  Yeah, that's right, I miss Arizona and all of the stupid suburban crime that used to happen over there.
  • 11/11/03 - Other than the fact that it is Bonza Bottler Day and Veteran's Day, it is also the date of the second Reformation of the Joke Page.  There's been two French Revolutions on the forum and now there are two Reformations of the Joke Page.  I love history.  I also love making parodies of history.
  • 11/9/03 - This is just a cool update.  I now have personalized error pages.  It's pretty bomb.  See if you can find all five!
  • 10/23/03 - The last time that I had back-to-back updates that were on consecutive days was like seventeen months ago.  What the heck is going on here?  Well anyway, there has been a fairly large update in the fact that I've finished every page on this site (except for the new cool thing, which will not be revealed until December 21, 2003, therefore, I have decided not to list it on the "Pages Left to Complete" because it will be done on time).  The sidebar has been changed up slightly to reflect the fact that people click the top links more than the bottom ones (except in the case of the forum, which I kept on the bottom for kicks).  Once I go back to Phoenix for break, I'll get all the sound files that I have from my old computer and post them on the Sound Files and Information page.  Until then, that site will just be full of history.  It's still cool, mind you.  I also updated my links page, because I don't visit half of the things on there anyways, and I thought it would be kinda cool to list the sites that I actually visit.  Darren's snooty.
  • 10/22/03 - It's definitely been a damn long time since I've put an update here and there really isn't a reason for me to have one now.  The truth is, this site is slowly progressing to its end, and I'm starting to get a little scared that I'm actually going to close it.  So, this is why I have decided to do something new once the joke page is done and maybe you folks will like it.  It's not original in any way, I don't think, but I think that it'll be fun.  These last few years for this site have been amazing, I really don't know how to describe the feeling I get from going back and looking at all the stuff that I've done.  Oh yeah, one last thing, before I completely end this site, I will finish the pages that I said I was going to complete.  I think that's the least I can do for the finale of this site.  The autobiography will be periodically update like it has been, because I want to complete that, but other than that, after December 21, 2003, this site will be done for, and the joke page will be golden.  It's less than two months, I can't believe it.
  • 2/4/03 - I'm so glad that my site is back in service.  For some reason the domain registering people didn't tick my site online for like a week after I registered it for 2003.  Well, at least it's back online.  I updated all of the jokes that I was back on, as well as adding the blue jokes that I forgot to put on for like more than half a year.  That is all.
  • 1/1/03 - I haven't had an announced update for a while, and frankly, this should not even need an announcement.  I updated the copyright on the index and main pages of the site.
  • 8/26/02 - I've completed another countdown, and I like the end of this.  It's a shame that some of you won't be able to appreciate it.  This was not as good as the 100 events, and not too many people were into it.  But regardless, it was fun writing some of these, because I enjoy a little venting of concealed anger.
  • 7/12/02 - Finally, after more than half of the year has expired, I decided to update the copyright tags.  And also, I updated the emails at the bottom of most pages, because I've had a new email for a while.  If you guys see a half blank page anywhere, just tell me.  I have no idea why it's happening, and I don't know how to stop it.  My host is just fat.
  • 7/9/02 - I've added another readable chapter to the autobiography.  Most of this chapter was written late at night, so there might be some stupid humor.  I also added a couple chapters to the autobiography outline.  I don't think that I'll reach my goal of completing half of the chapters of the autobiography, but I think that I will complete enough chapters to be satisfying. 
  • 7/4/02 - On the 226th anniversary of our country, I have decided to create a new poll.  This one is a funny one, and mainly aimed at guys, even though a girl created it.
  • 6/24/02 - I just got back from my California trip and I decided to catch up on the countdown.  Sorry for the laziness, but that happens sometimes during the summer.  I will try to not let that happen again, even though I think that Darren is the only one that cares for the countdown.  In other news, I completed another chapter in the autobiography, but it won't be released because it contains information that some people may not want others to hear.  In due time, I may release parts of it that are OKed by certain people.
  • 6/15/02 - Once again, I have written a chapter for the autobiography.  I'm getting really close to the end of Freshman year, which means that I'll be doing stuff from Sophomore year soon.  That should be a lot of fun.
  • 6/10/02 - I've completed another chapter in the autobiography.  I think I can keep up with my promise... but it may be too early to say that.
  • 5/30/02 - Whoa... I finally finished another chapter in the autobiography.  I also updated the outline to the autobiography.  I really plan on finishing at least half this summer.  The problem is, that is exactly what I said last summer.  I didn't even get close.
  • 5/18/02 - Well, it's time to start the top 100 countdown.  Click the link to read number one hundred. There will be one each day and it will span until the next school year starts.  I would like feedback on this (even though I know it could never match the 100 events), because I want to know if I did something that all of the visitors enjoyed.  Have fun with it, guys, it's only meant to be cynical and funny.  And if you relate, that makes it even better.
  • 5/17/02 - It's been two years since this site has been up, and it is once again time for the annual update.  I know that this one will not meet the expectations of last year's 100 events, but I have tried to find something that will keep everyone entertained during the summer.  So here I announce the 2002 annual update... 100 things that tick me off about Mountain Pointe High.  Yeah, it's very risqué.  I hope you enjoy it guys, because I tried really hard to think of something that would get laughs from all of you this summer.  And on that note, let's make this next year better than the slump of the past year.
  • 1/4/02 - It has been way too long since I had an actual update on my site.  I think that I have been too indulged in my everyday life that I have not had time to have big updates.  Until now, that is.  I caught up on the picture pages (that means three more pages full of pictures!) and I plan on doing some format changes to the site soon.  So stay tuned folks, '02 is the start of some major updates.  I hope, actually...
  • 10/6/01 - It is weird, I have over 10,000 hits now.  That is amazing.  Other than that, picture page number 10 is up and I really like this one for some reason.  Actually, I guess I say that for like all the picture pages when I put them up.  I think that means that they get better as time goes on, right?  In my opinion, they do, what do you think?  Oh yeah, I added chapters to my autobiography outline.  That is about it for now, stay tuned.
  • 8/31/01 - Wow, the last time I updated, the event page was still alive, but now it is deceased.  I have got a lot of feedback from it (though not many people liked the ending as much as I did) and I was happy to entertain everyone with it.  Anyway, the real reason of the update is to inform everyone that picture page number nine is up, and it is a funny one indeed.  I really like this one, check it out.  Hey, have you noticed that the counter is almost at 10K?  Well, here's a contest.  If anyone can take a screen shot or print out the 10,000th hit (preferably in color) and give it to me, they will get a free copy of it, plus a $6.75 cash reward.  So please, pretty please, print me the 10,000th hit!
  • 7/30/01 - I've completed the eighth installment of the picture page.  Most of these pictures are just some dumb IM image clips, so they are completely unrelated.  I've been having uploading problems, so I may or may not have times where my updating has a complete hole.  Donuts may or may not have a hole.
  • 7/11/01 - After looking at the events page over and over again, I realized most people do not have the "Dolphin" font, so it shows up as Times New Roman.  I personally like Dolphin, and it gives a great effect to the page, so I made all the lines that were typed in Dolphin an image banner, so all of you can see the page with the full effect.  I think it is pretty neat if you ask me, just because it took me a while to do it.  Anyway, I also added normal banners for the events pages.  In other news not pertaining to this website, I like pineapples.
  • 7/3/01 - Finally, after so many months, I have decided to post another chapter of the autobiography and update my progress.  Chapter seven is now up, and it is a long one, partly because it is two events meshed into one memory.  I'm hoping I can get back on track and write chapters on a continual basis, so I can get a lot of chapters done by the end of summer.  Also, just to quote Darren for fun: "In news not pertaining to my website in any way, I recently compiled a CD for one of my female friends in a lame attempt at getting to know her better."  Thanks Darren for allowing me to put that here, not like you gave me permission anyways.
  • 6/28/01 - After almost a month without updates, I finally completed picture page number seven, and this one turns out to be one of my favorites.  Check it out as quick as you can, and don't hurt yourself.
  • 6/2/01 - This update is here to inform the visitors that picture page six is up and running.  I forgot to announce it on the main page, and I finally remembered now.  Also, in other news, because I hate making joke page quizzes, I have decided to not make any over the summer.  Yeah, those quizzes will cease after thirteen (no relation to the joke page), so treasure the last few.  I'll make the last quiz something special, but that will be a long time from now.  Hmm, if any of you have noticed the counter at the bottom, we've hit over 6000, even getting close to 7000.  I still can't believe how fast this site is growing.  For Darren, because he's the only person that bothers to find any syntax errors on this site, look for broken image links.  I think there are few, so if you could tell me, that would be appreciated.
  • 5/18/01 - If you take a closer look at the main page, you'll notice a link to the 100 most influential events of the past year.  Click it and enjoy.  Remember, one event each day for the next 100 days.  Hopefully, this will be as big as I hope it will be.  I would also like to thank anyone involved in the website party today, it was really successful.  I also want to give a shout out to my homeboys Drift who played an awesome show for us during the party.  Well, I'm out for the day, enjoy the anniversary update everyone!
  • 5/17/01 - After one year, the website's still here.  I don't want to speak too much on the site's behalf, it's just come too far.  And for the one year anniversary, I will announce a huge update that will span the rest of the summer.  Something that will definitely tie in this year as being one of the greatest. So without further ado, I will announce the newest addition to the site: a page containing the 100 most influential events of the past year.  The first event will be posted tomorrow, and one more each day after.  This means that it will span about the whole summer.  I look forward to the feedback for this update, and I look forward to further entertaining all the visitors for another year.  It's been a long and hard path, but we've finally made it.
  • 4/30/01 - As I'm trying to get back on track with the joke page quizzes, I completed the seventh quiz, only a week behind schedule (I used to be two weeks behind).  This quiz is really tough, I warn anyone who takes it.  The quiz might rank up there with the lab practical as being the hardest quiz of the year.  I also have realized that I hate updating my site.  Actually, I'm joking.  I will stop typing this update now.
  • 4/22/01 - I added the fifth picture page, so that's neat and all.  Also, the site has hit the big five-oh-oh-oh in page hits.  That seriously amazes me.  I never could dream of getting 10K hits, but I know now that I probably will sooner or later.
  • 4/8/01 - The second poll is now officially closed.  Because there was such low activity on this poll, I'm not sure about a new one anytime soon.  That is, unless, a visitor gives me a great poll suggestion.
  • 3/31/01 - The new quiz is up, but all I can say is that it is not as hard as the last one.  It was impossible to match the power of Quiz #5.  It is still hard, don't get me wrong, just not the hardest.
  • 3/18/01 - Picture page number four is up, just a few days off of schedule.  Most of these pictures are not horrid, rather just really stupid, random ones.  I also added a chapter to the Autobiography outline.  Chapter 6 will also not be released on the Internet so there is some anticipation for the whole thing to be complete (meaning that if I release the chapters as they come, people will have read the whole book by the time it is done, hence no great anticipation when I am finished).
  • 3/10/01 - After joking a little too much about being in the newspapers, this site's follies were featured in The Arizona Republic.  Seeing as how I didn't want to comment to the media, I was not featured in there, but the site address was.  Makes me wonder why this whole scandal has become such a big thing.  Also, if you have happened to visit the site from all around Arizona because of the article, I'd like to say hi to all of you and wish you a happy visit.  I hope you come again soon once you experience what the site has to offer (and no, that does not include anything that has to do with school).  Other than that, there is no real update (other than the jokes), so sorry to all the natural, everyday visitors.
  • 3/4/01 - The fifth installment of the joke page quiz is now up.  There are a variety of questions, and some of them can easily boggle your mind.  You might even be better off getting a 31.4% instead of actually trying.  Enjoy, because I might get lots of laughter from this.
  • 2/23/01 - I changed a lot of technical stuff on the page like link colors and such.  Also, the basefont for every page is now Arial Narrow, so if you don't have that font, like, get it somehow (even though you should have it anyway).  I now give credit to contributors of this site, you can see that by clicking "Guilty Parties."
  • 2/13/01 - Finally, a new chapter for the Autobiography.  It took me a while to complete the long chapter, and I even pre-released it to some people.  Now it is released for the common folk, so check it out.  The next chapter is going to be somewhat of a flashback to Middle School, so it will be a pretty long and involved chapter.  There is a possibility I might finish Chapter 7 before that one.  Also, in other news, my site has hit 3000 hits.  Woopie.
  • 2/4/01 - Quiz #4 is now up.   It's so hard that even I forgot some of the answers after I completed it.  Good luck, because this one is quite hard.   I also have added an outline to the Autobiography so the visitors can see all the upcoming chapters.  As far as when the next chapter will be up, I could not give a date on that, it is whenever I have lots of free time.
  • 2/2/01 - After the two French Revolutions on the forum (first one was the -nit- Revolution and the second was the Quote Revolution), the actual webpage now has a tint of history.  The Reformation has hit the Joke Page.  The jokes are now opened in a completely separate browser for easy exploration.  The page also has a drop down bar to browse the other months.  Enjoy the Reformation, because Martin Luther is watching you!
  • 1/31/01 - After noticing a bunch of things that were messing up, I decided to change a bunch of stupid random things.  There might be some missing links or some pictures not showing up and I might not know.  It would be appreciated if you could tell me about such things.  Also, I revamped the Joke Page by making it frames (I know some of you don't like frames, but it saves me a lot of editing at the end of the month) so it is a little easier to navigate between months.  When you use the Joke Page, it will pop up as another browser page because it is so special.
  • 1/19/01 - I have a new guestbook up because I can't use my old one anymore (duh!).  I expect everyone to sign the new guestbook, even if you signed the old one.  The old one can be viewed if you must do so.
  • 1/12/01 - As you can see, the site has now reached hipposandrhinos-dot-com, which means 200 megs of space to manhandle with.  Because of this extra space, I can upload all those images that I have taken with my digital camera.  I plan on uploading them in zip form along with a text file to accompany them.  The text file will provide a caption to all the pictures in its zip.  Look for those to come during the weekend, even though I have a lot of homework to do.
  • 1/7/01 - The second pictures page is now up with eight new pictures.  Because my friends and I take many more pictures than eight a month, I have decided I would zip all the extra pictures and host them on the site so everyone can download.  That means the picture page will be for only non-digital camera pictues after this update.  Also I am hinting a big update which should come up in the next seven days.  Look for forshadowing, as everything is planned (I hope).
  • 1/1/01 - The new millenium is here at last and this website has had its largest update in its history.  The pages can now be viewed in Ebonics.  The only section that cannot be view in Ebonics are the quizzes, because they would not make much sense and it would be quite time consuming.  To access the Ebonics site, go to index.htm on this server.
  • 12/23/00 - The third joke page quiz is now up, but I have to warn you, the difficulty of this one has increased a few Darrens (yes, with all the measurements like Celcius and meters, there are also Darrens which measure difficulty).  I don't expect high scores.  Happy Hannukah to all my Jewish visitors!
  • 12/16/00 - After pondering for a long time about whether or not I should shut down this site, I came to a conclusion that the site will stay up.  Read the press realease, which is also Joke 213, here.  In other news, I have added a countdown timer to the projected apocalypse.  See how many more days you have left before you die!
  • 12/13/00 - I have posted a page that gives the current statistics on the Relocation Fund, so you know how close we are to!
  • 12/8/00 - As you can see, the website has hit its 1000 milestone.  Thank you Greg Boland for giving me the print-out.  Also, thanks for the ride that one day.  I am currently writing an autobiography and I have finished the first chapter.  I might start posting those as I complete them.  The first chapter is up, so go check that out.
  • 12/5/00 - Well, here it is.  A big update.  I know have a forum for visitors to go chat in.  Make it successful, please.  Okay, I want you guys to check out the counter at the bottom and take a screenshot when you see 1000 hits exactly.  I really want that pic, if possible, so help the site out!
  • 12/3/00 - Because this site has pages that are updated so frequently, I have provided a page that tells exactly when each page on this site will be updated.  That will allow me to only put main updates here, and not uselessly announcing something every week.
  • 12/2/00 - The page with random pictures is up.  Other than that, I wanted to ask all the visitors if they had some suggestions on new pages for this site.  As many of you know, this site will center around The People's Joke Page, and I might need some new pages to spruce it up.  I'll take any suggestions, because they are fat.  Also, if you did not know, I am translating my page into ebonics as a New Year's present.  And for fun, I was thinking of having a contest.  If you happen to enter this site and see the counter at 1000 hits, take a screen shot of it and send it to me.  I'll think of some prize to give, BUT if I find out that you just hit reload to get to 1000 (also called unhealthy competition), my prize will not be fun.
  • 11/29/00 - If any of you don't know about the possible shift of the this site to a reserved domain, I am here to tell you about it.  I have decided to move this site to, but that requires money.  To be exact, $200.  At this moment, I am taking donations for The Twisted Arena of Hippos and Rhinos Relocation Fund.  Any amount of money would be appreciated.  Please email me with donations, so I can calculate it first, then give me the money.  As of right now, I have $20 in the Fund, all donated by Misled Johnny Cloud.
  • 11/22/00 - This month's quiz is up.  I hope people do better on this quiz, but it doesn't seem like they will because I raised the intensity a notch.  Also the poll (vote Darren!) will close on December 7th.  A new poll should follow shortly after.
  • 11/11/00 - I added a poll (vote Darren!).
  • 11/10/00 - I fixed the formatting problems I had so now my page looks decent on low resolutions.  Also, I put updates on a separate page, leaving the most recent update here.  I was also thinking that I would center this whole site around the joke page.  Everything.  Except for Insights, if they ever come back (I hope) and fatness.
  • 11/1/00 - Hair today, goon tomorrow.  Anyway, I finished the revamping of the site, and now the site is as good as new.  I changed the whole format from frames to tables, that's the main difference.  Some other image changes and stuff are there too, but those are fat.
  • 10/27/00 - Today I found some site on accident, which allows me to make great graphics, like the one you see above.  I might be taking these privileges into consideration and making banners for each page, and making each page more lively.
  • 10/23/00 - The quiz is up as of 11:53 today.  Enjoy it.  The quizzes are going to be a monthly thing; it was a pain to make one, so I don't think I'm going to make them so often.
  • 10/21/00 - I came to a conclusion today that I would add a quiz that will test your knowledge on the joke page.  It will probably be a month thing, but if I find out it gets boring too soon, I might choose to lessen the time span between quizzes.  Oh yeah, I wanted everyone to go to the original Hippos and Rhinos webpage, the site that started it all, at  The site has absolutely nothing left except the header, which has remained unchanged ever since it opened.  The credits have remained constant too, I think.
  • 9/27/00 - I have decided to flip the format of the jokes because sometimes jokes need to be read in chains and it doesn't work right the way it is now.  I'll try and flip all the months by the time October flies by, but October will start out in that format.
  • 9/18/00 - No real update at all, just wanted to inform everyone about some stupid information.  I have concluded that the joke page will decease after 1313 jokes.  Projected end date: December 21, 2003.  I have also marked milestone jokes with a blue color because I feel they are special.  Presumably every 50 jokes.  Also in other news, considering my "Subject" has dropped, there will be no metaphorical page.  Sorry Darren, there's no more point to it anymore.  I was going to add pictures to the pictures of stuff page but I have to get the pictures OKed first.  If I do, the page is up by Friday.
  • 7/9/00 - Today I decided to add a new page of my insight on some issues.  I took off the link to the metaphorical page because it probably will not come, BUT I do have an idea for a good replacement of that page.
  • 6/21/00 - I got back from my San Diego trip today and I had to update my joke page a lot.  I am going to post the music page tomorrow or Friday and update it everyday until it is complete.  I'm leaving to D.C., New York, and Boston on Sunday for a week, so no updates then.
  • 6/12/00 - It's been almost a month since I posted an update here, but the joke page has always been updated daily.  Because for some reason I can't read text files, it poses a little problem to make my webpages, but I'm still in the process of making them.  I'm going out of town for the weekend and I recently got Perfect Dark, so the pages probably won't be up until after I get back.
  • 5/19/00 - I just made some minor changes.  The music page is most likely coming next.
  • 5/18/00 - The joke page is up along with a thought.  Links are also up too.  I was planning on doing a lot this weekend but I caught a fever and can't sit by the computer for that long.
  • 5/17/00 - Only a guestbook and a counter resides.  The joke page and links page should be up tomorrow.  I'm out for today, this stupid uploading is getting on my nerves.  Finally the frames are here, but none of the links work as of yet.  Any link that does not work, I am marking with ( )'s.  Also, I am working on a title banner.  We'll just see what this mess will turn into soon. Please wait until "mah" lazy self finishes all the pages.  I estimate around 2-7 days.  Until then I forward you to the site of my choice,
E-mail if you have suggestions or you are fat..